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    Shape Your Foreign Education Dream in 2023

    Jan 31,2023

    Shape Your Foreign Education Dream in 2023

    Any new year is not only a symbol of taking resolutions but also the best way to initiate the plans that were unable to process in the last year.

    As the new year begins several foreign education-related updates start flowing from across the world. Because most of the countries have the major intake in January month which may already begin or be about to begin. Moreover, it is also high time, as the precise analysis of the previous year has been done by several agencies. Such statistics help students to understand the trend of the new year. The article will give you details about different countries’ trends and how you can prepare yourself for the year 2023.

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    Paradox Shifting Years (2019 To 2021)

    From late 2019 till the entire year 2021, the world has seen a horrible phase of the Wuhan Virus COVID – 19 pandemic. Millions of precious lives have been evaporated like smoke in the air. On the other end, people lock themselves in their homes, and countries block others to come-in their borders. As a result, most of the reciprocal trades, businesses, transactions and activities, which were indulged in the process have been stopped completely. However, as per the nature of time, it has also changed and the year 2022 brought a new sunrise.

    A New Beginning in the Year 2022

    As the year 2022, was begun that has given plenty of positive news. The death ratio start reducing significantly, which was on the pick during the last two years due to the Wuhan virus. Countries have opened their international borders, easing the restrictions and started inviting foreign travellers as well as international students.

    As far as the Indian context has concerned, according to the Ministry of External Affairs’ data, more than 1.3 million Indian students studied abroad in 2022. Here is the list of Indian students who studied or currently studying in different countries around the world.

    Estimated Data of Indian Students Studying Abroad (in 2022)
    Sr. No Name of Country No. of Students
    1 Armenia 8,015
    2 Australia 1,00,009
    3 Austria 350
    4 Azerbaijan 119
    5 Bangladesh 9,308
    6 Belarus 793
    7 Belgium 766
    8 Botswana 200
    9 Brazil 6
    10 Brunei Darussalam 38
    11 Bulgaria 357
    12 Canada 1,83,310
    13 China 6,436
    14 Cuba 1
    15 Cyprus 1,961
    16 Czech Republic 1,500
    17 Denmark 413
    18 Egypt 400
    19 Estonia 138
    20 Finland 519
    21 France 10,003
    22 Georgia 14,000
    23 Germany 34,864
    24 Greece 48
    25 Guyana 498
    26 Hong Kong 815
    27 Hungary 932
    28 Iceland 16
    29 Indonesia 1
    30 Iran 2,050
    31 Ireland 5,000
    32 Israel 1,218
    33 Italy 5,897
    34 Japan 1,302
    35 Kazakhstan 3,855
    36 Kyrgyzstan 14,500
    37 Latvia 1,000
    38 Lithuania 1,000
    39 Luxembourg 2
    40 Malaysia 3,331
    41 Malta 450
    42 Mauritius 147
    43 Mexico 108
    44 Moldova 705
    45 Nepal 2300
    46 Netherlands 3,200
    47 New Zealand 2,664
    48 Norway 480
    49 Oman 39,550
    50 Panama 191
    51 Philippines 15,000
    52 Poland 5,000
    53 Portugal 19
    54 Qatar 46,000
    55 Republic of Korea 1,364
    56 Romania 805
    57 Russia Federation 18,039
    58 Saudi Arabia 65,800
    59 Serbia 5
    60 Singapore 10,000
    61 Slovakia 202
    62 Slovenia 36
    63 South Africa 335
    64 Spain 1383
    65 Sri Lanka 68
    66 Sudan 3
    67 Sweden 2,500
    68 Switzerland 3,980
    69 Taiwan 2,239
    70 Tajikistan 1,250
    71 Thailand 364
    72 Turkey 193
    73 Ukraine *-
    74 United Arab Emirates 1,64,000
    75 United Kingdom 55,465
    76 USA 4,65,791
    77 Uzbekistan 250
    78 Venezuela 93
    79 Vietnam 4
    Total – 13,24,954
    *NOTE: According to the Government of India’s data * In Ukraine – As per our information all students have been evacuated from Ukraine.
    Source: www.mea.gov.in/

    Countries to Target in the Year 2023

    As per the statistics of the last year, it is not wrong to say, this year the number of students who would like to Study Abroad will certainly be increased. Most Indian students would prefer to study in anglophone countries and as a result, we can see the highest number of students in countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

    Australia Student Visa

    There are a huge number of Indian students who would like to Study in Australia. Several reasons are there, due to that why students would like to prefer Australia.

