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    How to Structure your IELTS Writing Task 2?

    Aug 19,2019

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    “Extensive reading is the key to writing a good essay!”

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    IELTS essays are of different types:

    • Persuasive essay (Agree/disagree)
    • Discuss both views
    • Problems and Solutions
    • Advantages and Disadvantages
    • Miscellaneous essay

    Writing task 2 of IELTS is the module most of the students are scared of attempting; however, if done strategically would get you closer to the highest band score possible.

    Do not exceed the word limit of 250-265 words.

    The more you write, the more prone you are to making errors. You need to write an essay in stipulated time (40 minutes precisely) being aware of grammar, vocabulary and coherence. The topics could be anything from youth, gender discrimination, capital punishment, health, environment, globalization, global warming, and so on. To know all the IELTS essay topics, click on the link below:

    Here is the simple structure of IELTS Writing task 2, essay:


    Identify the topic or analyze the question and underline the key words which would help you adhere to the topic. Brainstorm the essay by making a preamble to generate your ideas and create a plan. Write all the key words related to the essay and its paragraphs here, which will help you plan your essay meticulously:

    IntroductionBody 1Body 2Conclusion

    BODY 1: Support Your Opinion/ Take a Stand

    Write a good supporting paragraph. This could be a lengthiest paragraph in any persuasive essay. It is recommended to use passive voice. All the sentences must answer three main questions; what, why and how. This would help you form coherent sentences which will be complex or compound type, which in turn may help you Achieve a Higher Band Score. All the sentences must be supported by the reasons or examples if required. Personal examples shall not be considered writing task 2 of IELTS.

    BODY 2: Consider Another Side of the Argument

    You can begin this paragraph with the phrases like ‘on the contrary’, ‘on the flip side’, ‘on the other hand’ or simply, ‘however’. You must opt to consider the flip side of the argument that makes an examiner believe that you are a clear thinker. It is recommended to give one or two reasons to support this side of the argument/view.


    It is the most important part of the essay as you can win your battle by writing an effective conclusion or stating your opinion precisely. Three sentences are more than enough to conclude any topic. As you are restating all the ideas in the last paragraph, you must paraphrase it. Your vocabulary has to be used in such a way that it should not change the meaning of the ideas. Lastly, ‘and’ never ends your task. Avoid using it!


    Manage your time using POWER.

    P: Plan (2 minutes)
    O: Organize (8 minutes)
    W: Write (20 minutes)
    E: Evaluate
    R: Rewrite/ Review (10 minutes)

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