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UK Likely to Retain Popular Post-Study Visa Route, Benefiting Indian Students!

May 22,2024

UK Study Visa News

Exciting news for Indian students! The UK government has recently reviewed its Post-Study Work Permit and recommended the Graduate Route visa program in its current form. This program allows international graduates to remain in the UK for up to two years post-graduation to gain valuable work experience.

Why This Matters?

Indian students are the predominant beneficiaries of this visa, accounting for 42% of all grants between 2021 and 2023. The Graduate Route visa is a significant draw for UK universities, helping them attract a diverse pool of international students and offset their financial challenges. The fees from international students are crucial for funding advanced research and quality teaching for domestic students.

What were the UKVI concerns?

While some concerns were raised about the potential misuse of this visa and the possibility of graduates securing lower-skilled jobs, the UK government is focused on ensuring that international graduates contribute positively to the economy.

What’s next? 

The government is likely to adopt the review’s recommendations, which include enhanced data collection and improved regulation of recruitment agents. This commitment signals a positive future for Indian students aiming to gain professional experience in the UK after their studies.


Overall, this is a positive development that indicates the UK’s encouragement to provide a welcoming environment for international talent, making it an attractive destination for higher education and assuring a career growth period of two years after completing their studies in the UK!

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