Pre-Arrival Tips Every International Student Should Know – Study in UK

Mar 27,2023

Pre-Arrival Tips Every International Student Should Know - Study in UK

Now that you’ve got admission in your favourite University in the UK, you must be excited to pack your bags and start a new chapter of life as an international student in the UK. Moving to a new country may seem challenging, especially when adapting to a new culture and environment. Fortunately, UK universities offer exceptional support for students aspiring to Study in UK to make their life easier during the first few weeks after landing. But there are other things that you must be aware of before you reach your destination.

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 To help you here, we have prepared a complete pre-arrival guide for a relaxing time in the first few weeks in the UK.

1). Book Student Accommodation:

Finding a home in a new country can be difficult, especially when you are a newcomer. Thus, searching for a home to stay before you start your new journey is a wise decision. Many student accommodation options, including on-campus, homestay, and shared housing, are available to suit your living preferences. Start your research by house renting websites on the internet or ask your friends or relatives living in the UK and finalize a place to avoid stress when you arrive in the UK. Find accommodation within walking distance from your campus, with basic facilities like electricity, wi-fi, and laundry. Many rental websites can help you in finding suitable housing.

2). Book Your Flight

When you book your flight tickets, make sure to give yourself enough time to settle and explore the campus and local amenities before your classes start. There are plenty of websites on the internet that helps you book flight tickets at a lower price. Keep an eye on the available dates and airfares, and get a ticket that fits your budget. Have enough time to complete essential tasks such as opening a bank account, getting an NHS registration, orientation programs, etc.

3). Prepare Your Documents

As an international student, when you decide to study in UK, you must present all the essential papers for Visa Procedures. These documents will make things better for different processes from registration to enrolment. Here is a list of all the essential documents that you need to prepare before you fly to the UK:

  • Passport
  • Student Visa, College acceptance letter
  • Travel tickets and travel insurance
  • Medical certificates
  • Original Language test results
  • Proof of finance
  • Educational documents- mark sheets, certificates

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4). Make a Budget

Preparing a budget is one of the essential things as you plan to study in UK. But, most of us do not pay enough attention to this when we are in our home country, and things get worst when we have to manage our finances after landing in the UK. To avoid this, research what it costs to arrange accommodation, grocery, transportation, and other expenditures to study in UK as an international student. Also, check if your university offers popular Scholarships for International Students, and leverage this opportunity to make the most out of the finances available. 

5). Get Your Visa Ready

When you plan to study in UK, you must prepare the correct documents for the visa and admission process. It is not complicated as long as you follow the procedure as per immigration guidelines and have the accurate paperwork ready for university admission. There are different types of student visas for long-term and short-term study programs in the UK. Ensure to select for the correct visa type for your program and apply for the same at least three months before the intake starts, 

6). Look Out for a Suitable Job

UK universities and immigration allow international students to work while they study. Employment laws for immigrant students are more relaxed than in other countries, allowing them to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week for a full-time degree-level study program. Thus, to help support your Cost of Study in UK, it is advisable to search for a suitable job that covers your expenses for the first few months. Most Uk students prefer to work in supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants, or gas stations to earn extra money at university. Hence, searching for suitable job options with flexible working hours in an area close to your university is always a good idea. Get the help of your friends living in the Uk or browse through the internet and shortlist the jobs that best fit your requirements, so when you land in the UK, you start paying for your living expenses.

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7). Pack Your Bags

Now comes the most exciting part of your Study Abroad journey. Packing your essentials and organising things will save you extra bucks that go into buying stationery, utensils, and toiletries in your early days of moving. While you pack these in your bag, only take items that are light in weight. One must check the weather conditions and pack suitable clothing that keeps them warm during harsh winter or rainy days. Most places in the UK are cold and rainy, so remember to pack your coats, sweaters, and comfortable pair of shoes. Also, ensure that you have the correct prescription for the medicines you get from the pharmacy.

And with that, you are all prepared to start a new adventure of receiving high-quality education from the best universities in the world. Settling into an unknown world may be difficult for newcomers in the beginning. Still, with little research and support from the university, the counselling team make things comfortable after a few days of arrival. 

International students aspiring to Study in UK must keep the above things in mind and be prepared for a smooth landing ahead of time to avoid the last-minute rush. We hope that this information helps you in your journey as you chase your dream of pursuing higher education in the UK. Best of luck!

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