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The Best Colleges for May 2022 Intake, Live Your Dream of Study in Canada

Dec 16,2021

The Best Colleges for May 2022 Intake, Live Your Dream of Study in Canada

If any of the candidate who is looking to Study in Canada then one of the first things, she should know that is the intake information. Canada education has three intakes Fall, Winter, and Summer. In a month from it is January, May, and September. January and September considers as the major intakes. Whereas, May is known as a minor intake.

In this article, we are giving you the list of the institutes that are open for the May 2022 intake. Additionally, you will find a list of the programs that will help you choose the right way for your career.  Moreover, you can reach Aspire Square for further counselling on Canada Study Visa planning.

Listed Colleges Are Open for May 2022 Intake Canada

  1. Bow Valley
  2. Canadian College
  3. Cambrian Hanson College
  4. Columbia College
  5. Conestoga College
  6. College of the Rockies
  7. Coast Mountain College
  8. Fanshawe College
  9. Georgian College
  10. International College of Manitoba
  11. Northern College
  12. North Island College
  13. Northern Lights College
  14. Niagara College- Toronto
  15. Red River College
  16. Ryerson University International College
  17. Selkirk College,
  18. St. Lawrenece College
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Listed Courses Are Open for May 2022 Intake Canada

Bow Valley Advanced 3D Animation and 3D Modelling
  Advanced Visual Effects
  Foundation in Entertainment Arts
  Health and Human Services Management
  Medical Office Assistant
  Hospital Unit Clerk
Canadian College Business Diploma
  Computer Systems Technician
  General Arts & Science Diploma
  Hospitality Diploma
  International Business Management
  Supply Chain Management
  Tourism Diploma
Cambrian Hanson College Business analytics
  Human resources management – graduate certificate
  I.t. Business analysis – graduate certificate
  International business management – graduate certificate
  Organization management
  Personal support worker
  Supply chain management
Columbia College University Transfer Program -Engineering
  University Transfer Program – Science
  University Transfer Program – Computer Science
  University Transfer Program – Business
  University Transfer Program- Arts
  University Transfer Program–Communication
  Associate of Science Degree
  Associate of Arts Degree
  Associate of Arts Degree, Business administration Concentration
Conestoga College Computer-Aided Drafting & Design
  Data Processing and Reporting
  English for Academic Studies
  English for Academic Studies
  English for Academic Studies
  English for Academic Studies
  Personal Support Worker International
  Process Quality Engineering
  Process Quality Engineering
  Quality Assurance – Manufacturing and Management
  Renewable Energy Techniques
College of the Rockies Business Management – Accounting Diploma
  Bachelor of Business Administration
  Criminal and Social Justice Diploma
  Business Management – Financial Services Diploma
  Business Management – General Management Diploma
  Business Management Certificate
  Business Management – Marketing Diploma
  Post-Degree Diploma in Sustainable Business
  Tourism Management Certificate
  Tourism Management Diploma
  Hospitality Management Diploma
Coast Mountain College General Studies (Associate of Arts Degree)
  Archaeological & Cultural Resource Management Specialization
  Sustainable Communities Specialization
  Criminology Diploma
  Community, Crime & Social Justice (CCSJ) Certificate
  Post-Degree Business Administration Diploma
  Business Administration Diploma
  Social Service Worker Diploma
  General Studies (Associate of Science Degree)
  Environmental Geo science Specialization (Associate of Science Degree)
  Applied Coastal Ecology (Diploma)
  Applied Coastal Ecology Post degree Diploma
  Pre Business Program (BAEAP)
  Engineering Transfer Certificate
  Physical Sciences
  Early Childhood Care & Education
  West Coast Culinary Diploma
Fanshawe College Business – Supply Chain and Operations (Co-op)
  Business – Marketing (co-op)
  Business (co-op)
  Automotive Service Management
  Information Security Management
  Information Technology Infrastructure
  Mobile Applications Development (co-op)
Georgian Automotive Business (AUBU)
  Big Data Analytics (BDAT)
  Business (BUSN)
  Business (BUSG)
  Business Administration (BADM)
  Computer Systems Technician – Networking (CSTN)
  Food and Nutrition Management (FDNM)
  General Arts And Science – English For Academic Purposes (EAPC)
  Global Business Management (GBMT)
  Human Resource Management (HRMN)
  Personal Support Worker (PSWR)
  Power Engineering Technology (PETY)
  Project Management (PRJM)
  Marketing Management
International College of Manitoba UTP Stage II: Engineering
  UTP Stage II: Business
  UTP Stage II: Arts
  UTP Stage II: Science
Northern College Business fundamental
  Business general
  Business marketing
  Business accounting
  Business human resources
  Global business entrepreneurship technology
  Information system business analysis
  Supply chain management
  Personal support worker
North Island College Arts, Science & Technology – University Degree Transfer
  Business & Tourism
Northern Lights College Land and Water Resources Diploma
  Archaeology Diploma
  University Arts and Sciences- 1 Year Certificate in Engineering
  University Arts and Sciences – Associate of Science Degree (Computer Science)
  University Arts and Sciences – Associate of Science Degree (General, Geography)
  University Arts and Sciences – Associate of Science Degree  (PALEO Geography and BIOL Geography)
  University Arts and Sciences – Associate of Arts Degree (Health Studies)
Niagara College- Toronto Diploma of Business – General (2 Years)
  PG Certificate in International Business Management
  PG Certificate in Human Resources Management
  PG Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Management
Red River College Business
  Community Services
  Computer and Information Systems Technology
  Creative Arts
  Engineering and Construction Technology
  Health Sciences
  Indigenous Education
  Skilled Trades
  Transportation Technology
Ryerson University International College Business Management (B.Com)
  International Economics and Finance (BA)
  Arts (BA) – Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Politics and Governance, and Environment and Urban Sustainability.
Selkirk College, Associate in Science
  PG Diploma in Business Management
  PG Diploma in Accounting
St. Lawrenece College Business
  Business Accounting
  Business Administration
  Business Human Resources
  Business Marketing
  Business Administration – Marketing
  Business Analytics International
  Computer Systems Technician
  Computer Programming and Analysis
  Environmental Technician
  Energy Systems Engineering Technician
  Energy Systems Engineering Technology
  Game – Programming
  Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technician
  Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technology
  Mechanical Technician
  Project Management
  Supply Chain Management
  Wind Turbine Technician
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The above listed institutes and courses may close the admissions for the May 22 intake at the any point of time, so if you are looking to Study in Canada and want to apply for the intake then coordinate with the counsellors at the earliest.

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