Top 8 Benefits of Australia PR

Apr 04,2023

Top 8 Benefits of Australia PR

Australia is known for its diverse culture, breathtaking beaches, and the exciting opportunities it offers residents. The country has managed to maintain its place in the list of the most livable nations in the world. Australian PR comes with numerous advantages, and in this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of Australian PR:

The country offers a beautiful living experience to expats from all corners of the world. Australia has an easy-going work culture that attracts thousands of migrants and skilled workers who love to enjoy and grow simultaneously. 

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The Main Benefits of Australia PR Visa:

If you’re also looking forward to getting an Australian PR Visa, the following benefits of Australia PR will motivate you to achieve your goal.

1. Healthcare benefits:

Australia offers excellent healthcare facilities to PR holders for free or at a low cost. Australia’s healthcare system, often referred to as “Medicare,” is funded by the Australian Government and private health insurance companies.

 As a permanent resident of Australia, you can enjoy safe, quality, and affordable health services for a healthy and long life. You get easy access to medical treatment at public hospitals and other medical services such as:

  • Primary care services from General practitioners (GP) and Medical specialists.
  • Physiotherapy
  • Community Nurses
  • Basic dental facilities for children.
  • Discounts on prescribed medicines.

2. Easy Bank Loan to Buy Your “First Home”:

Australian permanent residents can apply for first home Owners’ grant to buy their first home on Australian land. Funded by the state government of Australia, the amount of FHOG can vary depending upon the location of your first home. 

However, you can expect at least $10,000 for your first house, apartment, or unit if it is valued at under $7,50,000.

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3. Sponsor Relatives to Settle in Australia Under Eligibility Criteria:

Besides sponsoring their family to visit Australia, Australian permanent residents can also invite their parents or close family members to Settle in Australia permanently. However, the sponsor and the sponsored person must meet the immigration criteria to apply for Family sponsorship for Australian PR.

4. Right to Work in Australia:

The country invites skilled migrants from different nations to fill job vacancies and contribute to their growing economy. A permanent resident of Australia can work in any industry and with any employer without any restrictions.

5. Pathway to Australian Citizenship:

Those who have resided in Australia as permanent residents for at least one year can apply for Australian citizenship. Australian citizenship offers numerous advantages, such as the right to vote, Government and defense jobs, the strongest passport in the world, and easy entry to the country. 

You can enjoy visa-free travel to almost 181 countries with your Australian passport. Thus, a recognized passport will give you a hassle-free travel experience in other countries. 

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6. Live in Australia Indefinitely:

Having an Australian Permanent residency allows you to live in Australia indefinitely. A five-year grant period can be renewed several times. If your permanent residency visa expires while you are overseas, you can apply for a resident Return visa and enter the country by continuing your permanent residency. 

7. Get the Benefit of Social Services:

Apart from all the above benefits, Australian Residency also makes you eligible to access Centrelink, which assists you in conditions such as sickness, unemployment, and study.

8. Free Education for Children:

Children of permanent residents of Australia get free education at primary and secondary public schools. While some states offer free education to temporary migrants, other states don’t provide this privilege.

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Other Benefits of Australia Permanent Residency:

Besides these advantages, there are a few more benefits of Australian PR that you can enjoy after getting your permanent residency. Some of them are:

Live, Work and Study in New Zealand :

An Australian PR holder can travel, work, study and live in the neighboring island country of New Zealand. 

New Zealand is known for its breathtaking landscapes and exotic beaches. The neighboring countries have strong migration, trade, and defense relationships, which foster healthy associations between the residents of both countries. However, we advise you to read the travel conditions before you visit New Zealand on an Australian visa.

Save Yourself from Harsh Weather Conditions:

This is the right place if you can’t stand extreme hot or cold temperatures. Australia is a massive country with varying climate zones. The northern part of the country has more of a tropical climate, with hot and humid summers, and the southern regions of Australia have pleasant weather with mild summers.

Enjoy Breathtaking Locations:

More than 3,50,000 tourists visit and enjoy their holidays in Australia every year. Whether it is the famous Opera house, Sydney Harbor bridge, Great Barrier reef, or Bondi beach, this country has magnificent attractions for its residents and international travellers.

Children Born in Australia Get Australian Citizenship:

Children born to Australian Permanent resident parents will get Australian citizenship automatically.

Pursue Higher Education with Easy Access to Education /Student Loans:

Permanent residents who wish to pursue higher education can apply for Higher Education Loans Program, which helps them to study now and pay later.

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We hope the above reasons are enough to prepare your mind to apply for the Australian Permanent residency. 

However, getting an Australian residency is not as easy as it may seem and requires months and years to get what you deserve. There are several pathways to immigrating to Australia, but only an expert immigration advisor can give you the proper knowledge of the immigration process.

Our immigration consultants have years of experience in Australia PR Visa procedures and can assist you in living your Aussie dream! 

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