    • The country provides a world-class infrastructure to study and top universities of the world are ready to deliver qualitative education.
    • Especially, married couples and people who have a family also can travel with their near and dear ones.
    • As per the recent changes, the Australian government has declared international student-friendly policies.
    • As a result, students will have the privilege to get a student visa along with a post-study work visa for more than 2, 3 and even 4 years.
    • Moreover, there is a recently signed Free Trade Agreement between India and Australia that will be benefited especially for Indian students and specifically more to STEM students.
    • The recent DHA data has also revealed that there is an 85 per cent rise in Indian student visa application lodgment in Financial Year 2022.

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    Canada Study Visa

    Canada is one of the favorite destinations not only among Indian students but also students around the world. According to some statistics, Canada is the only country that was processing the applications of international students and immigrants even during the Wuhan virus pandemic. Apart from this, the country is famous for many more reasons among the students.

    • The country has a huge number of designated learning institutes that includes public-funded universities, private universities, public-funded colleges and some private institutions.
    • This number of institutes gives plenty of program options to students who are planning to Study in Canada.
    • Moreover, the country has a strong impression to give permanent residency to most international students who obtain a Canada Study Visa and then get a post-study work visa.
    • Every now and then the country has proven this fact by declaring such draws. For instance, according to the data on February 13, 2021, the IRCC declared the biggest draw in Canadian Immigration history. In a single draw, they nominated 27,332 overseas candidates who submitted their applications under the Canadian Experience Class category.
    • All these candidates have been nominated with the lowest CRS score of 75 points.
    • According to Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan, in these three years, the country is targeting almost 1 million study permits.

    New Zealand Study Visa

    One of the most beautiful countries in the world, New Zealand is also one of the promising study destinations for international students. Students from around the globe come to New Zealand to study. Despite the limitation of the big industries, the country is a good choice to study. Here are the reasons for that.

    • Immigration rules are a bit more relaxed than in countries like Australia, Canada and the USA.
    • Well-established study culture and some reputed institutes make the country’s education competitive.
    • Students are allowed to bring their dependents and families during and after the study visa.
    • Certain programs allowed both main applicants and their spouses to come to the country together. In addition, the spouses are also allowed to work full-time in certain cases.
    • One of the biggest reasons to select the country is its cost-effectiveness. New Zealand Study Visa and their education are economical options compared to other anglophone countries.
    • Most importantly as per New Zealand’s immigration rule, candidates are only required to pay the fees of the university once they got the visa.

    UK Study Visa

    During the last four to five years, UK is one of the emerging study visa destinations in the world. Especially, after suffering due to the Wuhan Virus pandemic, Indian students are among their favorites. As per The UK Immigration Statistics which was published in August 2022, almost 118,000 Indian students have already received a UK student visa till June 2022. It was a massive rise in Indian students, in figures which are 89 per cent increased than the previous year. here are some of the facts that indicate the recent rise.

      • The first thing is that the UK is accepting almost all sort of profiles and allow them to Study in the UK.
      • Secondly, a huge education gap, less percentage in the last education, backlogs, lower bands in the English language, all such issues do not bother the UK Student Visa Process.
      • Students can travel with their spouses and families to the UK.
      • Spouses are allowed to work full-time, whereas, international students are allowed to work 20 hours during a week and full-time during vacations or semester breaks.
      • Most importantly, those international students who have kids under the age of 16 years, can take benefit to educate their kids in UK’s public schools without or with nominal fees. However, this privilege may depend on the selection of the programs and visa types.

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    USA Study Visa

    The USA is well-known as a land of opportunities. This is one of the reasons for the country’s popularity. Secondly, Indians not only fall in love with the country but also are crazy to reach there by hook and in some cases by crook as well. The country has its significance and rapport in the world. Some people go beyond the limit to reach the country because in return the country also gives them amazing careers and lifestyles. Here is why students should opt for the USA Study Visa option.

    • A country that has a top-notch education system. It has a number of world-class universities, public and private colleges, and institutions.
    • It may not be wrong to say that the USA has the world’s highest number of educational institutes that are holding the highest rankings in the world.
    • In addition, the country is giving straight away five years of visas including a post-study work visa that allows students to not understand the education system but also the job market and working culture as well.
    • Similar to New Zealand, here also student only needs to pay the fees after getting the visa approval.
    • Even though suffered heavily due to the Wuhan virus but the country bounce back in the year 2022 and issued more than 100,000 study permits to the Indians.
    • For this year country is projected that visa applications may reach nearly 1.2 million. And to manage the application rush, the embassy is hiring more officials, as well as bringing various initiatives such as the drop box facility (Submitting documents without an interview).


    If you are a student or working person or even a business professional. If you are planning to study abroad in 2023 then this mantra may be helpful to you. Forgetting the past, focusing on the future and working in present. Foreign education attracts many due to its top education system, world-class faculty & facilities, great possibilities to obtain post-study work permits, and the best chance to get better scholarship options. However, you have to research about the country that is best according to your profile and future goal. Then only you should proceed for the further study visa process.

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