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Jan 06,2021

Canada Express Entry

Willing to Settle in Canada?

How About the Canada Express Entry Program?

The Canada express entry program is a point-based program specifically designed to allow skilled people to immigrate and dwell in Canada. The program evaluates the abilities, expertise, and employment status of the candidate and grants the points accordingly.

Express entry is a kind of competing immigration system that ranks the deserving candidates against each other and calls up the most worthy candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

The primary factors affecting the ranking of the candidates include their age, English language proficiency, employment experience, and likewise.

The program was launched in January 2015 and since then it has opened a room for many qualified aspirants to migrate and reside in Canadian land. The express entry program is open across the year.

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Eligibility Criteria for Canada Express Entry Program

The total score you must acquire to pass the express entry profile is 67 out of 100. Below is given a list of different criteria based on which you Get Scored for Your Canada Express Entry Profile.

1. Age

The first criteria that contribute to your express entry profile score is your age. The candidates aged between 18-35 years have higher chances of receiving remarkable points than the ones above 35 years.

2. English Language Proficiency

Gaining a minimum of 6 bands in your IELTS Exam confirms your eligibility to get enrolled in the program. The More Points You Score in Your IELTS Exam, the higher points you are likely to obtain for your express entry profile.

3. Employment Experience

You should acquire at least one year of employment experience to gain the minimum points for your express entry profile. Of course, the experience of more than one year can make difference.

4. Qualification

You must have a degree equivalent to the higher secondary level of Canadian education. An education higher than this will help you to secure more points.

5. Adaptability

The adaptability factor is about the existence of your near and dear ones in Canada. The possibility of their assistance to get settled in Canadian land can help you to gain 10 additional points.

You are also likely to collect extra points if your spouse is accompanying you to Canada.

6. Employment Possibilities

You can obtain 10 other points if you have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer ready in hand.

Express Entry Profile – Documents Requirement

There are three chief documents that you require to submit your express entry profile successfully. These include

  • The document showing your English language proficiency skills. You can utilize your IELTS scorecard or CELPIP scorecard in this respect
  • An ECA (Educational Credentials Assessment) to assess non-Canadian education by Canadian standards
  • A valid passport
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Creating an Express Entry Profile Online – A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Undergo a Language Test

As I have already mentioned in the above section, you must have a document showing your language proficiency as a prerequisite to creating an express entry profile.

Hence, the very first thing you need to step ahead is accomplishing a government-approved language test.

IETLS and CELPIP are the two primary options you have in hand while preparing to immigrate to Canadian land.

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2. Obtain a Credential Assessment

The candidates who completed their education outside of Canada require an ECA (Educational Credentials Assessment) as a prerequisite (only if they are applying under the Federal skilled worker program). This document intends to assess non-Canadian education by Canadian standards.

Although you can skip this step if you are applying under the Federal skilled trade program or Canadian experience class, it is a good practice to get the assessment document ready as it will elevate your chances of getting positive results regardless of the program you are applying for.

3. Perceive Your NOC

Your employment experience must match the specification of the occupation stated in Canada’s National Occupation Classification database. Hence, understanding your National Occupation Classification (NOC) is crucial before you move forward.

4. Identify Your Eligibility

Your eligibility requirements may change depending on the program you are applying for. Hence, the next important thing to take into consideration is identifying your eligibility for the desired program.

You Can Also Use an Online Tool to cross-check your eligibility for leveraging the express entry program. Make sure to complete the above-mentioned steps before you head towards using the tool.

5. Create Your Express Entry Profile and Submit It

Once you are done with all the steps mentioned above, it is time to create your express entry profile. Provide all the necessary information in a clean, clear, and accurate manner while creating your express entry profile.

Also, ensure to get all the desired documents ready in digital form before you begin creating your express entry profile.

Once you are done with filling all the necessary data, submit your profile. You will receive an express entry profile number and a job seeker validation code after the successful submission of your profile.

Keep the record of these numbers for further use.

6. Create a Job Bank Profile (If Required)

Although the step is no more mandatory, you can register yourself in the Canada job bank if you want. Canada job bank is free of charge resource intending to aid Canadian employers to find the workers that match their desired skill set and requirements.

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7. Perform Timely Updations on Your Information (If Required)

The factors that may ask you to update your express entry profile include a change in your work experience, the accomplishment of a new language exam, sudden change in the family background (such as marriage, death, birth, divorce, etc.), the completion of a new education course and so on.

Your express entry profile endures for a maximum period of one year.

If you get shortlisted in this one year, you are likely to receive an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canadian PR. If not, your profile will automatically expire after one year and you may have to create and submit a new profile.

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