A short look to PTE’s Artificial Intelligence

Every PTE aspirant who is willing to reach at the desired scores need to analyze the PTE’s actual algorithm. Well there are myriad perceptions on the same. As, every aspirant is hustling to achieve the desired scores and to reach at the target scores one has to actively understand PTE’s algorithm. Here the question is HOW? Well in this article I shall question and take you to the logical understanding of PTE’s Algorithm.

Over the internet or any of the listed PTE web sites; the only question, one needs to ask self is that: Are there any available sources on Internet that guarantees to crack PTE’s actual algorithm? Well the answer to the same is “No”.

The reason being every test taker is first introduced to the communicative skills and understanding the question types, but few notice the importance and the depth required to understand Enabling Skills. Before we begin, in case you haven’t seen what PTE score card has it for you

Before we proceed further it is clearly mentioned out there in the score card, that the scoring in Enabling Skills and Communicative skills could be of a reason to some imprecision. However you have to stay focused to achieve your targeted scores. For this follow three simple steps:

Step 1: Know the Importance of Enabling skills that impacts the Software for Scoring (80%)

There are Six Enabling Skills i.e., Fluency, Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Spellings, and Written Discourse.

Let’s Understand the Enabling skills at Glance:

Fluency: A good and consistent voice tone

Pronunciation: Speak Sharp

Grammar: More complex sentences

Vocabulary: Writing Academic words

Spellings: No spell error

Written Discourse:  Correct Word Length and Punctuations.

Step 2: Understand all the question types of communicative skills and focus more on integrated tasks.

Modules Questions Points Speaking Writing Reading Listening Most Important for Scores
Speaking Read Aloud 44 22   22   Entire Speaking
Repeat Sentence 52 32     20
Describe Image 22 22      
Re-Tell Lecture 21 11     10
Answer Short Questions 9 2.5     6.5
Writing Summarize Written Text 21   11 10   Summarize written text
Essay 11   11    
Reading FIB: Reading and Writing 44   22 22   FiB: Reading & Writing,      Drag & Drop
FIB: Drag and Drop 15     15  
Reorder Paragraph 6     6  
MCQ: Mulitple Answer 3     3  
MCQ: Single Answer 1.5     1.5  
Listening Summarize Spoken Text 20   10   10 Write From Dictation, Summarize Spoken Text, Highlight Incorrect Words,    Fill in the blanks
MCQ 3       3
Fill in the blanks 14   7   7
Highlight Summary 3   1.5 1.5  
Single Answer 1       1
Select missing words 1       1
Highlight Incorrect Words 17     9 8
Write from Dictation 47   27   20

Step 3: Know how software analysis

The software has stored over 10,000 writing sample answers and over 10,000 recorded voice in different accent. The software gauges your writing to large number of samples and then analyses your score range based on the performance given.

To understand better refer the Example below:

There are 2 candidates appeared for PTE Writing:

Candidate 1: Secured 90

Candidate 2: Secured 78

Candidate 1 Cleary mentioned all the complex sentences and used proper punctuations as well as maintained word count whereas, candidate 2 would have missed out on anyone of the above factors and this would have made software compare the stored essays and the essay by candidate 2 would have not met the comparison criteria.

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Well, this article was meant to help you understand the basics of PTE and had an Ariel view towards the algorithm. If you wish to know in depth, please check the next blog or get to the link below and in order to get consultation on PTE coaching, known for the Best PTE coaching in Ahmedabad, Baroda and Surat you can get in touch with the contact number +91 88 66 88 0707

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