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    Apply for a Student Visa to Study Abroad? – Requirements, Expenses, and Application Process

    Dec 08,2020

    Apply for a Student Visa to Study Abroad

    Nowadays study abroad is one of the strongest and fastest options for candidates who want to move to any country. Study abroad has great advantages such as you can get quality education, a foreign work experience, it develops English and some other language fluency, etc.

    It matters a lot in which country you would like to move and it certainly depends on individuals’ perceptions. Because some of the candidates only want to settle in abroad whereas some want to better education and want to explore the career option.

    So, if anyone wants to settle and want to get permanent residency in a specific country then Australia and Canada are the best places. Especially, these countries are providing great pathway programs to get their permanent residency. Whereas other countries like the UK, USA, New Zealand, and some of the European countries provide certain years post-study work visa.

    What is a Student Visa?

    In the present scenario, there is plenty of immigration and overseas education consultants are doing aggressive marketing and promotion. As a result, very few numbers of people are there who are not aware of the student visa. And as far as an Indian context then since the ages India is not only a Hub of Overseas Education but plenty of people went abroad to study.

    In layman’s language, if you want to pursue your higher education abroad then first you need to choose a country where you want to study. Second, then you need to take admission in your filed related university. And at last, you need to arrange the documents as per the country’s immigration laws to obtain a study visa.

    When should I apply for a Student Visa?

    To apply for a student visa a candidate needs to do some planning. As per the above mention first, finalize a country. Then after choosing the right university to enroll for your background related course.

    Usually, universities issue offers letters with conditions and deadlines to submit further documents such as language scorecards, past education documents, and fees.

    To avoid the last moment rush, it is always better to do study abroad planning at least 3 to 4 months prior. However, some countries like New Zealand require the fund at least 6 months old so candidates need to prepare accordingly.

    Apart from this, in such a country like Canada which has a huge rush requires planning for at least a year. Because people are so eager to apply and booking their intake for 6 months to a year ago.

    Study abroad is one of the crucial decisions of your life and any miscalculation can ruin your career. Though plenty of information is available online, few experts in the market who can have deep down knowledge of the entire process.

    Aspire Square Overseas Education Consultant is one of the prominent players in this industry. You can always rely on us for your student visa applications. Here we not only do the process of your overseas study applications but also guide you beyond your visa too.

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    How to apply for a student visa?

    Usually, each country has its student visa application system for international students. However, some specific factors that can be Applied to Any Country’s Study Visa. For instance,

    Academic Eligibility

    The academic eligibility is depending on the course, college, or university of the country. However, for the undergraduate courses, most of all the countries’ universities or colleges require at least 50% to 55% in 12th standard. Whereas, similar sort of percentages is required in the Bachelor’s degree for the post-graduation course.

    Apart from this, if the universities have a high value then it may demand higher percentages as well. On the other hand, generally private colleges or institutes give admission to those students who have a less academic score.

    Financial Stability

    Financial stability is one of the Key Factors for the Study Abroad. Because the fees usually count in dollars or pounds or euros and those currencies have high rates than the Indian rupee. Mostly the university and the immigration both of them would like to judge the financial stability of the international students.

    Because universities want to know whether the student is capable enough to pay the fees whereas immigration wants to know whether a student can survive in their country even without a job. In the Indian culture, while students would like to go to study abroad, they got financial support from their family members and on basis of that, they can successfully reach.

    Health Insurance

    While studying abroad there are likely chances students may get suffered from diseases or injuries. And being international students they also not able to get health benefit of the country.

    As a result, they need to pay a huge amount to recover from decease or injuries because medical treatment is quite expensive in foreign countries. In this case, the basic requirement comes to save this huge expense is health insurance. Health insurance helps them to recover the expense which they have spent during the hospitalization.

    Documents Required for Student Visa Application

    There will be plenty of documents require to apply for the student visa, and it may vary from country to country. However, there are some documents which are the most common for any country’s student visa.

