Manitoba Province Latest MPNP Draw, Invited 223 Candidates

Apr 11,2022

Manitoba Province Latest MPNP Draw, Invited 223 Candidates

Manitoba province is famous for its natural beauty and wide range of occupational growth. Additionally, it is also a province known for its cost-effective lifestyle. Over the years, this province has set a target to invite specific category candidates. Usually, Manitoba prefers those overseas candidates who have any close or distant relative in the province. Secondly, the province supports those international students who Study in Canada and move to Manitoba for further settlement aspect. Third, MPNP supports those aspirants as well, who are currently working or have worked in the province for a specific period. These all reasons are indicating that the province gives more value to referral candidates rather than any random one. As a result, they have the specific streams to send the invitation to apply to the particular candidates.

In the hierarchy, Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has declared April month’s first draw. This latest draw has invited 223 candidates from its standard streams. Skilled Workers Overseas, Skilled Workers in Manitoba, and International Education Stream. Check the latest draw table of the recent draw.

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Skilled Workers in Manitoba 156 739
Skilled Workers Overseas 33 683
International Education Stream 34 NA
*There are 30 candidates out of 223 who have their active Express Entry Profile and a valid Job Seeker Validation Code received the LAA


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Key Highlights of The Latest MPNP Draw

  • Overall, this is the #142 MPNP draw until now, 9th for the year 2022 and first for the month.
  • Due to some imbalanced situation across the world in a couple of years, the province has changed its invitation pattern.
    • Previously the province focused more on the overseas candidates who have any close or distant relatives and meet the eligibility criteria.
    • On the other end, now the province is more-and-more candidates who have studied or worked in the province
    • Apart from this, the province has brought the strategic recruitment initiative, which also supports more of those candidates who may have a job offer letter from any of Manitoba-based employers or currently working with them.
    • Over the last couple of years or so plenty of overseas candidates has received the nomination through this stream.
  • As compared to the last draw, this draw has invited more candidates.
    • Draw #141 has issued 191 Letter To Advice (LAA) which is 32 points higher than the previous one.
    • The latest draw focused more on the skilled worker in Manitoba & International Education Stream.
    • 156 (In Manitoba Skilled Workers) have received LAA in the latest draw, which is 54 numbers higher, and the cut-off is 30 points lower than the last draw.
    • For the international education stream, 8 more candidates received LAA than the previous draw’s 25 candidates.
    • On the other side, the previous draw has more focused on skilled workers overseas candidates has invited 31 number candidates higher from the Skilled Workers Overseas stream.


If you have any close or distant relatives in Manitoba, then you should count the province on your list if you wish to Settle in Canada. Here are some of the prime reasons for that. First, you will get a range of occupational codes options, which means the specific NOC Codes like other provinces such as Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan etc, will not bind you. Second, Manitoba province is declaring fewer draws throughout the year for the family class, but they have not closed the category draws. In a year, once or twice we have seen this category draws. To qualify for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program only thing that you need to hold is a patience level.

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