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    PTE Speaking Test – Read Aloud Exam Day Tips to Get 90 with 8 tips and tricks

    Nov 09,2020

    8 Tricks to Score High in PTE Speaking Test

    Read Aloud Rules:

    • You will have 25-35 seconds depending on the text size for practice before your actual response.
    • You will hear a beep tone once your timer reaches to zero. After that your recording status will change to “Recording” from “beginning in”. Once that time reaches its limit, it will change again recording status from “Recording” to “Completed”.
    • Do not start speaking before you hear a beep tone otherwise it will not record anything.
    • At any point throughout speaking module, 3 seconds pause is considered as “No response” and you will automatically redirect to the next question. So please make sure you don’t pause for 3 seconds while giving your response.
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    1. Practice at least 10 RA at moderate voice 1 hour before your exam


    • It helps you open up your vocal code especially if it’s a start of day.
    • It Builds Confidence in You as it’s the Very First Question Type You Will Face in Your Exam.


    Well begun is half done!!

    Weightage is very high. I.e. 44.5 for 6 RA. It will give you 22.4 in Speaking and 22.3 in Reading too.

    2. What to do during 35 seconds of practice time?

    Speak in a same way as you will be going to speak after recorder opens.


    • It helps you to identify difficulty level and where to take pauses.
    • You can eliminate difficult words all together instead of speaking incorrectly. Because in this case it will reduce marks from all three traits, i.e. content, oral fluency and pronunciation.
    • But if you skip that word, you will lose mark for content only.

    3. How to speak?

    You have two options:

    1. Speak like newsreader:

    If you can pronounce each words clearly with a bit of high punch, you can adopt this strategy. However, make sure not to fumble much, and have monotonous rhythm in your fluency in your speaking as like newsreader.


    It eliminates necessity of pauses and intonations. All you get is good score for maintaining fluency.

    2. Speak like native speaker:

    Generally native speaker uses natural pauses and intonations to explain things in much better way.

    For that you should understand concept of Subject Verb and Object (SVO).


    Speaking this Way Will Get You Good Scores from content, oral fluency and pronunciation. Speaking with a bit slower speed but with a bit high punch will provide you support in speaking out uncomfortable word as well.

    4. Understanding of SVO (Subject, Verb and Object)

    Any word in English cannot be completed without SVO. It means any sentence in English should have at least a subject, a verb and an object to complete the sentence.


    1. I(S) am(V) currently pursuing Master’s degree(O) in Telecommunication at RMIT.
    2. He(S) is(V) running (0).

    5. How to speak with respect to SVO?

    In order to speak a sentence, you need to speak subject with a bit of high tone followed by a small natural pause and then continue speaking verb and object part together with decreasing intonation. That’s how native speakers manage to speak fluently and effectively by taking correct pausing at correct places. That enables them to inhale correctly and that’s why they seem more fluent in their speaking.

    6. Do we need to speak fast in order to get high fluency?

    No. Absolutely not. You only need to speak at your natural constant speed throughout the reading. Fluency score will be high if it has clear voice without any fumble in speech. Intonation will be an added key to ace high score.

    7. Familiarize yourself with actual exam room environment

    For those candidates, who appear in PTE Academic Exam first time, they need some prior homework about the exam procedure and the environment in order to acquaint themselves. It seems obvious to everyone, but let me tell you one thing. This simple chunk of advice can make your life easy. It can drastically boost your confidence especially, during the start of the exam where every human being can have naturally a bit of high anxiety.

    As I mentioned earlier, try to open up your vocal codes a bit by practicing random 10-15 Read Aloud. This will help you face the very first question type of PTE exam and can release your anxiety level. Initial 5 minutes are critical till your anxiety calms down.

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    8. Beware!!

    You may feel your exam room as a fish market. As soon as your exam starts, all candidates in a way will start Read Aloud at their own natural pace. It may highly possible that your mind gets distracted by such incessant noise.


    You need not to focus on other’s voice and activities around you. The microphone you are given in exam will have good noise cancellation. It means it can supress all unwanted noise around you and will record your voice with great precision.

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