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Comprehensive Guide to Acquire Canada Student Visa Swiftly


Dear Student

I know studying abroad is your biggest dream as a youth and you are seeking out the best ways to fulfill your dream.

I am here to help you with a piece of outstanding information that may clear your path towards your paradise.

Did you consider Canada while making the list of preferred countries to proceed with?

I am sure YES.

The land of glory Canada has become the top choice of every second youth planning to move abroad for higher studies.

The factors such as a flawless education system, a highly valued degree, great employment opportunities, beautiful landscape, etc. make Canada the dream country for every student gearing up to study abroad.

This blog will detail you with all the necessary information you may require to get a Canada student visa in a flash.

Let’s start by understanding the requirements.

Elementary Requirements to Apply for Canada Student Visa

The land of dreams Canada provides room for more than 3 lakh international youths each year who choose Canada as their favorite place for higher studies.

The students who wish to continue their studies in Canada have to apply for a Canada student visa, also known as a study permit as a prerequisite.

Canadian student visa/study permit is nothing but a document that permits an outsider to undergo a course in Canada’s academic institution for a specific duration.

This duration is generally equivalent to the duration of the underlying course or program.

Below is given a list of necessary documents you may require to finish your Canada student visa process successfully

  • A valid passport (applicable to the student as well as a family member accompanying him).
  • An acceptance letter from the institute where you have applied for the course.
  • Two passport size photographs.
  • Document confirming your financial stability. This can be proof of the loan taken from the bank, your bank statements, etc.
  • A valid medical certificate showcasing your good health conditions.
  • A police statement showing your clean criminal record.
  • An English proficiency test scorecard.
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Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Canada Student Visa

  • You must have the desired amount of funds to manage your living and tuition fee expenses.
  • You must not have any criminal record in the present or the past.
  • Your enrollment application must be accepted by the Designated Learning Institute (DLI).
  • You must be free from any kind of health hazards.

The Methods to Apply for Canada Student Visa

Well, there are two methods to apply for a Canada student visa

  • Online
  • Offline

The application process, however, is almost identical for both types of applications.

This includes applying for admission to your desired university, paying the required fee amount, and acquiring the acceptance letter.

The next step is to check if a study permit is needed. If yes, you have to undergo the required visa process to collect it.

Note: Possessing an ETA(Electronic Travel Authorization) or a visitor visa is a mandatory thing for all students here. 

ETA or visitor visa enables you to enter Canadian land. It is required because your study permit will only allow you to study in Canada after all. However, you are not required to apply separately for it. It will be issued automatically along with your study permit.

Next, get ready with all the required documents mentioned in the above section and apply for the visa.

You may have to go for a few medical exams if needed.

You are free to plan a biometric appointment and interview at this stage.

To get further assistance on how to accomplish the Canada student visa process with ease, you can contact a Canada Immigration Consultant of your Choice.

English Language Requirements to Apply for Canada Student Visa

Proficiency in the English language is a prerequisite to complete your Canada student visa process smoothly.

To showcase your English language skills during the visa process, you are required to have an English language proficiency test scorecard along with you.

One of the most famous and wide-accepted English language proficiency tests conducted all over the world is the IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

The scorecard of your IELTS Exam along with a remarkable grade can alleviate your path towards your dreamworld.

However, passing this exam with a noteworthy score is not an easy chore. It requires a significant amount of advance preparation to secure high grades in your IETLS exam.

Hey, don’t panic. There are many reputed IELTS Coaching Institutes Capable of Guiding you to the right path to drive on Canadian land.

You can join any of these institutes and elevate your score in the IETLS exam with the least number of endeavors.

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Different Types of Entry Visas for Immigrating to Canada

1. Visitor Visa

This type of visa is suitable for people who want to visit Canada on a short term basis and do not have any intentions to work over there or reside for a long time.

2. Permanent Residence

This type of visa is suitable for people who want to reside in Canada for a long time and have plans to shift to Canada forever.

The validity of a Canadian PR visa is generally 5 years, however, the visa can be easily renewed whenever required.

The visa also enables you to reside and work anywhere within the country and live life on your own terms.

3. Study Permit

This type of visa is suitable for the youths who have plans to study in Canada and want to undergo an academic course from a Canadian university or institute.

The validity of the visa is generally equivalent to the duration of the underlying course and the individual is not permitted to stay in Canada beyond the specified duration of the course.

4. Canadian Citizenship

This type of visa is suitable for people who intend to acquire citizenship in Canada.

5. Work Permit

This type of visa is suitable for people who want to work in Canada for a particular period.

Guys, I hope the information was helpful and you understood it thoroughly. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to take a flight to Canada asap.

Thank You. Have a happy journey!

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