How to Migrate to Australia from India?

Oct 19,2020

Migrate to Australia from India


Currently, India is a power-house of skillful workers and professionals. There are many immigration oriented people who want to try their luck by settling in abroad. Among the top in-demand countries Australia is one of the premium choices for these skilled workers. There are certain reasons why Indians find Australia is just a perfect country to settle. First, the high employment rate, higher wages. Second, the high-quality lifestyle. Third, multiple options to apply for the Permanent Residency. There are some more visa options too like, student visa, skilled visas, partner visas, visa, tourist visa.

Selecting a country to migrate permanently is a big decision and it supposed to choose wisely. Selecting the right pathway for permanent residency is usually time-consuming and sometimes it’s quite expensive as well. Aspire Square is always with you in this decision. The right counseling of the profile gravitates you to fulfill your dream to settle in abroad.

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Permanent Migration

The main pathways for Australia’s permanent migration programs are economic and family migration. The programs include certain types of the stream like Skill stream, Family stream, and Special Eligibility visas. The humanitarian ground is a different way to get PR. It comes under refugee and asylum visas.

Aspire Square is the leading brand in PR and student visas for over the years. Australian immigration is our core service. Approximately, 10000 migrants have reached Australia successfully. We believe in quality counseling and provides Australia PR Profile assessment is absolutely free. Visit any of the branches of Aspire Square and experience it by yourself.

Skill Visas

The pandemic impact shows the Australian economy a hard time. To support the economic and public health response and to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has prioritized the migration. The skill stream is made for the workers with the skills, qualifications, and entrepreneurship most needed in the Australian economy. The program considers mainly 4 components to get eligible to apply for Australia PR. First, Points Tested Skilled Migration, second, Employer-Sponsored, third Business Innovation and fourth, Investment; and Distinguished Talent.

Family and Child Visas

The stream is helpful to citizens, Permanent Residents of Australia, and New Zealand’s citizens. Under the stream, the candidates can invite their family members to obtain a permanent residency in Australia. The stream focus on family members’, partners, and parents. Apart from this, it considers the additional family members, dependent relatives, carers, remaining relatives, and orphan relatives.

On the other side, the same stream has another part called child visa. Child visa allows the child of Australian citizens, permanent residency holders, and New Zealand’s citizens to acquire Australian PR. The segment includes two categories

  • Namely Child
  • Adoption Visas.

Aspire Square Immigration is the renowned name in Gujarat for the Australia Visit Visa. The organization has a 100% visa success ratio in Family-Child Visa and Visit Visa. Aspire Square is effectively dealing with a visit visa or family class visa. You should visit Aspire Square for the successful assessment of your visit visa process.

Special Eligibility Visas

Just like the name this visa type holds different sort of eligibility criteria and have special requirements. The stream allows the former residents and people served in the Australian Defence Force to live in Australia as PR. However, in the Indian context, very few Indians may qualify under the stream.

Temporary Migration

There are certainly other ways through which people can come to Australia and stay temporarily. Some of the most popular examples like visit Australia as a tourist, attending conferences, exhibitions, medical treatment, study, etc. There are six main categories of temporary migration, which allows candidates to stay in Australia for more than 3 months.

Visitor Visas

There are a lot of Indians who are not only settled in Australia but also they love to visit there. The Indians usually visit Australia frequently are not permanent residents or citizens but they are going for different purposes. Because of the huge number of Indians are living in Australia their family members, relatives, and friends visit there to see them. Others take the visas to enjoy their holiday, vacations, tourism, and recreational activities. There certain professional activities such as exhibitions, business meets, film shootings that are also done with the help of the visa. The visa does not allow visitors to do the job or not include any work permits.

Working Holiday Maker Programme

This visa allows young adults to obtain extended holiday and engage in short-term work and study visas. There are a lot of Indian students are studying in Australia but this program applicable to the selected countries’ passport holders. The program permits more than 40 countries passport holders to apply for a visa but unfortunately, India is not among them. This visa type has 2 categories

  • The Working Holiday (Subclass 417) Visa
  • The Work and Holiday (Subclass 462) Visa.

Student Visa

One of the most significant visa types because not everyone gets eligible to apply for a PR or visit visa. The program is quite famous among Indians because of certain reasons. First, it helps to get fast entry to Australia. Second, it enhances the quality skills among international students which helps them to find better employment. Third, Australian study and Australian work experience do the point addition to applying for the Permanent Residency.

Temporary Resident (Skilled Employment) Visa

The category helps such candidates who have any specialized talent or skill or education. Under the stream, Australian employers can sponsor foreign nationals if they cannot find suitable skilled Australian citizens or permanent residents for job positions.

Other temporary Visas

The visa type includes the candidates to obtain the short-term, non-ongoing highly specialized work, enrich social and cultural development, strengthen international relations, or provide training opportunities of benefit to Australia.

Having a New Zealand Citizenship.

There is an agreement between Australia and New Zealand called the 1973 Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement. As per the agreement, there is a Special Category Visa Subclass 444. The visa subclass allows New Zealand citizens to enter and leave Australia freely. It allows New Zealand citizens to live in Australia indefinitely as well.

In-Demand Occupations

The given below list is the in-demand occupations in Australia and it benefits the Indian people to get Australian PR. Falling under any of the given occupations raise a chance to get an invitation. The occupation list is based on the given outcome from Skill stream Migration and Temporary Resident (Skilled Employment) Visa grants.

  • Accountants
  • Cafe And Restaurant Managers
  • Chefs
  • Computer Network Professionals
  • Cooks
  • Database And Systems Administrators, and ICT Security Specialists
  • ICT Business and Systems Analysts
  • An ICT Manager
  • ICT Support and Test Engineers
  • Industrial, Mechanical And Production Engineers
  • Management and Organisation Analysts
  • Registered Nurses
  • Software and Applications Programmers

As the Australia PR Visa Consultant, we are closely monitoring the situation and updates. To get the accurate and latest news on the current scenario follow our News-Listing Page. As the top Australia PR Consultants of Gujarat, Aspire Square is one-stop solutions for PR, Study Visa and Coaching.

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