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    Academic Documents

    • For instance, standard 10th & 12th and/or Diploma or ITI Marksheets and certificates for the undergraduate programs.
    • Bachelor’s degree marksheets and degree certificate for the post-graduation programs.

    Identity Documents

    • Birth Certificate
    • School Leaving Certificate
    • Valid Passport

    Language Result

    • IELTS (Academic) or PTE or DUOLINGO (for university admission only) or TOEFL result.
    • Valid Language Score Sheet

    Work Experience Documents (Entire Work duration)

    • Appointment/Offer/Confirmation letter
    • Promotion/increment letter
    • Experience Letter
    • Payslips or Salary Statement
    • Income Tax Returns

    Other Important Documents

    • Marriage Certificate (In case of married applicant)
    • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
    • Relevant Forms (Visa forms, Family information forms, etc)

    Process of applying for a student visa

    • Online Visa Application Process
      In this techno advanced world usually all the countries have provided online application submission portals. Students not only can apply through the online portals but also the documents submission and fees payment can be done online as well.
    • Offline Visa Application Process
      Still the student visa application can be done offline in which, students can download the form, fill it and go to submit the file along with all the documents to the VAC centers.
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    Cost of Student Visa

    • Abroad Study visa generally cost a lot, and it from varies country to country. Especially, as an international student, western counties like Australia, Canada, UK, USA, etc. may cost you high. On the other hand, the European counties are optional in the context because some of the public-funded universities in countries like France, and Germany are very cost-effective.
    • Sometimes the selection of the university or college also makes the difference in the cost of a student visa. Usually, a reputed university cost you high in comparison to any small college because of the reputation. However, at the end of the course, the skill which you have gained matters a lot and decide the further pathway.
    • Course selection also plays a vital role in the cost of the study visa. Suppose, if you would like to pursue a particular education and check the options in 2 different countries or states (provinces) or universities, you may find a significant difference in between.
    • Additionally, the duration of the course also makes a difference in the cost. In the comparison of 2 or more countries, the same type of courses may have a different duration. For instance, generally, it has been seen that the post-graduation programs and Master’s programs in countries like Canada or Australia takes 2 years. Whereas, the same sort of programs takes 1 year in the UK.
    • As a result, the whole year fees can an international student can save and obtain the same level degree as well. However, not all the courses provide the same sort of facility. For more details, you can visit the Aspire Square Career Consultant and get precise information about the student visa.

    How long will it take to get your visa?

    The precise timings usually are fixed for the visa issuance because several reasons can affect the entire student visa process. Such as,

    • First of all, how quickly a student finalized the country, university, and the course.
    • Secondly, the timing of applying to the university and the submission of documents.
    • Third, one of the important factors is the IELTS or PTE exam test result, because most of the candidates take time to clear such a test. As a result, their applications get delayed.
    • The fourth factor is the arrangement of finance, there are lots of candidates who would like to apply for the study visa only if their education loans get clears. Whereas in some cases the loan process takes too much time or maybe sometimes declined. This is also one of the strongest reasons for the file process delaying.
    • The fifth reason is the present scenario, currently, the entire world is suffering due to COVID 19 situation. Many countries have closed their international borders and many universities, as well as immigration staff, are working from home. Due to the fact, many student visa applications either under process or not taken into the consideration.
    • However, things are getting clear rapidly, and hope that by the next year the study abroad process getting smooth and fast.

    The study abroad visa process is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are several student visa consultants are around and these multiple choices create more confusion for students who want to take overseas education. To resolve the issue, Aspire Square is providing an open ground for the students. Students not only can visit any of our branches but also take the advantage of free evaluation for their profiles.

    On the other hand, Aspire Square is the only place which provides all kind of solutions under one roof. For instance, whether you are looking for a Study visa or permanent residency or you want to appear for English language tests such as IELTS, PTE, CELPIP, DUOLINGO, etc. Aspire Square is there for all the services.

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