Exploring the Pathways to Permanent Residency (PR) After Studying in Australia

Jun 06,2023

Exploring the Pathways to Permanent Residency (PR) After Studying in Australia

Every year nearly 5,00,000 students choose to Move to Australia for higher education. Most international students studying in Australia wish to stay there to pursue their desired careers and live a better lifestyle. However, the path to residency in Australia for international students isn’t as easy as it may seem. With continuously changing immigration rules, the pressure of getting Australia PR may terrify fresh graduates, making it difficult for them to establish themselves in the “Land of Kangaroos.” In this blog, we will discover all the possible alternatives that lead to become a Permanent resident of Australia after completing your graduation.

PR Options for International Students in Australia

International students have several pathways to choose from, and the most suitable one depends on various factors, including the qualifications obtained, English language proficiency, employment history, and other specific requirements. The section below uncovers major visa options or pathways to PR in detail.

1). Employer Sponsored Scheme

Employer Sponsored Visas in Australia offer a pathway for students to obtain a temporary visa initially, often subclass 482, through employer sponsorship. After working for the sponsoring employer for at least three years, students can apply for a permanent visa under subclass 186. This option provides an alternative to skilled migration requirements for PR in Australia after study. Many students choose to apply for Australian PR through an employer sponsorship visa.

2). State Nomination Scheme

The General Skilled Migration (GSM) scheme in Australia is another alternative for international students to obtain Permanent Residency (PR) based on their skills and qualifications. It involves several visa subclasses, such as Subclass 189, Subclass 190, and Subclass 491. To be eligible, students need to meet specific requirements, including assessing their skills, meeting the points threshold based on factors like age, education, work experience, English language proficiency, and having an occupation on the skilled occupation lists. The GSM scheme allows international students to make a transition from their student visa to PR in Australia after study based on their skills and contribution to the country’s workforce.

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3). State Nomination Scheme

State nomination offers international students an opportunity to enhance their chances of obtaining PR by aligning their skills and qualifications with the specific needs of a particular state or territory. Students who have completed their studies in Australia and have the required skills, work experience, and qualifications in an occupation listed by a state or territory can apply for state nomination. Through state nomination, international students can gain additional points toward their PR application and access priority processing.

Common Eligibility Requirements for Australia PR Pathways

Although there are specific requirements for each of these immigration programs, there are some common eligibility criteria that must be satisfied by the candidates to apply for Australia PR:

  • Applicants must be below 45 years of age.
  • Must have atleast 65 points in the points table.
  • Applicants must prove their language proficiency.
  • Must meet health and character requirements as per immigration standards.

What are Other Alternatives for Students Willing to Get Australia PR:

International students must have sufficient work experience in Australia after completing their studies. Their experience during this period can be used to claim points for their Permanent residency application. To gain Australian job experience, the students must hold the right to work and live in Australia until they satisfy the eligibility requirements for Australia PR after Study. The right to work and live can be obtained through the two visa categories:

Australia PR Eligibility Point Calculator

1) Post-Study Work Stream

The Post Study Work Visa is typically a two-year visa that grants unrestricted work rights. It is available to applicants who have completed at least two years of full-time Study in Australia, leading to certain qualifications (usually a Bachelor’s degree or higher, although some trade qualification holders may qualify under the Graduate Stream of the subclass 485 visa).

The Post Study Work Visa is frequently utilized to fulfill requirements for a permanent visa. It can be achieved by gaining Australian work experience or improving English language proficiency to earn additional points for skilled migration.

2) Graduate Work stream

This option is available to international students who have a qualifying degree and graduated with skills and qualifications relevant to an occupation listed on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). Under this stream, the visa is issued for 24 months starting from the date of the grant.

Looking for the Pathways to Australia PR After Study?

How to Increase the Chance of Getting PR in Australia After Study?

The process of obtaining PR in Australia after study begins before enrolling in an academic program. Australian Immigration seeks skilled migrants to address labor shortages in specific occupations.

  • Choosing an academic program that aligns with immigration requirements increases the chances of establishing oneself in Australia. For instance, the country has been looking for skilled immigrants in the healthcare, Information Technology, finance, and Engineering sectors in recent years. Thus, if you pick an academic program that satisfies with the government’s immigration requirements, you are more likely to be on the right path to establishing yourself in Australia even after starting your education.
  • Completing a two-year course at a regional campus grants students an additional five points. These extra points provide an advantage and improve access to state nomination opportunities in regions that require local study completion.

Factors to Consider When Applying for Australia PR

  • Age of the applicant
  • Education (note that qualification from an Australian university can significantly impact your points in PR application.)
  • English language proficiency
  • Work experience
  • Additional points for spouse’s skills and education

How to Apply for Australia PR?

The process of applying for Australia PR after studies is straightforward. Eligible candidates must submit their Expression of interest(EOI) through Australia immigration’s Skillselsect Program. Before you submit your EOI, you should get your skills assessment and language test done. Candidates should then submit their details, work experience, skills assessment results, and language proficiency test results to receive their invitation to apply for the Australia PR for students. Once you have received an invitation to apply from the Department of Home Affairs, you must submit your complete application for approval, which, if successful, will grant you a visa. 

With this visa, you can live and work in Australia for five years with multiple entry permissions for traveling outside the country. After residing in Australia continuously for four years on this visa, you can apply for citizenship.

Which Visa Option Should You Select?

Indian students planning to Study in Australia should be aware of the various pathways available for obtaining permanent residency (PR) there. Each visa option has advantages and disadvantages, with unique eligibility requirements that must be satisfied before applying for Australia PR after study. 

To maximize their chances of success, one must conduct thorough research right after graduation. Students should focus on finding suitable employment opportunities that align with the eligibility criteria, as this plays a vital role in establishing a stable life in Australia post-education. By actively exploring different pathways and making informed decisions, students can increase their prospects of a successful PR application and a promising future in the country.

End note 

Each year, numerous international students graduate from Australian universities to obtain Australian PR and establish themselves in the country. However, chasing the dream of becoming an Australian citizen is more challenging than it appears. Prospective graduates should remember that the Australian immigration system is complex, and visa regulations frequently change yearly. Thus, it is recommended that you should start preparing yourself in advance to maximize your chances of getting an Australia residency visa. 

To fulfill your aspirations of becoming an Australian permanent resident, it is advisable to seek the guidance of experienced immigration consultants like Aspire Square. With our extensive expertise and track record of successful outcomes, we help you navigate the intricacies of the process. Get in touch for more details!

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