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11 Exclusive Rights and Benefits for Australia Permanent Resident


People from all over the world are motivated to Migrate to Australia because of its superior quality of life and opportunities for growth. Australia has clearly become a popular destination for migration for a large number of aspirants, and there are many solid reasons for this. The Australian government provides some wonderful rights and perks to those who hold Australia Permanent Residency.  For those wondering why they should pick Australia Immigration and what advantages they can expect after obtaining an Australia Permanent Residency visa, here are all the specifics. Keep reading

Benefits of Australia Permanent Residency

Right to Stay in Australia Permanently

The lifestyle in Australia is enticing, making people want to stay permanently once they reach the country on a student visa or other visa. Migrants with Australia PR visas can reside in the country indefinitely. Australia PR do not need to be afraid of leaving their new home provided they adhere to the laws imposed by their Australia PR visa.

Australia PR Eligibility Point Calculator

Right to Grab Excellent Job Opportunities

There are plenty of job opportunities in Australia. The country has a high demand for skilled and experienced workers. As a result, highly qualified professionals are likely to face little or no difficulty in finding work in Australia. Furthermore, because most Australian companies prefer to recruit Australia permanent residents only, having an Australia PR Visa increases your chances of landing a great job. Except certain areas, Australia PR visa holders can work for any company, in any industry, and in any location across the country.

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Right to Leverage the Best Education System

Australia’s education system is regarded as one of the finest on the planet. Many of Australia’s Universities are ranked among the best in the world. Studying at these world-renowned universities provides graduates with global work opportunities. Australia permanent residents, both themselves and their children, have the right to study wherever they want in Australia. Australia PR also have the right to enroll their children in public school at a reduced or no cost.

Right to Leverage Healthcare Facilities

Australia provides excellent healthcare facilities to its permanent residents. The government-run health insurance plan ‘Medicare’ provides free access to medicare services and government hospitals, making life easier for permanent residents in the event of a medical emergency.

Right to Sponsor Family Members to Australia

Australia permanent residents can sponsor their family members (such as spouse and parents) for Australia PR and the other types of visas that can let them migrate to Australia. Sponsoring a family member associates an eligibility criterion that an Australia permanent resident must fulfill to become a sponsor. 

Right to Leverage Financial Benefits

Australia permanent residency adds to your credit rating. Financial facilities such as car loans, home loans, personal loans, etc. can all be applied for and gained by Australian permanent residents. 

Rights to Leverage Social Security Benefits

The Australia department of social security (Centrelink) offers social welfare aid to students, sick people, and unemployed people that can be attained after two years of permanent residency in Australia. 

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Right to Commence a Business in Australia

Australia immigration on an Australia PR visa allows migrants to buy properties for commercial purposes and/or start a business in Australia. 

Right to Leverage Childcare Benefits

The childcare industry in Australia is demanding and expensive, requiring parents to pay a lot of money if they need the same. Australia’s department of social security (Centrelink) offers support to Australia Permanent Residents to bear childcare costs in Australia.

Right to Live in a Lively Atmosphere

Australia is one of the world’s most beautiful and appealing countries. With a world-renowned landscape, a nice climate, a diverse atmosphere, and a lively lifestyle on offer, the country is ideal for both personal and professional growth. All of these advantages are available to you forever if you have permanent residency status in Australia.

Right to Apply for Australian Citizenship

After spending a certain duration in Australia, Australian PRs can apply for Australian citizenship. In addition to the rights described above, aspirants can enjoy additional benefits by obtaining Australian citizenship, such as the right to vote, the ability to apply for government and defense jobs, and so on. Children born to Australia PRs get Australian citizenship and the entitlement to the above advantages from birth.

Australia PR Eligibility Point Calculator

End Note

It is no secret that Australia has a large number of overseas students and skilled migrants. Even though the reasons why people choose Australia immigration are astounding, many people are still unaware of the special Benefits of an Australia PR. For them, a quick guide outlining the substantial advantages of an Australia PR visa has been created. I hope it was helpful.

If you are impressed by the perfect benefits of Australia immigration and wish to apply for an Australia PR visa, our Australia Immigration Consultants are only a call away. Call them anytime to learn about your eligibility and the process to apply for Australia permanent residency in detail.

Know the Rights & Benefits of Australia PR!

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