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    UK May 2024 Intake for International Students

    Jun 29,2023


    If you are looking to Study in UK and would like to fly at the earliest then you should target May 2024 Intake. However, some important questions need to be resolved before proceeding with your UK Student Visa project such as, which Universities are available? and What programs you should target? The article gives you a complete overview of the May intake in UK.

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    UK May Intake 2024 for Study Visa

    The UK Study Visa offers three intakes – January/February, April/May and September/October. Out of these January and September are the major intakes. Whereas, May intake considers a minor intake because not all the UK Universities open their programs in the intake. Secondly, even if some universities participate they offer a less number of courses. However, the intake has its own place in the UK education system.

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    Why do Students Select May Intake & UK Student Visa Success Rate for 2023?

    • There is less competition in selecting the course due to the limited openings.
    • The UK student visa success rate 2023 in India was nearly 95% while the rejection rate was around 3%.
    • Less number of programs means less enrolment and less enrolment means a small size of batches.
    • The intake brings relief for those students who missed the September intake for any reason.
    • Moreover, as far as the Indian education system has concerned, May fits well with the students who have finished their 12th or graduation. Usually, a new intake starts in India in the June/July months and finishes in March/April.

      If students are targeting September intake then they have to rush toward the English language preparation, funds arrangements, document preparation and other plenty of tasks.

      If they are preparing for the January intake they may have enough time to prepare for their study visa process but may not enrol for any other program like a bachelor’s degree or diploma in India.

      Even though they enrol then students cannot finish it because before completing the course they need to fly to the UK.
    • On the other side, May intake not only allows the students to continue their studies in India after their 12th or graduation but also gives them enough time to settle everything before moving to the UK Study Visa.
    • Moreover, May intake in UK is also suitable especially, for Indian students because they can adjust themselves to sudden weather changes. Secondly, students can prepare themselves for the upcoming winter season.

    May Intake in UK Universities 2024 with Courses

    1. Ulster University

    Course NameStatus
    Extended MSc International BusinessOpen
    Extended MSc International Business with Advanced PracticeOpen
    Extended MSc International Business with Data AnalyticsOpen
    Extended MSc International Business with Advanced PracticeOpen
    Extended MSc International Business with Data Analytics with Advanced PracticeOpen
    Extended MSc International Business with Human Resource ManagementOpen
    Extended MSc International Business with Human Resource Management with Advanced PracticeOpen
    Extended MSc MarketingOpen
    Extended MSc Marketing with Advanced PracticeOpen
    MSc International BusinessOpen
    MSc International Business with Advanced PracticeOpen

    2. Northumbria University

    Course NameStatus
    BA (Hons) Business Enterprise, Creation and Management (Top-Up)*Open
    MSc Artificial Intelligence Technology (with Advanced Practice)Open
    MSc Big Data and Data Science TechnologyOpen
    MSc Big Data and Data Science Technology with Advanced PracticeOpen
    MSc Business with Business Analytics with Advanced Practice*Open
    MSc Business with Business Analytics*Open
    MSc Business with Entrepreneurship with Advanced Practice*Open
    MSc Business with Entrepreneurship*Open
    MSc Business with Financial Management with Advanced Practice*Open
    MSc Business with Financial Management*Open
    MSc Business with Hospitality and Tourism Management with Advanced Practice*Open
    MSc Business with Hospitality and Tourism Management*Open
    MSc Business with Human Resource Management with Advanced Practice*Open
    MSc Business with Human Resource Management*Open
    MSc Business with International Management with Advanced Practice*Open
    MSc Business with International Management*Open
    MSc Business with Marketing Management with Advanced Practice*Open
    MSc Business with Marketing Management*Open
    MSc Digital Marketing (with Advanced Practice)Open
    MSc Global Logistics Operations and Supply Chain ManagementOpen
    MSc Technology for Sustainable CitiesOpen
    MSc Technology for Sustainable Cities with Advanced PracticeOpen

