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    Does a Study Gap Allow You to Study in Canada?

    Apr 04,2022

    Does a Study Gap Allow You to Study in Canada

    “The education break taken by the students during their higher education to get involved in other activities or for other reasons is known as a study gap”.

    For Indian students, studying overseas is a gateway to high income and a prosperous future. When students plan to study abroad, they prefer Canada as a leading choice. In such a situation, the students with study gap often come across a question – can students with study gap Study in Canada? If yes, then how much study gap is acceptable in Canada?  Let’s find out the answer

    Does Canada Accept Students with Study Gap?

    The answer is yes. The education system of Canada does permit international students with study gap to study in Canada. However, such students are required to put some more effort to get into a Canadian university. These include the submission of extra documents as well as showing a justifiable reason behind the study gap.

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    How Much Study Gap is Acceptable to Study in Canada?

    The students having a study gap of up to five years are allowed to study in Canada. Moreover, it is also possible for students with a study gap of above five years to get a Student Visa in Canada provided they are able to provide an honest and genuine reason behind the gap.

    The allowed gap duration largely depends on the level of your degree or study program. For example, for undergraduate and diploma program applicants, Canada allows a study gap of up to two years and for the students seeking to study a post-graduate program in Canada, a study gap of up to five years is permitted.

    Type of programGap years allowed
    Diploma2 years
    Undergraduate2 years
    Postgraduate5 years

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    A Few Justifying Reasons for A Study Gap

    Health Issues:

    Problems such as serious medical conditions or accidents are likely to bound students to take study gap. Canadian universities do consider these types of study gaps provided the students are able to present medical certificates to prove their condition.

    Skill Enhancement:

    Sometimes the students prefer to undergo short-term courses and certifications to gain some extra knowledge instead of going for a degree. The study gap taken due to such reasons would not be a hurdle to their Way to Study in Canada.

    Preparation For Competitive and Other Exams:

    Entrance tests have become a common affair in today’s competitive environment. Because studying for these exams takes time, students who want to achieve a high score choose to take a study break. These gaps are justifiable and acceptable by Canadian universities.

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    Family Issues:

    Family problems are one of the most difficult aspects of a person’s life, and they are not avoidable. Students may become engrossed with major family difficulties, such as the death of a family member, which prevents them from concentrating on their studies. These study gaps can also be well explained to Canadian universities in order to clear your route to study in Canada.

    Employment Offer:

    Some students decide to work for a while after graduation before continuing their education. These types of gaps do not prevent students from obtaining a Student Visa in Canada. Students can justify such gaps by presenting payslips and letters of experience.

    Financial Issues:

    It is expensive to study abroad. Students with insufficient funds may need some time to collect the appropriate funds and organize the necessary proof (proof of financial stability is a mandatory document to get a Canada student visa and study in Canada). Because the process can take a long time, students may take a break before starting the application process.

    Justification of Study Gap – Helpful Documents

    Health Certificates:

    If serious health issues were the reason behind your study gap, you can present the associated health certificates and medical reports to justify the same.


    If you were preparing for the necessary exams (such as IELTS) during the gap time, the scorecard can act as a reasonable gap filler.


    If you were learning additional skills during your gap years, you can present the certificates you get after the completion of the course.


    Your payslips might serve as proof of employment if you worked during your gap years.

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    Study Visa in Canada – List of Required Documents

    • Academic transcripts.
    • Proof of English language proficiency.
    • A valid passport.
    • Statement of purpose.
    • Letter of acceptance.
    • Proof of financial stability.
    • Document justifying study gap.

    Probable Benefits of Study Gap

    • It gives you the time for learning a new skill which will eventually refine your CV when you will enter the job market.
    • You can join employment and get some valuable employment experience.
    • If you are aiming to take some competitive exam/exams, you can put more focus on your preparation which leads to a better score.
    • If the gap is because of family issues, you can settle them down without worrying about your academic part.

    Disadvantages of Study Gap

    • Academic discontinuity caused due to study gap may make it hard for you to start your studies again.
    • You start your career late.
    • If the gap is for a reason that is non-justifiable, it may create a bad impression on the authorities and may diminish your chances to study in Top-Rated Study Abroad Destinations including Canada.

    Some Canadian Universities Accept Students with Study Gap

    • Royal Roads University, British Columbia
    • Seneca College, Toronto
    • Centennial College, Toronto
    • New York Institute of Tech, Vancouver (NYIT)
    • Humber College, Toronto
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