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    Remember new English words quickly!

    Aug 10,2019

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    Here are some fun ways to learn and remember new English words fast; thus, extending your vocabulary! Over a span of time, the dust gets deposited on your existing knowledge if you do not use it timely. It so happens that you could not even recall many of the basic words. And when you confront such words, you regret the thought that you already knew it, but could not use. Is it possible to remember and store all the words in our Mind Palace? The answer is ‘Yes’ because well, Science has proven the fact that a person can remember eight new words in a day!

    Here are some tricks to memorize new English words and you will be surprised how wonderfully they work:

    1. Use Flash Cards

    Take any coloured A4 size paper and cut it into four pieces.  On the front of the piece of paper, write the new word that you have heard or seen or read somewhere, and on the back of that, write its meaning and usage.  Make at least seven cards and stick them on the soft board of your study room. Whenever you are free, keep going through these words, and flip it up to know the meaning.  Keep testing yourself with the same words. The same can be done with idioms and proverbs as they enrich the language.

    Front Side:


    Back side:

    Meaning: to delay
    Usage: Stop procrastinating your work.

    2. Make Lists

    Take three small pieces of paper. On one piece of paper, note down ‘DON’T KNOW’, on second, write down ‘NOT SURE’, and on the last one, write down ‘KNOW’. On the back side of the first tag, ‘Don’t know’, make a list of the words along with the meaning that you don’t know and do the same with the other two. Fold the chits and put them in your wallet.  Whenever you are free even for a few seconds or minutes, you can open the first list and remember the words.
    Next,  the ‘Not sure’ list is made for the words which you have heard of and also know the meaning of,  but you find it difficult to use them in the sentence. Keep taking the glimpse of this list repetitively, and you will be amazed to find yourself using these words subconsciously. Once you start using them effortlessly at the right place, put these words into the list, ‘know’.

    Keep revising the ‘know’ list once in a week and increase your Wordpower.

    3. Word of the Day

    One of the effective ways to set the new words in routine flow is the use of ‘word of the day’ as many times as it is possible during the day. There are few free applications on play store to increase the vocabulary. For your information, Aspire Square has launched web series named, ‘Wordology’ and  ‘Idiomology’ on its Youtube Channel which are meant to be for students who want to learn new English words quickly, say, in a minute without wasting much time. You have to be determined enough to use it, otherwise you will lose it. It is always good to keep building vocabulary creatively.

    4. The Free Dictionary

    The most recommended website to improve the vocabulary is http://www.thefreedictionary.com. This website has so many quality activities to keep us engaged in learning new words with fun.  Along with that, it publishes new articles every day for the curious readers. This website being so entertaining certainly makes you forget the ticking of clock.

    5. Power Hour

    The hustle and bustle of life has made us forget to find time for ourselves. However, I believe if we are determined to learn something then we have to prioritize it, and so is the case with learning a language.  Vocabulary is a major part of the language, but to use the words at the right places in the sentences is equally important. Hence, one hour of undivided attention has to be given to English where you think, write, speak and read English only.

    Read More: How to Make a Routine to Learn English Language and Speak Fluently?

    Note: Learning a language demands a lot of practice and patience. Invest your time in learning new English words every day and use them without fail.

    Use it or lose it! Choice is yours! 

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