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    Job Opportunities in Australia for Australia PRs

    Dec 21,2022

    Job Opportunities in Australia for Australia-PRs

    For aspirants who want to live in Australia, Australia PR is likely to be the first visa choice. The reason for this is the incredible benefits they can leverage as an Australian permanent resident. It’s natural for those trying to get an Australia PR to consider job opportunities in Australia, as this will be the first thing they’ll need to survive in the country. The blog has an answer. Keep reading…

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    Job prospects in Australia for Australia PRs

    Two factors influence your chances of finding work in Australia. The first is the most demanded skills in Australia. The second factor to consider is your education, abilities, and work experience. Needless to say, if you have substantial experience in any of the included disciplines, your job opportunities in Australia will increase. For your convenience, below we’ve compiled a list of the most in-demand jobs in Australia. 

    Most in-demand jobs in Australia

    There are job opportunities in Australia for almost every skill set. However, some sectors have a higher demand than others. The professions listed below are likely to have plenty of job opportunities in Australia.

    1. Registered Nurses

    Registered nurses have a large number of jobs in Australia. They are required to work hand-in-hand with doctors to provide comprehensive medical care to patients. Nursing jobs in Australia are not only available in hospitals, but also in schools, airports, and other settings. A registered nurse, if competent, can easily generate sufficient money to live in Australia which can be nearly $99,268 or even more.

    2. Teachers

    If you want to be a teacher, Australia could be the right place for you. Australia desperately needs qualified teachers. At the present time, there are numerous job opportunities in Australia for teachers. A trained and skilled teacher who is fluent in English can make nearly $52,364 per year.

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    3. IT Professionals 

    We are all aware that the IT industry is swiftly growing. The ever-expanding industry requires experts with a wide range of skills. The most important are developers, designers, and software testers among many others. So, if you have solid experience in the IT industry, getting a job in Australia won’t be a problem for you. IT professionals make a lot of money, not just in Australia, but all over the world. A knowledgeable IT professional in Australia usually earns up to $104,156 per year or more. 

    4. Construction Managers

    The enduring construction industry has propelled construction managers up the achievement staircase. Professionals with skillsets in building project management are likely to find work quickly and earn lucratively in Australia. So, if you have prior experience in construction management, you can apply for Australia PR without being concerned about job opportunities in Australia. As an intellectual construction manager, you can expect to make around $179,400 per year, which may rise if you are incredibly talented.

    5. Healthcare Professionals

    Healthcare is Australia’s largest industry, using over a million people. It has been and continues to be the most adaptable industry for employment during the disease outbreak. In addition to medical professionals, support and administration officers are in high demand in the industry. In Australia, the yearly pay for a health care professional is estimated to be around $86,095.

    6. Sales Assistants

    Sales assistants are essential for all businesses, regardless of size and nature. There are many job opportunities in Australia for people with outstanding ability and skills to sell. A sales assistant in Australia earns roughly $49,972 on average.

    7. Business, HR, Marketing and Professionals

    Business, human resources, and marketing skills are critical for growing a business and establishing and fostering a brand. Currently, and in the future, Australia’s job market is brimming with opportunities for professionals with potential in the aforementioned fields. As a business, HR, or marketing professional, you will have no trouble earning satisfactorily and live in Australia happily.

    8. Waiters

    The thriving hospitality industry is giving rise to the demand for waiters in Australia. As waiters are greatly valued in Australia, working in a restaurant can be a cool job option. The typical annual salary for entry-level waiters is $52,500. Experienced workers may generate more than $61,425 per year.

    9. Social Workers

    In Australia, social workers such as family counsellors, personal caregivers, disability support workers, and child welfare workers are immensely required. Social workers in Australia can earn up to $57,000 per year.

    10. Support Workers (Receptionists, Customer Service Representatives etc.)

    Support workers are required all across Australia, regardless of industry or region. As a result, people with strong skills and experience in job roles such as receptionist and customer service will find lots of good job opportunities in Australia. In Australia, the average salary for the above said job roles is around $55,796.

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    Important advice for finding jobs in Australia

    It takes time to hunt for a suitable job in Australia. So, looking for job opportunities in Australia after you land in the country is certainly not a wise decision. It’s recommended to start exploring the Australian market as soon as your Australia PR visa gets approved. Below are the pieces of advice worthwhile to help you accomplish the goal in an easy manner. 

    • Explore Australia’s job websites. 
    • Establish a LinkedIn profile and keep following Australian companies of your interest. 
    • Send direct applications to Australian companies. Your application should comprise an impressive resume and cover letter.
    • Make use of your Australian contacts (if you have any).
    • If you are by now migrated, you can look for open positions in local newspapers. 

    If the above efforts fall short, you can get help and support from a reliable Australia immigration consultant in your area. For authentic assistance, our team is just a call away. 

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