Canada Student Visa Requirements 2021 & How to Apply for Study Visa in Canada

Canada welcomes above 1,30,000 international students every year and allows them to study in Canada. A student must have a study permit allotted by the Canadian government to accomplish his purpose of Study in Canada.

“The study permit enables the international students to stay and study in Canada for a definite period”. The student must satisfy a certain set of eligibility requirements to get a Canada study permit. Let understand Canada study visa requirements:

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Canada Student Visa Requirements 2021 For International Students

  • The student must have a letter of acceptance from a recognized educational institute in Canada.
  • The student must have proof of his financial stability to manage his expenses while residing and studying in Canada. The expenses include tuition fees, accommodation costs, and other primary expenses.
  • The student must be free from health issues.
  • The student must not have a criminal record.
  • The student must have the intention of leaving Canada after completion of his studies in the country.

Once you fulfill Canada student visa requirements mentioned above, your path to settle in Canada will be easier.

Steps To Get A Canada Study Permit

Canada Study Permit, also known as a Canada Student Visa, can be acquired by following the given set of steps.

1. Apply for Admission at a Canadian University

Your Canada Student Visa Process starts by applying for admission in a recognized Canadian school or university. The acceptance letter you receive from the underlying school is a required document to get Canada Student Visa. Some of the Top Canadian Universities where you can seek admission are:

  • University of Toronto
  • University of Manitoba
  • York University
  • McGill University
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Alberta

Based on your Canada student visa requirements in 2021, you can choose the right one from the list of universities shown above.

2. Commence Your Application for a Canada Student Visa

After you receive the acceptance letter from a Canadian university, it’s time to apply for your Canada Student Visa. You can raise an online application for your Canada student visa using Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. The documents you require to apply for your Canada student visa successfully include:

  • The acceptance letter you have received from the designated learning institute in Canada.
  • Proof of adequate funds to manage your tuition fees and other expenses during your study in Canada.
  • Proof of your clean criminal record.
  • Health certificates demonstrating your good health.
  • Proof of English language proficiency (such as IELTS scorecard) and so on.

3. Organize the Mandatory Documents

As mentioned, you require a set of required documents to apply for your Canada student visa successfully. Prepare the mentioned documents along with:

  • A valid passport.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Fee payment receipt (for study permit).

Note: This is a general list. You may require to organize and submit additional documents as well. To know the comprehensive list, you can connect with our Canada student visa consultants.

4. Schedule a Biometrics Appointment and Interview

Based on your nationality, you may have to finish a few biometrics requirements and attend a visa interview. Complete the steps without delays. Consider this your primary Canada student visa requirements in 2021.

Know More About Biometric Appointment

Canada Study Visa – Processing Time

The processing time varies from application to application. In general, it takes up to 90 days to get your Canada study permit. For swift attainment of your Canada study permit, you can use the Student Direct Stream. The fees for the same lies around CAD 150.

The Importance Of IELTS Score

Demonstration of English language proficiency is an imperative requirement to get your Canada student visa and achieve your intent of study in Canada. IELTS is the most preferable and widely accepted test in this respect. IELTS scorecard is accepted by a large number of universities and colleges across Canada. Hence, the test can play a vital role in securing admission to a reputed Canadian university and study in Canada.

Although the minimum IELTS Score Requirement may change on the basis of your selected university and study program, the required minimum score usually lies around 6. Achieving IELTS score above 6.5 means your topmost Canada student visa requirements for 2021 has been fulfilled successfully.

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The below table shows the minimum IELTS score requirement for a few top universities in Canada

University Name Minimum IELTS Score (Post Graduate Programs) Minimum IELTS Score (Undergraduate Programs)
University of Toronto 7 6.5
McGill University 6.5 6.5
University of British Columbia 6.5 6.5
University of Alberta 6.5 6.5
McMaster University 6.5 6.5
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Other Benefits Of Having Good IELTS Score

Apart from helping students to obtain admission to a renowned Canadian university, a remarkable IELTS score can bestow students with many other persuasive benefits including the following:

  • It helps students to enhance their CRS Score if they aim to get a Canada PR through express entry.
  • A student with an Appreciable IELTS Score has a higher chance to grab the swift attention of the admission committee.
  • A student with a good IELTS score can easily get a teaching assistantship role as compared to the ones who hold a low IELTS score.

Top Reasons To Study in Canada

High-Quality Education

Canada is home to many world-rated universities. The degree acquired from a Canadian University is recognized and valued in all parts of the world.

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Canada provides good quality education with relatively fewer funding requirements. The tuition fees in Canada are less than the other leading study abroad destinations such as the USA and UK.


Canada is a safe place to live and study. The crime rate in Canada is lower than many other trending study abroad destinations present on the planet.

Freedom of Work

The students holding a valid Canada Student Visa can work in the country while they study. It helps them to regulate their expenses in a better way.

High Immigration Chances

Canada offers great post-study work options to international students after they finish their study in Canada. Also, the Canada PR can be acquired very easily by talented youths.


Canada is the most popular study abroad destination among Indian students. The booming education system of Canada bounds youths from all parts of the world to Study in Canada. If you are planning to study in Canada and seeking support from reliable experts to know Canada student visa requirements, you can connect with our Canada student visa consultants anytime.

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