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    Study in UK with PTE – Get All Details Here

    Mar 27,2023

    Study in UK with PTE Aspire Square

    UK is an excellent place to live, discover and enjoy high-quality education. A large number of students aspire to study in UK every year. UK student visa is a document that all international students need before packing their bags to the UK.

    One of the most important aspects to gain your UK Student Visa is your language proficiency. Every youth desiring to study in UK must demonstrate his English language proficiency skills to attain a UK student visa successfully.

    PTE (Pearson Test of English) serves as an excellent option to showcase your language abilities when it comes to Study in UK. Almost all UK universities accept PTE as a valid proof of language proficiency. These universities, however, have different PTE Score Requirements to allot study permits to international students.

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    PTE Accepted Universities in UK

    Though the list is not comprehensive, below is given the names of UK universities that accept PTE as valid proof of language proficiency for international students and provide UK Student Visa based on that

    University PTE score requirement
    University of Chester 51-57
    University of Leeds 60 – 64
    University of Glasgow 59-70
    University of Warwick 62 – 79
    University of Hertfordshire 51-58
    University of Bristol 60
    University of Durham 58 – 64
    King’s College London 54-59
    University of the West of Scotland 51 -54
    University of Worcester 51-59
    Swansea University 56 – 67
    University of Stirling 51 – 54
    University College Birmingham 45 – 65
    De Montfort University 51 – 58
    University of Strathclyde 51 – 57    
    University of Plymouth 46-51
    Teesside University 51-56
    University of the Arts, London 51 – 58
    University of Southampton 59
    Oxford Brookes University 51 (51)

    Above is given a general idea of the minimum PTE score for UK visa accepted by different UK Universities. The required PTE score to Study in UK can vary based on other factors as well such as your level of study and the type of UK Student Visa you are applying for. For example, for a tier-4 general student visa (below degree level), the minimum UK PTE Score Requirement is 43. Similarly, for a tier-4 general UK Student Visa (for degree level and above), the required minimum UK PTE Score Requirement is 59.

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    Attaining a UK Student Visa – UK PTE Requirements

    • Passport.
    • Proof of enrolment in a UK university or institute.
    • Adequate financial support to regulate tuition fees and other expenses while studying in UK.
    • Medical records.
    • Clean criminal records.
    • Approval letter from parents or guardians (for minors).
    • Photographs (passport size).

    Preparing for PTE to Study in UK

    Understanding the Test Format

    The very first thing to secure a good score in any exam including PTE is – knowing the test format. Understand the number and type of questions you are likely to meet in the exam. Lots of online resources can help you to achieve the same.

    Practice Daily

    Adequate and regular practice is imperative to crack any exam with the desired score. Make a timetable on what to practice, when to practice, and how to practice. Performing daily practice will also help you to ascertain how much time should be given to a particular question type and manage the given time in a better way.

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    Utilize PTE Academic Practice App

    The PTE Academic practice app launched by Pearson is a great source to concentrate on specific areas and prepare appropriately.

    Adopt Reliable PTE Experts

    The experienced and trustworthy PTE experts own the capability to bestow you with the best learning advice and tips. Taking assistance from these experts is an intelligent move to prepare accurately and score more.

    PTE Exam – Coronavirus Guide

    Looking at the adversities due to COVID-19, Pearson is very cautious and taking numerous protective measures to safeguard test takers and managers from getting infected. These include

    Resumption of Testing

    The testing is taking place at almost all PTE exam centers. Also, the number of candidates appearing in the exam in one session has been restrained. Wearing a face mask is mandatory for each student and administrator before entering the test area.

    Prior to the Test

    In case a candidate feels sick or experiences the symptoms of COVID-19, he must not come to the test center to appear in the test. Pearson provides the options of postponement or cancellation of the test to such candidates. In case the location of the test center closes suddenly due to unavoidable circumstances pertaining to COVID, the candidates will get the information through email. Hence, regular checking of email ids is advised to the candidates.

    Attending the Test

    As mentioned, covering of nose and mouth with a face mask or any other suitable alternative is essential before entering the venue of the test. Hand washing, and sanitization should be properly followed during the time span the candidates stay in the test area. Caution should be taken while coughing or sneezing. Temperature checks can be expected at some of the test centers, hence, the candidates must cooperate. The candidates can also wear use and throw hand gloves if they want to assure better safety while taking the test.

    Cancellation or Postponement of the Test

    If the test is canceled by Pearson, the candidates will get the notification through email and the money will be returned. If the test taker enrolls in the test with the help of a voucher, he can use the same voucher to book another sitting depending on availability.

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    PTE is acknowledged by 99% of UK Universities at the present date. It can not only help you to Study in UK but can also help you to realize your UK immigration dreams. No matter whether you aspire to reside, work or Study in UK, PTE can be your best pick. PTE exams can be completed at 250+ test centers across the globe. In India, the prominent cities where PTE exam can be performed include Amritsar, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Chennai, Surat, Baroda, Rajkot, Vijayawada, Jalandhar, Amritsar, and so on.

    To know more about the PTE exam or UK Student Visa process, you can Connect with Our UK Student Consultants anytime!

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      01 What is the minimum score in PTE for the UK?

      The minimum PTE score for UK universities generally ranges between 50- 60 points. However, there isn’t a single minimum score that applies to all UK universities. Each institution sets its requirements based on factors such as the level of study and the specific course or program. 

      02 What PTE score required for UK study visa?

      The approximate PTE score expected for English language proficiency for a UK study visa is around 50-60 overall. However, for accurate and current score requirements, it is important to consult the official UK visa and immigration website or contact your chosen university.

      03 Can we go to the UK without PTE?

      It is possible to go to the UK without taking the PTE. While many UK universities accept the PTE as proof of English language proficiency, there are alternative tests, such as the IELTS, that are also widely accepted. Additionally, some universities may offer exemptions or alternative language assessment options.

      04 Does the UK prefer IELTS or PTE?

      UK universities widely accept both IELTS and PTE as proof of English language proficiency for international students. In the past, IELTS has been more commonly accepted, but many universities have now accepted PTE scores.

      05 Is PTE accepted in the UK?

      Yes, PTE is now accepted in the UK by recognized universities and institutions for international students.

      06 Does London accept PTE?

      Yes, many universities and institutions in London accept the PTE (Pearson Test of English) as proof of English language proficiency. 

      07 How long is PTE valid in the UK?

      The validity of a PTE (Pearson Test of English) score is typically two years from the test date. After this period, the score may no longer be considered valid for admission purposes or other official requirements

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