Alberta Province has Declared a Fresh Draw and Invited 248 Express Entry Candidates

Nov 17,2021

Alberta Province has Declared a Fresh Draw and Invited 248 Express Entry Candidates

Alberta Provincial immigration authority has declared its last month’s draw details. The last draw was held on 26 October 2021 and its results have published in the public domain last week. In this draw, total 248 express entry candidates have invited under Alberta Express Entry Stream with 300 CRS points. Alberta province has its own significance in Canada Immigration. The oil and natural gas capital of the country is keenly looking for migrants. Here are some key points of the latest draw,

Highlights of the Draw

    • This was the second draw of October month.
    • The draw has issued notification of interest to 248 express entry candidates.
    • The latest cut-off of the draw was 300 CRS points.
    • This is the sixth time in a row the Alberta province has invited candidates with the cut-off of 300 CRS points.
    • This year Albert province has declared a total number of 24 draws and invited more than 6100 candidates.
    • At the starting of the year, the draw cut-off was 406 CRS points and after that, there were two draws were held with the cut-off of 360 and 352 CRS. Apart from these three draws, all the draws were declared in between 300 to 302 CRS points.

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Alberta Provincial Nomination and Canada Immigration

Alberta province is known as one of the constant and prominent provinces while calling the most number of immigrants. Especially, the provincial authority has the policy to invite those candidates, who

  • Are in the Canada Immigration Express Entry Pool
  • Have shown an interest to live and settling in Alberta permanently.
  • Have their work experience and a valid NOCs (Under the category 0, A, B) in the province’s Economic Development and Diversification
  • Have at least 300 CRS Points score on their Express Entry profile
  • Some other selection factors
  • If candidates have a valid full-time job offer from any Alberta based employer.
  • Have completed graduation or post-secondary education from Alberta.
  • Any blood relative (Grand Parent, Parent, child, brother and/or sister, real uncle or aunt) of applicant living in Alberta as a permanent residency holder or citizen of Canada from the last at least a year.

Alberta Provincial Nomination Program

There is a total number of five programs through candidates can get NOI (Notice of Interest) letters. After receiving the notification, candidates need to submit their final profile to Canada Immigration. Here is the list of five programs of AINP

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream
  • Alberta Express Entry Stream
  • Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Stream
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream
  • Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa

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Canada Immigration

Alberta province does not have their own point systems provinces like British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island. So they are following the Express Entry points table and select the candidates directly from there. Canada Immigration has main three programs

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

To get a nomination from the province, a candidate must have to receive NOI from any of the above-mentioned streams.


Alberta province had closed their draws in the year 2020 from June to December month and restarted from the new year 2021. Since then they are declaring almost two draws per month. And once in a blue moon, they have also declared three to four draws in a single month. Before the Wuhan virus pandemic, Alberta used to give nominations from the occupations like accountants, administrative officers, food supervisors and so on. But now the scenario has changed and now they start inviting more candidates from the fields like Food services, retail sales, medical, Civil, Transport, logistics, etc. Additionally, they also give preference to those candidates who have a connection with the province.

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