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    Commanding Tips to Improve IELTS Score From 5 to 7 in a Month

    Dec 31,2023

    Improve Your IELTS Score

    IELTS, the biggest overhead for the youths Planning to Study Abroad!

    The exam was designed to check the English language proficiency of non-native speakers intending to study in an English-inclined country.

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    If yes then you must be wondering how can you secure a good score in your IELTS Exam especially if you are left with very little time to prepare.

    No worries. This blog will help you. We are presenting you with a list of effective tips you can follow to Improve IELTS Score from 5 to 7.

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    How to Improve IELTS Score from 5 to 7?

    1. Understand The Assessment Criteria

    Your examiner is going to rank you on the basis of specific assessment criteria. Spend some time to understand these criteria. The criteria will give you a detailed understanding of the exact skills you are required to showcase in your IELTS Exam. Also, it will help you to discover your weak areas so that you can focus more on them.

    For example, if we talk about the IELTS Speaking Section, you are required to speak well without any halts or flaws, you should have a variety of words to describe your idea in an effective manner, you should be able to convey your message clearly and likewise.

    2. Focus on Your Grammar

    The utilization of accurate grammar is extremely important to make your message understandable to the reader or the listener.

    Hence, the refinement of grammar is crucial to convey a clear message or idea to the examiner and securing an Improved Score in Your IELTS Exam.

    The inclusion of faultless grammar also helps you to communicate your message confidently and fluently. It will Improve Your Confidence while Writing and speaking that means it is easier to Improve your IELTS score from 5 to 7.

    3. Enhance Your Listening and Speaking Skills

    How to Improve IELTS Speaking and Listing?

    Listening is an Important Part of Your IELTS Exam in which you are asked to listen to the outside speakers and react to them. Carrying out adequate daily practice will help you to refine your listening skills in a short time. The utilization of online mediums is an excellent way to attain the goal easily and effectively.

    In addition to focusing on your listening skills, you are required to spend some time on your speaking skills as well. The daily practice will Help You to Improve Your Grammar as well as speak confidently and flawlessly during the exam.

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    4. Refine Your Reading

    How to Improve IELTS Reading?

    Your reading should be fluent and accurate to impress your IELTS examiner and secure a good score. Performing a daily reading from various sources such as newspapers, books, etc. is will help you to strengthen your reading skills in a limited time.

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    5. Prepare a Study Plan

    Having a well-thought study plan is imperative to attain your dream score in your IELTS Exam.

    Design an effective study plan based on your needs and comfort. The plan will help you to undergo worthful learning rather than going blindly. Also, discovering your weak areas and focusing more on them is vital while Planning to Prepare for The IELTS Exam.

    6. Advance Your Vocabulary

    Your vocabulary i.e. the usage of words matters a lot no matter you are undergoing a writing task or a Speaking Task.

    Using appropriate words to showcase your ideas is indispensable to strike the examiner and achieve a good score.

    7. Take Assistance from IELTS Experts

    Undoubtedly, an ample range of material and guidance is available on the internet to Prepare for Your IELTS Exam. However, this material and guidance are sometimes not enough for you to prepare well especially when you are left with a very limited time to prepare.

    Joining an IELTS Coaching from a reputed organization can prove to be a wise decision for your IELTS preparation.

    The knowledge and experience of the IELTS experts running these coachings can be a huge help for you to accomplish worthwhile IELTS Preparation in Less Time.

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    8. Practice a Lot

    Last but not the least, practice a lot. The more you will practice, the higher will be the possibility of securing an appreciable score on your IELTS Test. Spending at least four hours a day can make a big difference.

    Additional Tips to Score 7 in IELTS

    • Focus more on writing than reading
    • Check the previous years’ IELTS papers and practice on them
    • Use books from reliable authors for practice
    • Understand the time allotted for each section and practice accordingly
    • Go with trusty material to Prepare for Your IELTS Test
    • Attempt to learn from your mistakes
    Enhance Your IELTS Score

    General Format of an IELTS Test

    An IELTS test is composed of 4 sections

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Listening
    • Speaking

    Where the reading section involves 60 minutes, the writing section 60 minutes and the listening and speaking sections involve 30 and 15 minutes respectively. The IELTS Writing Section is again subdivided into two parts namely, Task 1 and Task 2, and is marked based on the following criteria

    • The task accomplishment
    • Grammar exactitude
    • Vocabulary usage
    • The coherence and cohesion

    Where each criterion contributes 25% of the total marks associated with the IELTS Writing Task 1 and Task 2.

    Below are given a few excellent tips that will not only help to Improve Your IELTS Writing Score but will support you to Enhance Your Overall IELTS Score.

    Highly Recommended Sources to Prepare for The IELTS Exam

    Dear friends, though the possibility of Prettifying Your IELTS Score card largely depends on your existing level of English, the number of efforts you put, and your dedication, the above tips will surely help you to Acquire a Terrific Score In Your IELTS Exam if you follow them sincerely and seriously.

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      Written By

      Kirati Shah

      Kirati Shah is a certified IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Trainer with 10 years of experience. She is on a mission to provide good quality lessons about IELTS and PTE through blogs and videos that can help students get their desired score and achieve their dream to migrate/study abroad.


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