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    Australia Student Visa (Subclass 500) – Types, Method and Processing Time

    Apr 21,2023

    What is the Processing Time for the Student Visa Subclass 500

    Are you planning to study in Australia?

    You must require an Australia student visa as a prerequisite to go ahead.

    Although a huge range of visa subclasses are available based on your age group, the stay duration, and the purpose of going, the most common type of visa applied by the youths wishing to undergo higher Study in Australia is Australia Student Visa subclass 500.

    The visa allows you to reside in Australia for a time duration equivalent to the duration of the course you want to pursue (which is generally five years).

    The visa can be easily applied online using an application called ImmiAccount and the general fees associated with the application is 620 AUD (33,272 INR).

    However, there are a few preconditions you are required to satisfy to finish your Australia Student Visa Process Successfully. Let’s have a look at the list

    • You should be enrolled in your desired study program in Australia.
    • You should be minimum 6 years of age.
    • You should carry a welfare arrangement proof in case your age is below 18 years.

    Below is given a list of alternate visa types you can opt to fly to Australia.

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    Different Visa Types to Study in Australia

    • Student Visa (subclass 500) – This allows you to undergo any study program in Australia land. The general validity of the visa is 5 years.
    • Visitor Visa (subclass 600,601,651) – Allows you to pursue a short-term course in Australia. The validity of the visa is up to 3 months.
    • Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417 and 462) – This allows you to pursue a short-term course in Australia. The validity is up to 4 months.
    • Training Visa (subclass 407) – Allows you to participate in occupational training in Australia.

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    Step-by-Step Process to Apply for Australia Student Visa (Subclass 500)

    Let us understand the step-by-step process to Apply for an Australia Student Visa

    1. Apply to your desired study program in Australia

    Getting enrolled in an Australia school is a prerequisite to Applying for an Australia Subclass 500 Student Visa successfully. The confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) you receive from the underlying school is a mandatory document you require to commence your visa application process.

    2. Create your account

    The next thing you need to do is create an account with the Australia Immigration authorities.

    Register yourself on the link https://online.immi.gov.au/lusc/register by providing your details and agreeing to their conditions.

    3. Get ready with all the required documents

    You require a couple of documents to apply for an Australia Student Visa Subclass 500. The list is given as under

    • CoE you received from the institute you are enrolled in.
    • Your health insurance particulars.
    • A valid passport.
    • Your birth certificate.
    • A document showing your financial stability (such as a bank statement).
    • Your English language proficiency test scorecard.
    • A character certificate to showcase your clean criminal record.
    • Document showcasing the previous employment (if applicable).

    Make sure to prepare all the documents in the digital format.

    Note: Above is a list of the most common documents you require. However, you can expect to present some more documents as a part of your Australia Student Visa Process.

    4. Apply for the visa online

    Now it’s time to raise your visa application. The visa should be applied at least 124 days before the course starts.

    Fill the application form with the required details and submit it. You can also save the application and submit it later if you want.

    5. Make payment and obtain a TRN number

    Once you have completed the application, it’s time to make the payment now. You can use your credit card to accomplish the task.

    After the successful completion of the payment, you will receive a TRN(Transaction Reference Number). This number can be used as proof of the payment as well as to track the status of your application.

    6. Undergo the required health checkup and interview

    You may require to undergo a health checkup or a visa interview as a part of your visa process. Action accordingly to move forward.

    7. Get ready to take off

    Once your application gets approved, you are free to Travel to Australia.
    Always remember one thing. Don’t violate any condition mentioned in your visa to ensure its validity.

    Note: To know more about the Australia student visa process, feel free to get in touch with our Australia Student Visa Experts.

    Processing Time for the Student Visa Subclass 500?

    The processing time for your visa may fluctuate depending on the sector you are applying in. However, the general processing time for the student visa subclass 500 can be seen as under

    • For the higher education sector:
      75% of the applications get processed in 21 days and 90% of the applications get processed in 35 days.
    • For vocational education and training sector:
      75% of applications get processed in 37 days and 90% of applications get processed in 63 days.
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    Our Promise

    Getting your Australia Student Visa subclass 500 application approved is not an easy chore and needs an extra hand of caution. A single mistake committed in the visa application can lead to the rejection of your application. Hence, rather than going blindly, holding a reliable hand to reach your destination is always a wise decision.

    Aspire Square is one of the leading names in the list of Australia Immigration Consultants located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We have a huge team of Australia student visa experts capable of assisting you from the top to toe of your visa process and landing you to in your dreamland.

    In addition to easing your Australia subclass 500 student visa process, we also provide coachings such as IELTS Coaching and PTE Coaching imperative to enhance your English proficiency skills and get a remarkable score on your scorecard.

    Feel Free to Get in Touch With Our Australia Student Visa Experts for any kind of further assistance.

    Thank You!

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