Australia’s Permanent Migration Update: 185,000 Focused on Skills and Regional Growth in 2024-25

May 17,2024

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Key Points:

  • Total planning level: 185,000 places
  • Program split: 70% Skill stream, 30% Family stream
  • Skill stream focus: Filling critical skills gaps, particularly in regional areas
  • Increased places: Employer Sponsored, State/Territory Nominated, Regional categories
  • Reduced places: Skilled Independent, Business Innovation and Investment (BIIP)
  • Family stream: Maintains focus on family reunification
  • Multi-year planning: Introduction of a four-year planning model from 2025-26
Visa Stream Visa Category  2024-2025 Planning Levels
Skill Employer Sponsored 44,000
Skilled Independent 16,900
Regional 33,000
State/Territory Nominated 33,000
Business Innovation & Investment 1,000
Global Talent (Independent) 4,000
Distinguished Talent 300
Skill Total 132,200
Family Partner 40,500
Parent 8,500
Child 3,000
Other Family 500
Family Total 52,000
Special Eligibility 300
Total migration Program 185,000


Stream Highlights:

  • Skill Stream (132,200 places): Designed to attract skilled workers to address labor market needs. Increased focus on Employer Sponsored, State/Territory Nominated, and regional categories to fill critical roles.
  • Employer Sponsored (44,000 places): Streamlined pathway for temporary migrants to gain permanent residency.
  • State/Territory Nominated & Regional (66,000 places combined): Empowering states and territories to attract skilled migrants aligned with their specific economic needs.
  • Skilled Independent (16,900 places): Reduced allocation compared to previous years, but still above pre-pandemic levels.
  • Family Stream (52,500 places): Maintains focus on reuniting families. Partner visas remain demand-driven.

Important Changes:

  • BIIP Program Closure: The BIIP program is closing permanently from July 2024 due to its limited economic benefit. A new National Innovation visa will be introduced later in 2024 to attract exceptional talent.

Looking Forward:

  • Multi-year planning: A four-year planning model will be implemented from 2025-26 to better align migration with long-term infrastructure and housing needs. Public consultation for this model will begin later in 2024.

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