Last Updated Jul 20,2020

In a relief to Global Students, IRCC announces 2020 Visa Relaxations


Student Visa

In a relief to International Students, IRCC has now decided to approve the Student Visa applications submitted before 15th September 2020, in a number of measures taken to reassure and support International Students and Learning Institutions in Canada. The global pandemic has affected a $22 Billion Annual Industry providing 170 thousand national jobs, where at least 60,000 student-turned immigrants help keep Canada at the pinnacle.

Approvals in the visa process will be made in two stages: eligibility and admissibility. This will resume the Visa approval process of accepting the submissions made before September 15th, a contingent on them having met all the criteria and having received a Study Permit consent at a later date. This temporary process was initiated during a time of dearth of Medical and Bio-Metric Equipment for proper disease vetting.

The highest priority will be provided to the applicants who have successfully completed their online application whose permits may be processed at the earliest. Another Approval Process consisting of International Students attending online classes in the Fall semester through study permit application which can be submitted by 15th September. IRCC will pre-approve applicants if they meet some of the conditions.

IRCC announces 2020

Erstwhile, IRCC is also busy facilitating the commencement of Canadian Studies online for International Students, while having their time count towards Post Graduate Work Permit eligibility. However, this eligibility clause requires them to have stayed for up to 50% of the course duration in Canada.

The Canadian government is taking steps to curb the harm and benefit Immigrant educational students who can work full time until three years after a PGWP approval. After this, they can even obtain Permanent Residence and eventually citizenship

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