UK Student Visa Process & Requirements

Jun 07,2022

UK Student Visa Process Requirements

The Uk is inviting international students to learn in its world-class Universities. The UK has issued many student visas in the last few months, and it is looking forward to offering excellent education services to students all over the world. This article will give you a Clear Picture of the UK Student Visa Process. It will also cover some of the essential aspects of a UK Study Visa, such as UK Student visa process fees and processing time.

Type of UK Student Visa

Before we go any further with the UK Student Visa Application Process, it is essential to understand UK visa types for international students. There are three types of UK student visa

1. Short Term Study Visa

A short-term study visa allows you to study in the UK for 6 months, and 11 months if you are enrolled in an English Language course.

2. General (Tier-4) Student Visa

If you wish to study for a course longer than 6 months, you will most likely apply for a General (Tier-4) Student visa.

3. Child Student Visa

A child student visa is for students aged between four and 17 who have been offered a place in a course at a UK educational institution with a valid Tier 4 sponsor.

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UK Student Visa Requirements

International students applying for a UK study visa must meet the following requirements to be eligible for studying in the UK

  • You must be 16 years or over to Apply for a UK Student Visa.
  • You should have an offer letter from an authorised institution or licensed Sponsor in the Course of Study.
  • Provide financial proof to show that you have enough funds to cover your living costs and pay your course fee.
  • You must provide English Language Proficiency Test results.

List of Documents Required for UK Study Visa

As a part of your visa application, you must submit the required documents and basic information. If you provide incomplete information or fail to provide copies, your visa application will likely be rejected.

You must Submit the Following Documents to Apply for UK Study Visa

  1. A Valid passport
  2. Confirmation of Acceptance of studies from the college
  3. Proof of funds to support yourself during the stay in the UK, 1265 GBP per month if you live in London, 1015 GBP if you live outside of London
  4. Proof of consent from your parents or guardian, if you are under 18 years
  5. Your Tuberculosis Test results
  6. Valid Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) certificate (If needed)
  7. Payment of the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS)

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How to Apply for a UK Student Visa?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to apply for a UK student visa

  1. Check if you are eligible to Apply for a UK Student Visa.
  2. You will have to apply online on the UK Government’s official website.
  3.  Once you have completed your online application form, you must print and sign the completed form.
  4.  Book an appointment to provide your biometric information,i.e., a Fingerprint and a photograph, at the visa application center.
  5. Pay your application fees.
  6. Visit the visa application center on an appointed date to complete the application process.

Once you complete the online application form, you will receive an email containing your application number.

UK Student Visa Processing Fees

  • The UK Student Visa fees currently cost 348 GBP(if you apply from outside the UK).
  • If you are already in the UK and wish to extend your Visa or switch to a student visa, you must pay 490GBP.
  • It costs 348GBP as an application fee for a Tier 4 (Child) student visa outside the UK.
  • A short-term study visa fee is GBP97 for a 6-month visa and 186GBP for an 11-month Visa.

You must pay the visa fee for each dependent person accompanying you. You will also need to pay a health surcharge of 300GBP per year to access the National Health Service (NHS) during your stay in the UK.

Make sure to check the official website of UK Immigration for the latest updates on visa fees.

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Payment Method

  1. You can pay a visa application fee online using MasterCard or Visa card.
  2. You can also pay visa application fees in cash at the Visa application center or selected standard chartered branches.
  3. You can pay using a demand draft from a nationalised or an international bank. The demand draft must favour “The British High Commission.”

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UK Student Visa Processing Time

The processing of student visas in the UK usually takes 3 weeks. However, you should Start Your Student Visa Preparations three months in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions About UK Student Visas

1. Can I Work in the UK With a Student Visa?

Student visa holders can work up to 20 hours per week during the term and full-time during the college holidays. Child student visa holders above 16 years can work up to 10 hours per week and full-time during vacations.

2. What Can be the Reasons for the Visa Rejection?

The following reasons can increase the chances of UK student visa rejection.

  • Incomplete or false information in the application
  • Failure to provide proof of finance
  • Your reason for applying for a student visa is not genuine.


The UK offers excellent education and significant learning exposures to international students. To acquire knowledge from the world-class universities of the UK, you will need a valid UK Student visa. The information provided in this article may help you prepare your paperwork for the UK Study Visa Process. You should give genuine reasons to study in the UK with all the required documents.

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