10 Useful Tips for Newcomers to Easily Settle in Canada

Jul 20,2022

10 Useful Tips for Newcomers to Easily Settle in Canada.

So you have gained a Canada PR and are going to move to Canada soon? Great! But please note, moving to Canada is not a piece of cake. It requires extensive preparation to immigrate to Canada. Below we have covered the tips that you must consider to settle in Canada quickly. Read along

Canada is a leader not only in terms of size but in terms of opportunities as well. The country has become a popular immigration destination for talented people due to its rich history, booming economy, and guarantee of a luxurious lifestyle. Only in 2021, Canada invited more than 4,00,000 applicants to apply for Canada PR, and the goals for the current and upcoming years are even higher. So, for those who want to Immigrate to Canada, now is the time to try their luck. Meanwhile, the aspirants who have already obtained a Canada PR must go through the following tips to perform a flawless move to Canada. 

Start Your Immigration Process Early!

Before Landing tips

1. Find a Good Home

The very first thing you will need when you arrive at a Canadian airport is a place to live. You can reside in a hotel or with a friend (if you have one) for time-being, but for long-term lodging, you must look for a great place that fits your budget and requirements. Looking for one after you arrive in Canada is not a good idea because it will cost you a lot of time and money. Hence, it is recommended to begin exploring the alternatives as soon as your Move to Canada gets confirmed. You can use websites to rent or buy a property, or you can ask friends or relatives who live in Canada for assistance in choosing a decent home in the country.

2. Secure a Job

Of course, money will be required to survive and manage the primary expenses in Canada. You are fortunate if you already have a job lined up, but if not, you must begin to look for one immediately. There are sites that connect you with potential Canadian employers and help you get a job in advance. If you don’t want to do a job, you can start your own business upon arrival. 

3. Open a Bank Account

To make purchases in stores and withdraw cash from ATMs in Canada, you must have a bank account. Hence, opening a bank account should be on your priority list. You can start the process online from your home country itself to quickly get the account after reaching to the country.

4. Check Your Budget

In terms of living costs, Canada is more expensive than countries such as India. Hence, planning some funding to cover your expenses for the first few days or months especially when you don’t have a job is critical. Furthermore, because the cost of living varies by region in Canada, gathering information and making the best choices may be required to have control on your expenses.

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After Landing Tips

1. Arrange a Local Phone Plan

Connecting with family and friends in your home country is certainly necessary to alleviate the loneliness you may experience in your new home. You will need a local phone plan for this, or you will end up paying too much of roaming charges. A small amount of research is required to make a decision and purchase the best plan.

2. Build Network

When you leave your home and move to a new country, you are around your own, looking for friends and making contacts. There are several approaches you can take to grow your network. You can attend events, join a club, become a member of an organisation, or engage in other activities.

3. Apply for Social Insurance Number (SIN)

In order to work or receive government benefits in Canada, you will need to have a SIN (Social Insurance Number). Hence,  applying for a SIN should be one of your primary concerns after you reach the country. The number is issued by the Canadian government, and you can apply for it online, by mail, or in person.

4. Explore the Area

Wherever you live, you should be aware of the most suitable places to fulfil your daily needs. To find the best place to purchase milk, grocery and other daily items, you are required to thoroughly explore the surrounding area.

5. Get a Health Insurance

Canada provides free healthcare to its citizens and permanent residents. Though it may take some time to become eligible for public healthcare benefits, immigrants should obtain temporary health insurance to cover themselves until they qualify. Aside from health insurance, other types of insurance such as car insurance, life insurance, and home insurance are available in Canada to protect you in the occurrence of an unpleasant circumstance. 

6. Get a Driving License

Personal cars are the most efficient and extensively used mode of transportation in Canada. You are fortunate if you know how to drive, but in order to benefit from your skill in Canada, you must first obtain a driving license. If you already have a driving license from your home country, the process will be much easier.

Move to Your Dream Destination


It’s natural to be excited about making your dream a reality; however, moving to Canada is not as simple as you think. A great deal of planning is required for smooth immigration. Above are the points you should think about before and after you arrive to accomplish a seamless move to Canada. 

Hope the information will help you settle in Canada seamlessly. Our Canada Immigration Consultants are always available to provide more information and assistance on how to settle in Canada.

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