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    Top Scholarships to Study in UK for Indian Students

    Mar 24,2022

    Top Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in UK

    For many, study in UK is a lifelong desire, yet, due to a lack of enough funds, not all aspirants are able to attain the aspiration. Due to the abundance of scholarships available, the financial difficulty may not be a hurdle for brilliant young people striving to Study in UK. Here in this blog, we’ve put together some of the best UK scholarships for Indian students.

    Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in UK

    British Chevening Scholarships

    One of the most popular scholarships for Indian students to study in UK is the British Chevening Scholarship for International Scholarships. The scholarship offers up to £18,000. The sum is sufficient to cover all of your expenditures related to study in UK, including tuition fees, accommodation, travel expenses, and UK study visa cost. To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet certain requirements, including

    • Sound English language proficiency.
    • A bachelor’s degree is required.
    • Two years of work experience is required.
    • Applicants are required to apply to at least three programs and get a letter of acceptance from at least one of them.
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    Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree Scholarship

    Another well-known UK scholarship for Indian students is Erasmus Mundus. Erasmus Mundus, an international study program, awards scholarships to students who want to pursue a joint master’s degree at any Erasmus Mundus-affiliated college. The amount awarded is determined by the applicant’s level of study, duration, and nationality.

    A.S Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship

    The A.S Hornby Educational Trust Award Program, which was started in 1961, is a superb scholarship that allows Indian students to study in UK. English teachers who wish to pursue a one-year master’s degree in English Language Teaching (ELT) at the University of Warwick are eligible for the award.

    The granted sum can be used to cover the major expenses associated with study in UK, such as tuition fees, living expenses, travel expenses, and UK Study Visa cost. To be eligible for this award, applicants must fulfill the required qualifying criteria, which include

    • A full-time degree in English or Education.
    • Teaching experience of at least three years.
    • A strong command of the English language, as well as proof of it.

    Felix Scholarships

    Felix Scholarships are given to deserving students from India and other developing countries so that they can pursue postgraduate study in UK. The following are the eligibility requirements for receiving the scholarship

    • The applicant must be under the age of 30.
    • The applicant must be a citizen of India.
    • At the time of application, the applicant must be living and studying in India.
    • The applicant must have the intent to return to the home country after completing studies.
    • The applicant must have strong academic records.
    • The applicant must be enrolled in the University of Oxford, the University of Reading, or the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), part of the University of London.
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    Rhodes Scholarship

    Since its inception in 1902, the fully-funded scholarship has given young people from all over the world the opportunity to study in UK. The scholarship is awarded based on a variety of skills, including academic, leadership, and other qualities. The scholarship intends to aid students who wish to pursue a two-year full-time degree program at the University of Oxford. The scholarship can be applied at the official website of Rhodes Trust. The following are the eligibility requirements to apply for the scholarship

    • The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree.
    • The candidate must be between 19 and 25 years old.
    • The candidate must have studied for at least four years in an Indian institute.

    Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

    Commonwealth Scholarship is one of the most renowned UK scholarships for Indian students. Commenced in 1959, the award has given the chance to 30,000+ international students to Study in UK so far. The expenses covered by the scholarship include tuition fees, airfare, and other allowances. The students interested to pursue Master’s or Ph.D. programs from the best UK universities are granted this scholarship. The aid can be applied at the official website of Commonwealth Scholarship.

    Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT)

    The British Council offers the Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship, which consists of ten long-term awards. The scholarship covers tuition fees, housing, and a portion of the airfare. To be eligible for this scholarship, the candidate must be an Indian citizen, between the age of 25 and 38, and hold a graduate degree, diploma, or certification.

    Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships

    The scholarship, put in place by St. John’s College, is intended for academically outstanding Indian students who wish to study at the University of Cambridge. The fully-funded scholarship covers all expenses associated with studying in the UK, including tuition fees, housing, airfare, and UK Student Visa. With the help of this scholarship, students can pursue degrees in economics, science and technology, and social sciences. To be qualified for the scholarship, the candidate must be under the age of 35, have strong English language skills, and meet other requirements.

    Inlaks Scholarships

    The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation hosts the Inlaks Scholarships. The scholarship is designed for bright students and is awarded specifically for university courses and programs. The award amount can be up to $100,000 (USD). With the help of this scholarship, students can pursue full-time Master’s, M.Phil, or Doctorate programs. The Inlaks Foundation online portal can be used to submit an application for the Inlaks Scholarship.

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    University Specific UK Scholarships for Indian Students

    University of Westminster

    The University of Westminster is a highly regarded UK university offering great financial aid to both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the form of various scholarships. Among these, the most notable ones are

    • Westminster Undergraduate Half-Fee Scholarship
    • Westminster Full-fee Scholarship
    • High Achiever Scholarship

    Edinburgh Doctoral College Scholarship

    The Edinburgh Doctoral College Scholarship is hosted by the University of Edinburgh. The scholarship is specifically for students seeking to pursue a doctoral program at the university. The scholarship is offered to both part-time as well as full-time students.

    Gates Cambridge Scholarships

    Gates Cambridge Scholarships are offered to outstanding foreign nationals. Offered by the University of Cambridge, the scholarship can be used to regulate the tuition fees, the cost of UK Student Visa, living expenses, and much more.

    Bristol University International Office Scholarships

    Bristol University has five International Office Scholarships to offer to undergraduate students. The scholarship pays students a yearly stipend of £8,500 to help them manage their tuition fees and other primary expenses.

    Coventry Academic Performance Scholarship

    Coventry University is classed as one of the most reputable universities in the UK. The university offers a variety of scholarships to help international students finance their studies at the university. Among these is the Coventry Academic Performance Scholarship, which is given to extremely talented international students. The award is worth up to £1,500. To be eligible for the scholarship, the candidate must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate course and satisfy other requirements.

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    UK has long been a popular study abroad destination for Indian students. The availability of phenomenal UK Scholarships for Indian Students is one of the most important factors that make the UK an ideal study abroad destination for Indian students.

    Striving to Study in UK? This may be the right time to seek financial aid from the country. Reach us to get comprehensive information on UK scholarships for Indian students to study in UK as well as understand the UK student visa process in detail!

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