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    3. University of Northampton

    Course NameStatus
    Master of Business Administration (with Work Placement) MBAOpen
    Project Management MScOpen

    4. University of Greenwich

    Course NameStatus
    International Business, MA | University of Greenwich, LondonOpen

    5. University of Roehampton(Via-QA)

    Course NameStatus
    MSc Global Business Management | University of Roehampton, LondonOpen

    6. Coventry University

    Course NameStatus
    Global Business Management BA (Hons)Open
    Global Business MBAOpen
    Global Finance MScOpen
    International Marketing MBAOpen
    Management MScOpen
    Business Management LeadershipOpen

    7. University of Sunderland

    Course NameStatus
    BA (Hons) Business and ManagementOpen
    BA (Hons) Business and ManagementOpen
    BA (Hons) Business Management and EntrepreneurshipOpen
    BA (Hons) Events and Entertainment ManagementOpen
    BSc (Hons) Health and Social CareOpen
    BSc (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality ManagementOpen
    BSc (Hons) NursingOpen
    FDA Business and ManagementOpen
    FDA Tourism and Events ManagementOpen
    FdSc Health and Social CareOpen
    Integrated Foundation Year for Business and TourismOpen
    MBA Business AdministrationOpen
    MSc International Business ManagementOpen
    MSc NursingOpen
    MSc Public HealthOpen
    MSc Tourism and HospitalityOpen
    BA (Hons) Accounting and FinanceOpen
    BA (Hons) Accounting and Financial ManagementOpen
    BA (Hons) Banking and FinanceOpen
    MSc Engineering ManagementOpen
    MSc Finance and ManagementOpen
    MSc Oil and Gas ManagementOpen
    MSc Project ManagementOpen

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    8. University of West London

    Course NameStatus
    MSc Applied Project ManagementOpen
    MSc Finance and AccountingOpen
    MSc Finance and Risk ManagementOpen
    MSc Finance and EconomicsOpen
    MSc International Business ManagementOpen
    MBA Master in Business AdministrationOpen
    MSc Civil and Environmental EngineeringOpen
    MSc Civil EngineeringOpen
    MSc Construction Project ManagementOpen
    MSc Cyber SecurityOpen
    MSc Food Business ManagementOpen
    MA International Tourism and Aviation ManagementOpen
    MA Luxury Hospitality ManagementOpen
    MSc Health InformaticsOpen
    MSc Information SystemsOpen
    MSc Software EngineeringOpen
    MSc Digital Audio EngineeringOpen

    NOTE: The above-mentioned universities are open until we received the updates. However, due to the rush and minor intake, admission is likely to get close soon. So please call or inquired us before applying to any of the universities or starting any preparation for the UK Student Visa.

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    FAQs or UK Student Visa Latest News for 2024 UK Student Visa May Intake

    1. How Many Intakes are Available in the UK?

    1. There are three intakes available in the UK January/February, April/May and September/October.

    2. What do Intakes Call in Other Terms in the UK?

    1. January/February called Winter intake
    2. April/May called Spring/Summer intake and
    3. September/October called Fall Intake

    3. Which Universities are Open for May Intake in UK?

    1. Ulster University
    2. Northumbria University
    3. University of Northampton
    4. University of Greenwich
    5. Coventry University
    6. University of Sunderland
    7. University of West London

    4. When to Apply for the May Intake in UK 2024?

    1. To apply for the May Intake in UK 2024 you should start the preparation in September month. You can start collecting the relevant documents and prepare for the English language test such as IELTS or PTE.
    2. From January end to the start of February month your final visa application should be submitted.

    5. Top Ten In-Demand Courses for the UK Study Visa May Intake 2024.

    1. Healthcare & Education
    2. Veterinary
    3. Economics
    4. Engineering
    5. Mathematics
    6. Computer Science
    7. Design and Development
    8. Business and Administration
    9. Physics
    10. Law

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