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    Post-Arrival Tips for Australia PR Visa – Things to Do After Arrival

    Dec 15,2022

    Post-Arrival Tips for Australia PR Visa - Things to Do After Arrival

    Finally, the day has come! After spending sleepless nights, you have arrived at your dream destination. Welcome to Australia!

    Although an Australia PR Visa relieves you from going through the stressful procedures of permanent residency, you will need a solid plan of action to fulfill your dream abroad career. So, the mission isn’t accomplished yet! But don’t worry; we have listed essential points to help you find your feet after landing.

    Things to do after landing in Australia:

    1. Airport Regulations and Formalities:

    Once you arrive at the Australian airport, you must clear the immigration procedures by presenting relevant documents such as your passport, passenger card(given to you on the flight) and proof of your Australian Permanent Residency Visa. The immigration officer may ask you a few general questions to confirm your identity for security purposes.

    Let us inform you that Australia has strict border control and quarantine policies to ensure that residents enjoy safe and healthy living. You will be required to undergo Australian customs check and quarantine procedures. 

    2. Find Accommodation:

    After you migrate to Australia on a PR visa, the first essential task is to search for an affordable house for you and your family. You can arrange temporary accommodation at your friend’s place, cheap hotels or Airbnb for your initial days. But, you must begin your house search soon. 

     Finding an affordable house to rent in Australia is a daunting task, and the sooner you start looking for a house, the better options you will have for accommodation.

    Australia has plenty of diverse accommodation options to meet your housing needs. Harcourts, homely, and rent.com are popular websites with a wide range of property types available for rent.

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    3. Set up a bank account:

    Most of the financial transactions in Australia are directly made to your bank account. Hence, opening an Australian bank account is essential in the early days after you Migrate to Australia. Most banks need passport and visa copies to open a personal savings account. We suggest you give the bank your TFN to avoid higher interest rates.

    4. Get a mobile phone plan:

    Buy an Australian Sim card to make urgent calls and access internet services for different purposes. You can add your Australian number to your CV, so your employer, friends, and family can quickly get in touch with you. There are several mobile network providers in Australia; however, Optus, Vodafone, and Telstra are the most preferred phone companies that offer better network coverage and value for money.

    Also, get a phone card for a cheaper alternative when you miss your family members back home. 

    5. Apply for a tax file number (TFN):

    A tax file number is a unique number issued to individuals and industries that helps you enjoy government services such as education, medical and social benefits. Your employer will ask your TFN to deduct tax and pay against your TFN.

     How to apply for a Tax file number:

    • Visiting ATO service centres.
    • Get your TFN online by visiting the ATO website. You must provide basic information such as your Australian address and personal details as mentioned in your passport. 

    6. Enrol with Medicare:

    Australian Permanent residents can enjoy the perks of free medical services with Australia’s national health care system Medicare. To enrol with Medicare, you must visit the Medicare service centre in your city with your passport and your visa document.

    Eligible immigrants will be provided with a temporary Medicare card number, which will be posted to your home address in Australia three weeks later you apply for medicare services.

    7. Enrol your children in school:

    If you wouldn’t want to compromise your child’s education, enrol your child soon after you migrate to Australia. Enrolling in a school is easy when you have your child’s immunization records, passport and visa documents.

    Children from five years must be enrolled in private or government schools for primary education. English language assistance is offered to children who wish to improve their language skills.

    8. Get in touch with Centrelink:

    As you try to Settle things in Australia, you will receive social services and financial aid (if applicable) from the Government through Centrelink. Centrelink assists newcomers in finding relevant jobs, finding courses for training and funds for raising children in Australia.

    You must contact Centrelink to receive payments (if eligible) and services from the Government body.

    Check Your Eligibility Now!

    9. Find a job:

    You’ve started loving this country. Of course, it is worth all the love! But, before you spend all your funds and start complaining about the expenses, we advise you to find a suitable job that matches your skill set.  

    From healthcare, accounting, marketing, and childcare to construction, the country has many job opportunities to offer to its residents. The Australian job market is vast and demands the right attitude and abilities to secure an excellent job in the desired field.

    Pro Tips:

    • Update your CV and Linked in Profile, and add professional experience to draw the attention of Australian employers. 
    • Do your research on online platforms, use your references and upgrade your skills to get the dream job.

    10. Get to know your country:

    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth, every city in Australia has something different to offer, from landscapes, culture, and food to job opportunities. While getting around in Australia can be expensive, the country is worth exploring if you enjoy making friends, exploring beautiful beaches, trying new food, and doing watersports activities.

    There are many ways to travel across the country, from renting a campervan and driving yourself to access the buses, ferries and trains. It will also help you to get used to the local transportation system.  

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    Last But not Least:

    Your initial days after landing in Australia will be exciting and fun. But, there is so much more to work upon that you will get confused and lose your patience. The best advice is to do one thing at a time, and you will start enjoying your new life in this beautiful country. You need to be more proactive if you want to settle in Australia quickly.

    But, don’t forget to explore the country, it is more beautiful than you have imagined!

    We hope you enjoy reading our blog on “Post arrival Tips for Australia PR visa” and have gained valuable tips for your first few weeks in Australia. Check out our other blogs on Australian Immigration for more information.

    If you are also planning to live in Australia permanently, our expert immigration consultants can assist you with Detailed Guidance on Australia PR Visa procedures. 

    Best of luck!

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