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    The Absolute Guide to Get Australia PR in Short Time

    Dec 31,2020

    The Absolute Guide to Get Australia-PR in Short Time

    Who wants to exit high-class life, an ample number of job opportunities,  a terrific climate, and the possibility of securing a high income?

    I believe no one!

    The same thing happens with international students studying in Australia.

    Many international students aspire to stay in Australia forever after the completion of their studies. Hence, they attempt to acquire an Australian PR known as GSM (General Skilled Migration).

    The GSM visa is especially proposed for people who are willing to move to Australia forever.

    The program avails you the chance to use your expertise, skill, and knowledge and reside in Australia permanently.

    GSM associates an entirely different and complex process as compared to an Australian student visa and the approval of the application is not an easy chore.

    The skilled independent visa – subclass 189, the Skilled Nominated Visa – Subclass 190, the skilled work regional visa – subclass 491 are the three major categories of General Skilled Migration visa.

    This blog aims at presenting you with the most important tips you should follow to elevate the possibilities of obtaining an Australian PR.

    Note: The blog is primarily useful for the crew aiming to apply for a skilled independent visa (subclass 189).

    Below are the preconditions you must satisfy to apply for a General Skilled Migration visa

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    Preconditions to Apply for GSM/Australian PR

    • You must study in Australia for a minimum time period of two years. This can either be a single course or a combination of multiple courses. Online or distance studies are not allowed.
    • Your age should be between 18 to 49 years.
    • The minimum IELTS Score obtained by you should be 6. You can utilize the scorecard of alternative English tests to showcase your English language ability.
    • As the approval of the visa is highly dependent on the employment needs of the country, you must complete your education in the niche that has higher chances of employment opportunities.

    GSM Program Approval – Enhancing the Possibilities

    1. Dwell in Australia after completing your study

    Apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa also called Visa Subclass 485 after finishing your course.

    The visa offers two distinct streams namely, post-study workstream and graduate work stream holding the validity of 2-4 years and 18 months respectively.

    This extended time will allow you to Refine Your English Language Skills and gain a significant employment experience in Australia.

    The experience you gain during this time will aid you to increase your score in the GSM points test and aid you to Obtain an Australian PR Easily.

    2. Improve your English Language skills

    Having admirable English language proficiency is a crucial aspect for the approval of your Australian PR.

    Acquiring an incredible score like 7 in your IELTS Exam can reward you with 10 extra points for your language ability and a more superior score like 8 can award you upto 20 points.

    3. Choose a regional area to proceed with your study

    The candidates who pursue their studies in a regional area for at least two years receive extra 5 points for the GSM approval.

    Also, the candidates who stay in the defined regional area for a time period of at least two years and work there for a time period of a minimum of one year are rewarded with the eligibility to apply for a different visa type such as the Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887).

    4. Take your age into consideration

    Your age plays an important role in the approval of your Australian PR. For example, if your age is somewhere between 25 to 32 years, you are likely to obtain a score of up to 30 points. On the other hand, if you exist between the age group of 45 to 49, you are not eligible for any point.

    5. Go for a higher education

    A higher qualification such as a master’s or doctoral degree elevates the possibilities of Your GSM Approval. The candidates carrying a diploma are likely to obtain 10 extra points in the GSM points test whereas a candidate carrying a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree is expected to gain 15 to 20 points.

    6. Obtain a worthful work experience

    The next factor that can affect your GSM approval is your employment experience. The greater will be the years of employment experience, the more points you will receive.

    For example, if you possess a total of one year of work experience in Australia, you are likely to receive 5 extra points. The previous acts of foreign employment can also help you to draw more points.

    Hence, utilizing the Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) to its best to seek valuable employment opportunities is always a great move.

    7. Go for a Professional Year Program (PYP)

    The Professional Year Program (PVP) is a structured development program blending your education and employment experience.

    The candidates undergoing the program are likely to receive five additional points in the GSM points test.

    Friends, I hope the above tips will help you to gain an Australian PR swiftly. Last but not the least, let me introduce you to a few of the amazing benefits of Australian PR.

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    Outstanding Benefits of Australian PR

    • The visa allows you to undergo higher education in Australia. You are also eligible to apply for a few educational loans in case you have a shortage of funds
    • The visa permits you to reside in the country for n number of years
    • Your children will acquire Australian Citizenship if their birthplace is Australia
    • You are free to travel to and from your country anytime
    • Your family members can join you in Australia without much trouble
    • You are free to apply for a government position in Australia
    • You can easily get a Newzealand Visa and Travel to Newzealand if you wish to

    and the list goes on…

    Need more information or assistance to ease your Australian PR process? Connect with our team of Australian PR experts anytime.

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