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    How to Find Part Time Jobs in Australia for Indian Students

    Aug 31,2023


    Dreaming of studying in Australia? You’re not alone—this country is a magnet for international students. Beyond its top-notch education system, the country’s stunning tourist attractions also beckon. But let’s talk turkey – managing your finances while studying overseas becomes a priority.

    The prospect of working part time Jobs in Australia for students while studying has caught the attention of Indian and international students, and for good reason: repaying school loans, obtaining local experience in Australia and developing future work chances, or making extra money to pay for living.

    Pay Your Tuition Fees by Working Part-time Jobs in Australia?

    Whatever the reasons may be, there are plenty of opportunities to find part time jobs in Australia for Indian students to. Through this blog, we shed some light on discovering details related to part time jobs in Australia for students below.

    Read on to explore the insights we’ve gathered!

    Part time jobs in Australia for international students – Rules to follow

    There are several rules for part time jobs in Australia for students. Pursuing education abroad can be financially demanding, but engaging in part time employment can provide a practical solution for managing expenses. Nevertheless, learning the regulations governing part time jobs for students in Australia is imperative to ensure a seamless and lawful integration into the Australian workforce.

    What are the working hours in Australia for international students?

    Significant changes to the Australian Student Visa framework were implemented on July 1, 2016, consolidating previous categories under Subclass 500. According to the new rules, students who go to Australia on a Visa Subclass 500 are allowed to work up to 40 hours every two weeks while their courses are ongoing.

    Commencing from July 1, 2023, these work restrictions will be reinstated, now set at an elevated limit of 48 hours per fortnight. This change aids student visa holders in focusing on quality education, gaining work experience, and contributing to Australia’s workforce.

    So, if you’re coming to Australia under this particular visa category, you’re allowed to work 40 hours every two weeks while studying. No work limit during breaks or holidays; work can only begin once your course starts. For example, you could work 10 hours in one week and 30 hours in the next or divide your hours by 15 and 25 across the two weeks.

    Things to Consider Before Applying for Part Time Jobs in Australia for Students

    • Students are not permitted to work until the start of their course session. For example, if your course starts in January 2023 and you arrive in Australia by December 2022, you won’t be permitted to work until your session starts.
    • This limit does not apply if casework is a regular element of the curriculum of the course in which you are enrolled. This is typically true in the case of required internships or integrated courses.
    • Post Graduate Research Sector students can work for unlimited hours when their research work or doctoral thesis begins.
    • Students enrolled in an ELICOS course cannot apply for a Post Study Work Permit.
    • Students completing the Australian study requirement can apply for a post-study work permit under the Graduate Stream. 
    • Students with a foreign passport need a Tax File Number to work part-time, and they can apply for one online through the official website.
    • Students in the Post Graduate Research Sector or taking any preliminary course can work only 40 hours in a fortnight throughout the course tenure they have registered.

    Part time jobs in Australia for students: Work Rights

    International students with an Australia Student Visa can enjoy enhanced work opportunities, exceeding the standard 40 hours per fortnight during the academic semester. Part time jobs in Australia for Indian students become a feasible option for supplementing income. Moreover, during semester breaks, these students can engage in work without any restrictions on the number of hours, allowing them to save and manage expenses effectively.

    As employees, international students are also entitled to a range of benefits outlined in the National Employment Standards. These benefits encompass various aspects:

    • Annual leave
    • Long-term sickness leave
    • Leave for community service
    • National holidays
    • Personal caregiver’s leave and compassionate leave
    • Providing a Fair Work Statement of Information
    • Requests for flexible working hours
    • Termination notice and redundancy pay

    Laws for Part Time Jobs in Australia for International Students

    When it comes to balancing work and studies, the Australian government extends uniform benefits to all students, including those seeking opportunities for part time jobs for students in Australia. Here’s what you need to know about your rights:

    • The Fair Work Act of 2009 mandates a minimum wage for all employees
    • Protection against Unfair dismissal 
    • Breaks and rest periods
    • Safe and healthy work environment

    An array of part time jobs in Australia for Indian students, contributing to a reasonable standard of living. Although it might not fully cover tuition fees, it generally supports a sustainable way of life. 

    Remember, the pursuit of education in Australia transcends academics. If you’re an ambitious student looking to study in Australia, make a habit of checking our website. Aspire Square is aligned with leading Australian institutions and is prepared to assist you through each phase of your overseas education journey.

    Check out Part Time Jobs Laws for Students in Australia!

    How to Find Part Time Jobs in Australia for Indian Students

    Australia presents a plethora of part-time job options for international students, allowing them to align their skills with job requirements. Aspiring part-time workers should consider preparing a comprehensive CV before applying. Effective communication skills also enhance the likelihood of securing part-time employment in Australia.

    Initiating the search for part-time jobs can be a challenge for international students. However, there are several avenues through which students can explore opportunities for part-time work in Australia:

    • On-Campus Jobs: Within the campus, students can discover employment options like library assistants, lab assistants, and fitness center coaches. These opportunities are competitive and limited, but students can contact relevant departments to inquire about on-campus roles.
    • References: Connecting with the university’s career team, Alumni, and professors can lead to job referrals. Leveraging the guidance of familiar university individuals becomes valuable, especially in a new environment.
    • Local Newspapers: Local newspapers and classified advertisements frequently include various part-time work vacancies that students can investigate.
    • Online Platforms:  In the digital age, online job portals have shown to be a reliable resource. Job searchers can find a variety of internet venues specialized to part-time job listings for students.
    Checkout Part-Time Jobs Options!

    Where Can You Find Work in Australia?

    Work in Australia can be found based on your interests and strengths. The most important factor to consider when looking for the best jobs in Australia is finding one that is convenient for you so that you can also focus on your studies. Thus, look for work in your neighborhood or near your university. Here are some alternatives to consider:

    • Administrative or Clerical Roles across Diverse Industries
    • Retail Sales and Cashier Roles in Supermarkets and Department Stores
    • Positions in Cafes, Restaurants, and Bars
    • Opportunities in Agriculture and Related Fields
    • Serving as a Private or University Tutor
    • Telemarketing and Sales Positions
    • Roles within Hotels and Motels

    Each of these avenues holds potential for students seeking employment, allowing them to tailor their choices based on individual preferences and convenience.

    Are International Students Required to Pay Taxes in Australia? 

    Curious about whether international students have tax obligations in Australia? When you enroll in a course at an Australian university that spans six months or more, your tax residency might shift to Australian status. This entails:

    • Taxation: You, like all other Australian residents, will be expected to pay taxes on your earnings.
    • Tax Benefits: You’ll have access to the benefits of the Australian tax system, such as the tax-free threshold (or a portion of it if your stay is only for a portion of the fiscal year), as well as tax offsets.
    • Favorable Tax Rates: Tax rates are often lower than those applied to foreign residents.

    Navigating tax responsibilities as an international student in Australia is essential for ensuring compliance with local regulations.

    To summarize, Australia provides overseas students with part-time work in a variety of areas and businesses. While it would not be enough to cover tuition, it can usually help with a moderate way of life. In addition, there are numerous alternatives for part-time jobs in Australia for Indian students. So, studying in Australia goes beyond education. Best regards!

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      02 Is it challenging for international students to find part-time jobs in Australia?

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      05 Do international students on a visa must pay taxes on their part-time jobs in Australia?

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