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    9 Major Benefits of Having a Canadian Permanent Residence

    Nov 06,2020

    9 Major Benefits of Having a Canadian Permanent Residence

    A Canadian Permanent Residency is one of the dreams which let candidates awake and encourage them to do the hard work from dawn to dusk. There are many Indians who run strongly to achieve residency. So, what are the reasons? And why are so many people attracted to it? Through this blog, we try to figure out the advantages of Canadian PR.

    Benefits of Living in Canada

    As per above-given details here are the explanation of mentioned benefits. Additionally, there are plenty of other benefits which also need to be considered.

    1. What permanent residents can do?

    There are multiple advantages to having a Canadian Permanent Residency. Out of the few are the most precious ones. Being a Permanent Resident of Canada one can avail of most of the advantages that a Canadian Citizen have. For instance,

    • Free schooling education for the children,
    • Universal healthcare benefits the entire family,
    • Residents who lived 3 out of 5 years also can apply for citizenship.
    • PR holders also avail all the work rights under labour laws.
    • A permanent resident can get protection as per Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

    2. Where You Can live?

    Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories so as a PR holder a person can study, live, work and settle anywhere.

    3. Free education (Education Matters | Excellent Education)

    From the ages, Indians are known for their excellent education-orient behaviour. Usually, in India, we have seen that the parents did not get the facility of a high level of education but they do not want to repeat the same thing with their children.

    For higher education, Indian parents are always ready to spend a good amount of money. And in that case, if they found a country which has given free education up to the child age of 18 years which is like a dream come true.

    At Aspire Square, during our counselling for Canada PR, we observed that most of the parents who have small babies want to apply for Canada PR to secure a high-level education for their child.

    Additionally, the Canadian government also provide great support in higher education with excellent scholarship schemes and subsidies.

    4. Universal Healthcare

    Canada is known for the great excellent medical treatments. And Canadian government provides free health care privileges to all residents. Residents or their family members do not need to pay anything for any type of medical treatment. In addition, in some cases, a Canadian resident can avail of the benefit through Canada’s state-of-the-art services and facilities as well.

    5. Canada Tax Benefit

    Newly arrived migrants can obtain the reducing tax benefits and, in some cases, they can also eliminate the entire yearly tax as well.

    New migrants can systemically obtain the benefit through non-Canadian income and offshore trust to shelter. Through which they can get up to 5 years from their arrival reducing or no tax benefit.

    6. Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, and Canada Pension Plan

    As per the Canadian pension scheme or Guaranteed Income Supplement, any Canadian citizen or permanent resident can get up to $900 CAD income per month. If they are

    With the age of 65 years

    Have below $24,576 CAD Husband & Wife/common-law partner income

    Any single, widowed, or divorced people have below $18,624 CAD income

    7. Maternity and parental leave

    There is a range of benefits for the new migrants which is nearly 1 to 50 weeks. Newly immigrant mothers can take up to 26.7 weeks of official leave and also can receive around $280 CAD per week from the Canadian government.

    8. Safe and Sound (Low Crime Rate)

    Canada known as the world’s safest country since the year 2007. Along with safety, it is also one of the cleanest countries in the world as well. Canada has the strongest gun laws and it’s strictly illegal to carry own hand-guns. According to a survey, only one-third of the population has a license to have a firearm.

    Free Counseling for Canada PR

    9. Where You Can Travel?

    Being a Permanent resident of Canada, a candidate has the advantage to travel in plenty of countries with visa-free facilities. Here is the list of the countries where a candidate can travel.

    1. Caribbean territories (All Dutch)
    2. Anguilla
    3. Bahamas
    4. Bermuda
    5. British Virgin Islands
    6. Cayman Islands
    7. Costa Rica
    8. Cuba
    9. Dominican Republic
    10. El Salvador
    11. Georgia
    12. Guatemala
    13. Honduras
    14. Jamaica
    15. Mexico
    16. Nicaragua
    17. Panama
    18. Philippines
    19. Qatar
    20. South Korea
    21. Taiwan
    22. Turks and Caicos Islands

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    The Permanent Resident (PR) Card

    The Canadian Permanent Residency Card is evidence of your Canada PR Status and is also known as the “Maple Leaf Card”. It is issued by the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). For the new migrants, the PR card will be delivered to their Canadian Residential Address 180 days after they land in the country. There is no charges for the first PR card for the new migrants.

    This card is necessary to avail the benefits like health, education and etc. It is also important to document if you want to travel outside Canada as a Canadian resident. It is also necessary to have the card and passport while returning back to Canada after travelling.

    Get Canadian Permanent Residency Card

    How to Apply for Citizenship?

    When we are getting an understanding of the Canadian Permanent Residency then with its better to take an overview of citizenship rules as well. Here are some steps that need to be followed by an applicant to apply for Canadian Citizenship. For instance,

    • A person should be a permanent resident
    • She/he must be lived for 3 out of the last 5 years in Canada.
    • Taxes need to be filed as per the Canadian tax rules.
    • Need to appear and clear the citizenship test
    • Prove your English language proficiency through the tests like IELTS (G) or CELPIP-General LS.

    On the first note, Canada PR process seems quite easy because many things we can figure out online. However, there are plenty of minor things which are quite important and make a huge difference in the profile. Due to fact, Canada PR Process shows its real depth when it begins and due to that many of the candidates leave the process in between.

    Being a top Canada Immigration consultant in Gujarat we know the deepness of the Canada PR Process. Understand the Canada PR requirements is not everyone’s cup of tea. Do not trap in false or misleading information visit the expert’s today. At Aspire Square you can get a privilege of Free Profile Evaluation and Free Counselling for Canada PR.

    On the other hand, from a month of July 2020, CELPIP Exam Authority has also opened their exam centre in Ahmedabad. Aspire Square has grabbed the opportunity and start the CELPIP coaching the very next month.

    What Permanent Residents Cannot Do?

    As per mentioned above usually a permanent resident has all the rights as a Canadian citizen. However, there are several other benefits that only a Canadian citizen can get such as

    • Citizens can vote in the elections which a PR card holder cannot
    • A citizen can run his own political party as well.
    • There are some high-level security jobs that only allow a Canadian citizen.

    Canada PR process is known as one of a precise process that needs to be done accurately. To do an application for Canada PR is not only a job of a Canada immigration consultant there are plenty of other things that need to work out accordingly.

    Apply for Canada PR Process

    Such as, English Language Proficiency is one of the basics of Canada PR. And over the years Aspire Square has provided an excellent IELTS coaching facility in Gujarat. In addition, especially for the Canada PR clients Aspire Square has taken initiative and begins the Online CELPIP Coaching at all the branches.

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