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    Difficulties Faced by International Students Pursuing Education in Australia

    Jul 26,2023


    Australia is renowned for its quality education and the diverse career prospects it offers to immigrant students. According to the latest reports, nearly 6,00,000 international students are currently enrolled in Australian universities, making it a desirable destination to pursue higher studies after Canada, UK and USA. However, studying in Australia isn’t as simple as it may sound and brings along several challenges for newcomers moving to the country on an Australia Study visa. From immigration to homesickness, the “Road to success” for foreign students is incomplete without life-changing hurdles. While the challenges might not be too complex, ignoring them can significantly impact your studies. This blog is intended to prepare prospective students for the difficulties they might face on Australia Student Visa and have suggestions to overcome the same.

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    Challenges Faced by Students on Australia Student Visa:

    Here are the most common obstacles international students may face when they study in Australia.

    1). Admissions and Immigration Procedure:

    The first and the most difficult hurdle in the Australia student visa journey is the admission process to desired university and the student visa application. From finding the best university to understanding the Australian Student visa types, aspirants may struggle to understand the eligibility criteria for academic programs and other visa procedures unless they get assistance from an experienced Australian Immigration Consultant. Prospective students must know that handling the visa application is a tough task, and they must be prepared with sufficient knowledge and supportive documents to fulfill their dream of studying in Australia.

    2). Finding Accommodation:

    Finding an affordable and homely place to live in Australia is another big task for newcomers moving to this land in the hope of a better future. While many off-campus and on-campus accommodation options are available for students, sometimes it takes effort to find one that fits the budget. Students who live on campus often struggle to adjust to other students because of the differences in their nature and lifestyle. To make it easier for you, we advise you to find friends who share the same interests as you and look for suitable accommodation near your university. Sharing accommodation will help you save money, which you can use to buy essentials. 

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    3). Language:

    Most international students Moving to Australia come from non-English speaking countries and often face difficulties in communicating with native speakers. Communicating effectively in English, especially in academic settings, can be challenging. Fortunately, many Australian universities offer English language learning courses and language resources to help them overcome language barriers. Enrolling on these programs can enhance language skills and boost confidence levels.

    4). Different Education System:

    The academic demands in Australian universities can be rigorous, especially for international students who are accustomed to different education systems. Adjusting to new teaching methods, expectations, and the fast-paced nature of coursework can be overwhelming. However, this challenge can be easily avoided if you establish productive study routines and seek educational guidance from professors or tutors.

    5). Cultural Shock:

    One of the primary challenges international students face is adapting to a new culture. Australia has a distinct way of life, and social norms and customs may differ from their home country. Language barriers, unfamiliar social cues, and adjusting to different teaching styles can initially be overwhelming. However, joining cultural clubs, participating in orientation programs, and actively engaging with local communities can help ease the transition.

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    6). Funds Management:

    Finances are a major concern for many international students. The cost of tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses, and healthcare can add up quickly. Balancing part-time work with studies, seeking scholarships or grants, and creating a budget can help alleviate financial stress. Additionally, an Australia student visa allows you to work part-time during your academic program to help you support yourself. Ensure you find a part-time job to manage your finances during your student life in Australia. 

    7). Finding Employment:

    Finding employment can be challenging for international students on an Australia student visa. Limited working hours, visa restrictions, and unfamiliarity with the job market pose obstacles. To improve employability, students can gain relevant skills through internships, network with professionals, and utilize university career services. Exploring part-time work opportunities allowed by the visa is also helpful.

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    8). Homesickness:

    Homesickness is a common struggle faced by international students, particularly those on the Australia Study Visa. Being away from home and family can evoke feelings of homesickness among international students. Adjusting to a new culture, language, and environment can intensify these emotions, leading to sadness, loneliness, and longing for their home country. International students can overcome homesickness by staying connected with loved ones, engaging in the local community, and utilizing the available support services. 

    9). Discrimination:

    While Australia is known for its multicultural society and welcoming nature, racism remains a significant challenge that international students may face during their stay. Racism can affect international students’ academic performance and engagement. Facing discrimination or bias from peers or educators can create barriers to effective learning, hinder participation, and diminish the overall educational experience. It may impact their motivation, self-confidence, and ability to succeed academically. To address and overcome discrimination and racism, newcomers should be aware of their rights and promptly report any instances of discrimination to their educational institutions.

    10). Health and Well-Being:

    Maintaining physical and mental well-being is essential for academic success. Adjusting to a new climate, accessing healthcare services, and managing stress can be demanding for international students. To tackle these issues, international students need to familiarize themselves with the healthcare resources offered in Australia. 

    Many universities and colleges provide medical services, including consultations, vaccinations, and mental health assistance. It is also advisable for international students to consider obtaining health insurance to protect themselves financially from potential medical costs during their stay in Australia.

    End Note:

    Australia undoubtedly makes a great place to “live and learn”. But it doesn’t mean you will never encounter unusual circumstances when you study in Australia. As a student, you might have to make a lot of sacrifices, and you should be ready to overcome the obstacles that come along your academic journey. With the right resources and guidance from experts and fellow students, you can conquer these challenges and enjoy a successful academic and personal life in Australia.

    If you’re encountering challenges in initiating your visa application or feeling unsure about where to begin, seek help from our professional Australia Immigration consultant, who is dedicated to assisting you throughout the process.

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