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    Understanding the Minimum Percentage Requirement for Canada Study Visa

    May 25,2023

    Understanding the Minimum Percentage Requirement for Canada Study Visa

    Canada has emerged as a popular choice for students worldwide, with its exceptional education system, welcoming society, and beautiful landscapes. The country offers a vast range of undergraduate programs that cater to different fields of study, from liberal arts to business, engineering, and more.  That’s why many students aspire to Study in Canada after passing the 12th grade examination. But before you start packing your bags, you need to know how much percentage is required to study in Canada after 12th grade and apply for a Canada study visa.

    A common question that arises in the minds of many students is, “How much percentage is required for a Canada Study visa?” The answer to this question is complex, as the requirements for a Canadian study visa vary depending on several factors. This article addresses this question by providing information on the minimum percentage required for a Study Visa in Canada, which will help you easily make your way to your desired destination.

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    Minimum Percentage Required to Obtain Study Visa Canada After 12th

    The percentage required to study in Canada after 12th grade varies depending on the university or college and the program you’re interested in. Generally, most universities and colleges require a minimum of 60% to 70% aggregate in 12th grade or equivalent. However, some programs, such as engineering, computer science, or medicine, may require a higher percentage.

    Minimum Percentage Required for Canada After a Bachelor’s Degree

    The percentage requirement for admission to Canadian universities for a bachelor’s degree can differ depending on the program and institution. For a postgraduate diploma or degree program in Canada, the average percentage needed is shown below:

    Type of ProgramName of program Percentage required in bachelor’s
    Degree ProgramsMaster of Fine Arts65%
    Master of Science 60%
    Master of Business Administration75%
    Master of Arts 60%
    Master of Engineering 70%
    Master of Information Technology 75%
    Master of Data Science70%
    Diploma ProgramsPG Diploma in Finance65%
    PG Diploma in Marketing50%
    PG Diploma in Human Resources60%
    PG Diploma in Business Analytics60%
    PG Diploma in International Business Management 605
    PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management60%
    PG Diploma in Accounting 67%
    PG Diploma in Data Science60%
    PG Diploma in Business Administration65%
    PG Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology65%
    PG Diploma in Computer Science65%

    To qualify for the undergraduate and Bachelor’s courses, students must meet the following requirements: score at least 213 in the TOEFL exam or achieve a band score of 6.0 in the IELTS exam. They must also have attained a minimum of 70% marks in their 12th-grade results.

    How do I Get a Canada Student Visa with a Low Percentage? 

    Students who have achieved average academic scores need not worry. They can still fulfil their dream of studying in Canada, even if they have a low percentage. The following steps can help them obtain a Canada Student visa:

    • Obtain high scores on the language proficiency test.
    • Pass the university’s entrance examination.
    • Consult with a Canada visa consultant for the best advice.

    Documents Required for Getting Canada Study Visa

    • Valid passport
    • Academic transcripts
    • Language proficiency test results
    • Proof of funds
    • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
    • Letter of recommendation(LOR).
    • Resume

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     Popular Universities to Study in Canada 

    Canada is an undeniably attractive country to pursue higher education, given the growing influx of international students enrolling in Canadian universities after completing high school each year. Here are some of the popular universities to Study in Canada.

    1. University of Toronto
    2. University of Alberta
    3. University of British Columbia
    4. McGill University
    5. York University
    6. University of Regina
    7. University of Ottawa
    8. University of Guelph
    9. Brandon University
    10. University of Waterloo

    Do All Canadian Universities Accept the Same Percentage for All Programs?

    The criteria for admission to various study programs and levels are different. For all programs, whether undergraduate or graduate, Indian students must meet a minimum English language proficiency requirement. To study in Canada, a minimum of 65% is needed for the humanities stream in class XII and 70-80% for Science/Commerce stream in class XII. Students who have scored below 60% can take Foundations and Diploma programs.

    Many international students aspire to pursue master’s courses in Canada. Those interested in MS Programs in Canada must know the minimum percentage requirement for a master’s degree. STEM or business-related courses at the master’s level are in high demand among international students in Canada. To be eligible for an MS program in Canada, a minimum GPA of 3 out of 4 is required, which equates to approximately 70-75% in terms of percentage or 7.0-7.4 in CGPA. 

    Cost of Study in Canada

    The cost of tuition in Canadian universities differs based on the specific institution and province, but generally, it is more economical compared to other nations globally. Courses related to technology and medicine typically cost more than those related to the arts. On average, international students can expect to pay between CAD 8,000 and CAD 35,000 in tuition and fees per year.

    How Much is the Acceptable Gap for Getting a Canada study visa?

    Canada permits students who have taken a break in their studies, but they are required to provide an explaination of the gap in their application for a study permit. Additionally, the Canadian authorities may request supplementary documents or proof to substantiate the reason for the gap. The duration of an acceptable Study Gap in Canada varies based on the type of degree pursued. To secure a Canada Student visa , the acceptable study gap is shown in the table below:

    ProgramValid study Gap for Canada 
    Diploma2 Years
    Undergraduate2 Years
    Post graduate5 Years

    To Study in Canada After 12th, Applicants Must Have the Following

    • Required documents
    • Prove they will leave after an authorized stay
    • Acceptance letter from an educational institution
    • Sufficient funds for tuition and accommodation
    • Good health, no criminal record, law-abiding
    • No threat to Canada’s security or safety
    • Complete the application with all required documents.

    Wrapping up

    Although there isn’t a specific percentage requirement for obtaining a Canada Study visa, it is essential to fulfill the minimum score requirements for language proficiency, academic performance, and entrance exams. However, with the right guidance and support, you can easily navigate the visa application process. This is where Aspire Square comes in with its exceptional immigration services for Canada Student visas.

    So, don’t let a low percentage in your academic study discourage you from pursuing your education in Canada; reach out to Aspire Square and embark on an exciting new journey.

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