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    How to Score 79+ in PTE Writing? (Tips and Tricks)

    Apr 28,2023

    Get 79 score in PTE Writing

    The writing module is the one that students find a little challenging in the PTE exam. This involves determining the extent to which you have used a well-constructed, cohesive and coherent sentence structure. There are two sections in the writing of PTE exam, you must demonstrate your ability to understand the given task.

    The Keys to Get a Score 79+ in PTE Writing

    There are two main tasks in PTE writing part as below

    • Summarize written text
    • Essay

    1. Keep it Simple (Maintain Simplicity)

    In both cases, you must stay on topic. The key points of the text will usually be repeated and tried out in your text. If you don’t summarize the meaning or purpose, you’ll not receive a point.

    2. Take Time to Plan Your Points

    You would be given 10 minutes in Summarize Written Text and 20 minutes for Essay Writing use it to your advantage, think about the words that can be used in your answer.

    3. Use the “Right” Format

    Using right and correct task format is as important as the content. Try to find a correct format that suits you and try practice typing it.

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    4. Summarize Written Text

    The first Writing Task in PTE Test would be Summarize a written Text, where a long paragraph/paragraphs would be given to you and you have to summarize it in one single sentence using a single full stop only.

    A) Make Sure Your Response is in the Correct Form

    Make sure you are familiar with the format and have practiced enough. Your response should be in 5 to 75 words; however, write approximately 40 to 50 words. Don’t try to add too much information into one single sentence. Use connectors and linking words correctly.

    B) Pick the Key Points Only

    Use the given time to understand the passage; however, if you are not familiar with the given topic, then try to find the keywords from the passage. Usually the first sentence is going to be the topic and the last sentence would be a conclusion. Choose the keywords and put them into a sequence that makes it a meaningful phrase.

    C) Don’t Refer to the Passage

    You have to make your own sentence using the keywords that you have picked from the passage; however, don’t write the whole passage or part from the passage. It can be done when you’ve no clue about the topic.

    D) Practice Using Compound and Complex Sentences

    As the saying goes” Practice makes a man perfect”. Apply this in your life to practice using compound and complex sentences which in return will Boost Your Scores in PTE Test.

    E) Don’t Copy the Whole Sentence From the Paragraph

    As said before, try to use your own words and phrases using the keywords from the passage. Avoid copying the whole sentence from the passage as it would do harm to your score than good.

    5. Write in Clear and Concise Paragraphs

    Practice Your Typing Speed in Writing for clear and concise description. In writing you should consider grammatical errors, inaccuracies or typographical errors which can lead to deduction of the score.

    6. Work On Your Weaknesses

    Look for your weak points in writing. What common mistakes you make and try to fix it by practicing.

    7. Avoid the Jargons at All Cost

    In PTE writing avoid using the slang language to the extent possible as PTE is an Academic Exam and requires the formal tone. Refer to the templates if possible to increase your vocabulary so you don’t have to depend on the words that you use in your daily life.

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    8. Essay Writing Tips

    Essay writing in PTE will Test the Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary and Writing Skills. Time management is important because you will need sufficient time to plan, write and re-read the essay in 20 minutes. You will be accessed in the formal content and requirements of the question, along with your grammar, general language range, vocabulary range and spelling. Some tips to use in your PTE academics are:

    A) Identify the Type of Essay

    There will be a variety of essays and majority essays are argumentative. So generating ideas for both sides of argumentation. But it’s very important that we have a clear position on one side. Take a clear stand for the topic, practice the format which is required.

    B) Don’t Start Writing Immediately

    Once you have finished speaking and have begun to write your ETP, take a moment to read and understand the question.  Do not jump into writing directly because it will cause you to loose concentration and you might make mistakes. Organize your essay appropriately as it will allow you not only to gain more points for the Written Discourse criteria, but also to save time.

    C) Do not Use Bullet Points

    You should write the essay into a well-established structure which will have an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. Avoid the use of bullets whenever possible.

    D) Don’t Try to Max the Word Limit

    In both the writing tasks you have word limitation that you have to follow. Write your essay in about 230/250 words using a practical introductory structure, body paragraphs and a conclusion.

    E) Diversify Your Language

    Try to use lexical range for repetitive words. For this you need to expand your vocabulary as it also tests your vocabulary level. You can do so by reading or watching news or movies, try to find words which are new for you. Try to list down words according to essay topic categories like technology, crime, environment etc.

    F) Get Some Writing Practice

    Practice, practice and lots of practice. Set an essay structure that is suitable for you to use and try to memorize it if you cannot think of words and sentences on the spot, as it will give you an advantage in this case.  Look out for the word limits while preparing.

    G) Structure Your Essay Properly

    It is of the highest importance that you write your essay in the specific format to obtain a higher score in the PTE test. There are 3 essential parts of the essay which are Introduction, Body paragraphs along with examples to illustrate and conclusion. This would be the ideal structure for the essay to market Good Score in PTE Exam.

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    9. Improve Your Vocabulary

    In PTE Academics writing task it is as much important to have a good vocabulary as other skills. For that you need to have a great command over your vocabulary if you are aiming for higher scores in PTE. The best way to improve the vocabulary is by reading articles or news posts. Read things which you are more interested in like newspaper, comics, novel or even a magazine.

    A)  Not Checking the Spelling and Directly Taking the Words From the Given Text

    As mentioned above that PTE is created to test you in your skills in a foreign language. Most people feel that if they know language it is quite easy to succeed; however, it is not. People tend to forget to proof read what they have written.  You should pay attention to the spelling errors and try to take words and phrases from the passage/s as it will not be able to help you with the desire score.

    B) Be Sure to Write Correct Spellings

    Always lookout for the spelling errors as PTE is computerized test. You should pay attention to the right spellings of the words, sometimes people forget to put or sometimes omits “s” or “es” to the words. Be really careful about the spelling mistakes.

    10. Present a Logical Sequence of Ideas

    As you write your essay or summary, always keep to the topic and present your answer in a logical sequence.  If you have begun to write about something, provide a logical explanation and conclusion about it. Don’t leave it lying around and proceed to the next topic. Your answer should be very specific.

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      02 How can I crack PTE in 15 days?

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      06 Is PTE easy to crack?

      Cracking the PTE depends on individual preparation and proficiency. While some find it easier, others may face challenges. Adequate preparation, practice, and understanding of the test structure can improve your chances of success. While some test-takers may find it relatively easy to achieve a high score, others may face challenges.

      07 Can I book PTE twice?

      Candidates taking the PTE can book only one appointment at a time. If they wish to book another appointment, they must either reschedule the existing one for a later date or cancel it before being able to book a new available test date. However, you can attempt the test multiple times.

      08 Can I prepare for PTE in 1 week?

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      09 Is it hard to score 79+ marks in PTE Academic?

      Scoring 79+ marks in PTE Academic can be challenging, as it requires a high level of English language proficiency. However, with thorough preparation, practice, and familiarity with the exam format, achieving this score is attainable. Dedication, effective time management, and a strong grasp of the test’s requirements are key to success.

      Written By

      Himani Dave

      Himani Dave is an IELTS and PTE tutor with over three years of experience. She is a Cambridge and Pearson IT-certified tutor and has helped hundreds of students ace the exams and achieve their dream scores. With her friendly and approachable teaching style and a knack for making even the most difficult concepts easy to grasp, she is a rockstar among peers and students.


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