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Jun 13,2022


Each country and each visa type has their criteria that allow you to do some tasks and prevent you to indulge in certain activities. UK Study Visa is also their criteria under that international students can do and don’ts certain things.

One of the famous idioms “Better Safe Than Sorry” must be followed by every student who would wish to study abroad or already studying in abroad. Nowadays, the foreign education trend is on its pick in India. Especially, in states like Gujarat and Punjab youth is crazy to study and settle abroad.

However, this blind craze and race of studying in foreign countries, sometimes put students in trouble that not only ruins their career but also gives them a lifetime setback. This sort of mistake just only happened due to a lack of knowledge.

So this article today we are taking the UK Study Visa rules and try to educate you about certain do’s and do not that being an international student you should follow while Study in UK.

  • The UK is known for its law-abiding and well-disciplined society.
  • Just like other democratic countries they also have their constitution and laws.

These laws not only need to follow by the country’s people but also it is mandatory followed by all immigrants and international students.

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Here are some of the do’s and don’t that international students need to take care of.

Requirements of UK Study Visa

Apply for BRP Card

  • One of the first and most important documents while starting study in UK is your BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) card.
  • The BRP card is your identity, it gives you a right to study in UK as well as a right to work.
  • It is also helpful to use any public services or obtain any benefits (if you are eligible).
  • Being a student if you are going to study & stay in the UK for more than 6 months then you have to obtain a BRP card.

Complete Your GP Registration

When you arrive in the UK another most important thing you must need to do is complete your registration for the GP (General Practioner). The registration allows you to get the necessary healthcare support as and when you are feeling ill.

UK’s national health services (NHS) will support you to find the nearest GP through their search tool.

Apply the National Insurance Number

Along with your study and even after if you would like to work then you should have a national insurance number. The NI Number supports your claim regarding the medical expenses that occur during or after working hours.

However, please go through the job place policies and national insurance policy’s clauses to apply before or to claim any medical amount.

If you have your BRP card then it may be possible that you have got your NI number as well. You can check the number behind your BRP card where it may print.

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Open Bank Account

A bank account is important and necessary while you are in the UK on a study visa.

It is also a handy tool for your day-to-day transactions as well as receiving the salary if you are working anywhere.

Based on your student status or your regular salary you may avail some other banking benefits as well.

Explore the City/Country

For searching for new opportunities and getting familiar with the city where your university is situated exploration is necessary.

Taking a city ride not only makes you knowledgeable about the city but also helps you adjust yourself to the new environment.

While travelling to different places and going to surrounding rides will also support you find better placement opportunities.

Along with travelling and exploring the city, it is also necessary to get the knowledge of the place and get into a connection with people. Because your network will lift you in the upcoming time.

Work Part-Time & Focus On Savings

Earning while learning is the most advisable thing while study in UK. If you are planning to stay in the UK for a longer period then you should start the job at the earliest after landing in the country.

Secondly, money matters a lot especially, Study in Abroad. Your saving will support you as your family member in your difficult time.

For instance, if you may be lost your job due to any reason then your saving will help you to survive.

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While Study in UK

Overwork Or Taking Under-The-Table Pay

Work rights in the UK have bounded under certain laws. Especially, according to the UK Study visa work rules, as an international student, you are only entitled to work only 20 hours per week and full-time during the semester breaks and holidays (it may vary from course to course and university to university).

So being a student you have to follow the rule and must work under the said hours. Due to overwork may face some adverse action and in the worst scenario the authority may impose a penalty as well they may deport you from the country.

Secondly, cash-in-hand salary payment is also considered an offensive act in the UK. So out of your knowledge, if any employer may offer you a cash salary then you should avoid it.

Apart from this, being an international student you are also eligible to claim minimum wage as per UK’s national wage ratio. That means no employer can offer a salary below the minimum wage rate.

Lack of Focus On the Study or Quit

Lack of focus in the study will cost you double at the end of the semester. As per the UK Education System, there are certain assignments you must complete within the said time frame and quality.

If you fail to clear any subject then you may need to reappear and also need to pay any extra amount for it. Moreover, absenteeism is also going negatively, if you regularly remain absent in your class.

Based on your attendance visa office may deny extending your visa or may deport you as well. Apart from this, some students make the mistake to quit their studies if they find a better job.

However, as per the UK Study Visa laws, you cannot quit your study until and unless your visa status get changes and you will get approval from the university and visa office

Become Self-Employed

This could become the worst mistake if you become self-employed during your study in UK. As per the law, you cannot start your business while on a study visa.

To begin your start-up you need to take permission from the immigration department and need to change your visa status before taking any sort of step.

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Diverted to Wrong Habits & Be Addicted

One of the most common mistakes youngsters made while studying abroad is to become addicted and indulge themselves in certain bad habits. Especially, in our country students are nurtured in a safe environment and get shelter from their parents and family members.

As a result, they remain protected, even if they diverted to some or other bad habits then there are certain chances that they come out of it. On the other end, when these students go to foreign countries they feel free.

Due to that, they are attracted to trying some negative objects like smoking, drinking, or drugs. Not only the objects but also some diverted to the junk foods, influenced by culture, involved them in bad community circles or sometimes diverted wrong religious myths. Because of that student sometimes face some serious troubles and sentences as well

Overstay on UK Study Visa

These are the most common activities that find out in most of all the students-prominent foreign countries. There are certain reasons behind it like wrong guidance by the consultants, and the fanaticism of going abroad by any means drag the candidates to overstay.

The overstay decision is not a wise step because it only damages your record but also if you are caught then the immigration authorities may send you to custody, penalize you and deport you as well.

Based on the overstay record in future, you may face a ban from the country and other countries may deny your visa too.


Here are some of the dos and don’ts that every student who wishes to Study in UK or anywhere in the world should follow. Because when you are going abroad for further study or even settlement there you are not seeing as a person but you are going to represent your family, your culture and your nation.

So it is your moral responsibility that due to your activities, your country’s name and your family’s name should not be a reason to point.

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