Canada Invited 4000+ Candidates With Two Consecutive Express Entry Draws

Feb 03,2023

Canada Invited 4000+ Candidates With 2 Consecutive Express Entry Draws

The new year is not only raising plenty of aspirations but also bringing a lot of surprises. As far as Canada Immigration has concerned, they are looking to invite a huge number of immigrants in this year. The recent draws are the perfect example recent scenario. Canada holds two back-to-back draws in two days. The month starts with the Provincial Nomination draw that was held on February 1, 2023, and invited 893 candidates. Whereas, on February 2, 2023, the IRCC also created history by declaring the first-ever Federal Skilled Worker-Only draw.

Highlights of the Latest Express Entry Draw #239

  • In the first two days of the new month, Canada surprises the aspirants by declaring two consecutive draws.
  • On February 1, 2023, the IRCC announced the single program category draw under the Provincial Nominee Program draws.
  • The draw invited 893 applicants, who have been nominated by any of the Canadian provinces.
  • These candidates have the privilege of adding 600 CRS to their valid express entry profiles because of the PNP nominations.
  • The cut-off of this particular draw set by the IRCC was 733. It means, the lowest invited candidates have a CRS score of just 133 points and have been nominated by any province.

Highlights of the Latest Express Entry Draw #240

  • Yesterday’s draw has not only a draw but it was a phenomenon that amazed everyone who is looking to Migrate to Canada.
  • The Express Entry is begun from January 2015 and since then before yesterday the IRCC has never declared a single draw under the FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER category.
  • During the Wuhan virus pandemic COVID – 19, Canadian immigration declared the specific draws under the provincial nomination and Canadian Experience Class.
  • The individual category draw nominated 3300 applicants who have a valid express entry profile.
  • The best part of the draw was the cut-off which goes down. However, it just went down by one point but in the Express Entry, each point is valuable.
Express Entry Draws – 2023
Draw # Date Immigration Program Invitations Issued CRS Cut-Off
240 February 2, 2023 Federal Skilled Worker 3,300 489
239 February 1, 2023 Provincial Nominee Program 893 733
238 January 18, 2023 No Program Specified 5,500 490
237 January 11, 2023 No Program Specified 5,500 507

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Comparison Between CRS Score Distribution of Candidates in the Express Entry Pool

February 1, 2023 January 18, 2023
CRS Score Range Number of Candidates CRS Score Range Number of Candidates
601-1200 937 601-1200 614
501-600 1,553 501-600 1,918
451-500 64,382 451-500 65,296
491-500 1,353 491-500 3,384
481-490 12,360 481-490 11,848
471-480 20,467 471-480 20,106
461-470 16,991 461-470 16,854
451-460 13,211 451-460 13,104
401-450 59,921 401-450 59,491
441-450 12,481 441-450 12,416
431-440 13,086 431-440 13,010
421-430 10,289 421-430 10,159
411-420 11,548 411-420 11,444
401-410 12,517 401-410 12,462
351-400 70,484 351-400 70,421
301-350 36,636 301-350 36,754
0-300 5,502 0-300 5,519
TOTAL 2,39,415 TOTAL 240,013

Comparison Between Two Draws Tenure

  • There was around a couple of weeks’ gap between the two express entry draws.
  • As a result, the number of applicants been increased mainly in the recent CRS scoring range that was declared by the IRCC in the recent draws.
  • For instance, a scoring range between 481 to 490 CRS, which is increased by 512 candidates. This may be a positive sign for Canada as they will get skilled workers.
  • On the other side, this hike will create a competitive environment for the applicants.
  • However, a significant downfall has been noticed for the score range 491-500 CRS. More than 50 per cent of applicants have been cleared between two draws duration.
  • A total of almost 600 candidates decreased between the last to recent draws.


This historic event of a single-category Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) draw will certainly bring a sense of satisfaction among aspirants who are looking for Canada PR. Apart from this, as the express entry declared its draw, immediately Ontario province also announced their first draw under Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities stream. Additionally, the reducing CRS Score is also a good sign for the candidates.

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