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Predeparture Checklist for International Students Moving to Canada


So you’ve decided to continue your education in Canada, have been accepted to your preferred university, and are getting ready to board a plane to Canada. Great! 

Turning up and studying in a country like Canada is exciting, but it can also be distressing due to the extensive preparation required. You must assure that you have well-planned everything necessary for a smooth entry to Canada and the start of your student journey over there. If you’re wondering which essentials I’m referring to, read on.

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Predeparture Checklist

  1. Acquire a Canada Study Visa 
  2. Documents
  3. Study Your Course Specifics
  4. Accommodation
  5. Understand Your City
  6. Check Whether Conditions
  7. Open a Bank Account
  8. Buy Health Insurance
  9. Medical Records

Read the pre-departure guide for tips and details about Study in Canada before you depart.

1. Acquire a Canada study visa

You will not be able to Study in Canada unless you have a Canada study permit. The document confirms your eligibility to study in Canada and allows you to make entry into the country as a student. As the Canada Study Visa Process may take some time to complete, it must be initiated as soon as your admission to a Canadian university gets confirmed. 

Applying for a Canada Study Permit should be your first priority after you receive a letter of acceptance from the Canadian university. The application process for a Canada study permit is complicated and requires familiarity and knowledge. If you run into problems, you can seek assistance from reputable Canada study visa consultants.

2. Documents

Your entry to Canada will be difficult if you do not have all of the necessary documents in your pocket. Perhaps you already know or organized some, but believe me, there are many. Check that you haven’t overlooked any of the following

  1. Passport: If you do not already have one, you should apply for one as soon as possible. If you have one, make sure it is valid for at least six months counting from the date of the journey.
  1. Acceptance letter from the university: When a Designated Learning Institute in Canada accepts your admission application, it sends you a letter of acceptance. This letter of acceptance is extremely important in the Canada study visa process as well as your Journey to Canada, and it must be treated with the utmost care.
  1. Evidence of sufficient funds: To study in Canada, you must have enough cash to afford your tuition and living expenses. To gain your Canada Study Permit, you need to provide proof of your financial stability. 
  1. Temporary resident visa: A Canada study permit is essential to study in Canada but you cannot enter the country on a Canada study visa alone. A temporary resident visa is required along with a Canada study visa to cross Canadian borders. 
  1. Letter of introduction from the visa office: A letter of introduction is yet another crucial document to carry with you when arriving in Canada for study purposes. It is basically a letter that the visa office provides you after approving your Canada study visa.

As these documents may be needed at any time during the journey, it is wise to keep them in your carry-on luggage rather than your checked luggage. Also, a single missing or incorrect piece of information in these documents can prevent you from entering Canada; thus, being cautious while organizing the documents is critical.

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3. Study Your Course Specifics

When you arrive in Canada, you may be asked a number of questions, including those about the course you are going to Study in Canada. Before boarding the flight, you should at the very least gather basic information regarding the course so that you find no problems in answering the questions you encounter. 

4. Accommodation

The first thing you’ll need upon reaching Canada is a place to stay. Many Canadian universities offer reasonably priced on-campus housing. See if your chosen college provides on-campus accommodation. If not, it is best to search for and arrange a good one ahead of time to avoid the difficulties that may arise because of the delay. 

5. Understand Your City

Gaining some prior knowledge about the city you will be living in is beneficial in a variety of ways. Spending some time collecting information and broadening awareness about your new home is a good idea. Also, keep a city map close at hand when you arrive because it won’t cost you much but will help greatly if your phone’s battery dies.

6. Check Weather Conditions

You will need clothing appropriate for the weather in the city you are heading to. Conducting some research will assist you in selecting the best while packing the essentials before leaving.

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7. Open a Bank Account

You will need a Canadian bank account to fulfill your financial needs over there. Though the final procedure can only be completed after your physical presence in Canada, you can begin an online process from your home country to quickly access the account upon arrival.

8. Buy Health Insurance

International students’ medical expenses are not covered by the Canadian government. Hence, overseas students must obtain health insurance before traveling to Canada. Because healthcare can be extremely expensive for international students in Canada, failing to obtain health insurance can be pretty troubling in a long run. 

9. Medical Records

Remember to pack your medical records and prescriptions before you leave. If you have a long-term illness and are taking medication, get a brief medical history from your current doctor so that your doctor in Canada can clearly understand your situation and treat you accordingly. 

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When Can you Get There?

The time frame for you to reach Canada to initiate your student journey is generally decided by your Canada study visa; however, you must ensure that you give yourself adequate time to settle down before beginning classes.


To make your study in Canada experience a success, you must nicely prepare and pack for your journey. With so many things to keep in mind, the chances to overlook or completely forget something are higher. 

I believe the above information is useful and will assist you in making an easy start in Canada.

Contact our Canada student visa consultants for more information on how to obtain a Canada Study Visa and conveniently relocate to Canada.

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