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    Counting the Cost of Studying and Living in the UK for Indian Students

    Mar 14,2023

    Cost of Study & Living in UK for Indian Students

    The UK has been popular among international students for the quality of its educational institutions for years. Getting a UK student Visa has become easier than ever. Students from all around the world are enrolling into well-known UK universities to accomplish their study abroad dreams. However, with the rise in the number of students willing to Study in UK, the cost of studying there has increased significantly. Thus, before you plan to move to the UK on a study visa, knowing the average cost of studying and living in the UK can be beneficial for an international student in 2023. The UK’s average cost of living and studying is almost over £20,000. It depends upon various factors, from the education program, housing facility, and city you decide to live in. 

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    Average Cost of Study in UK for an Indian Student

    The average cost of studying in the UK starts from £15,000 and goes upto £40,000 depending upon the education programs you enrol in. For instance, medical students’ tuition fees are comparatively higher than other diploma or certificate programs. In contrast, degree programs in social science, arts and humanities may cost less than expected. Many Uk universities offer short-term programs which can reduce the cost of study in UK.

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    Student Visa Application Fees

    Let’s start with the basic things first. The first step in migrating to the UK is getting a UK Student Visa. The application processing for Tier 4 UK student visa for applicants living outside the UK is £363. Thus, all applicants aspiring to study in UK must pay the visa processing to get an entry ticket to the UK.

    Additionally, all the students must show enough money to support themselves during their studies. Students in universities outside London must show £1,023 in their bank account every month as proof of sufficient funds. On the other hand, students willing to study at any university in London city must show£ 1,334 in their bank account every month. 

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    Tuition Fees

    Once you get an offer from the desired university, the next step is to arrange tuition fees and travel tickets. The tuition fees for studying in Uk vary from program to program and from one university to other. The cost of studying in UK universities has increased dramatically over the past few years. 

    The tuition fees for undergraduate programs in recognised UK universities range from £10,000 to £30,000. At the post-graduate level, the fees for an academic program usually range from £12,000 to £38,000. 

    Average Living Costs for Indian Students Study in the UK

    1. Accommodation

    Accommodation is the prime aspect that contributes to the cost of living in the UK. Most students prefer to live at university residences in the first year of their studies. But, as they get familiar with the country, they move to suitable rented housing with their friends. If you want to live in a decent place near your university, it may cost you anywhere between £350-£600. The housing rent may vary depending on the city you are living in. For instance, there is a huge difference in housing rent when you decide to live in London compared to any other city in the UK. Thus, finding a suitable place in a suburb outside London is a feasible option for Indian students moving to the UK for higher studies.

    2. Transportation

    London has one of the most extensive public transportation systems in the world, with buses, trains, and the underground. Transportation and travelling cost in London may cost around £140 per month. Other cities have lower transportation costs, with a monthly pass costing between £40 and £70. Transportation cards that give you student discounts help you save some more money when living in the UK on a UK student visa.

    3. Food

    Food makes an essential portion of your monthly budget. On average, a student spends a minimum of $120 on food prepared at home. Students who prefer eating outside can expect to pay £250 for food. Thus, it is advised that you prepare home-cooked to cut down extra costs on food. 

    4. Utilities

    Apart from the basic costs like food, travel and accommodation, you must also consider other essential utility costs such as water, electricity, mobile phone bills, stationary, toiletries, etc. The utility cost may cost £100- £200 per month, depending on consumption.

    5. Healthcare

    All international students in the UK must pay for the National Health Service (NHS) health surcharge, which covers the cost of healthcare in the UK. The health surcharge is £470 per year and must be paid before applying for a student visa. The health surcharge allows international students to access NHS services, such as doctors’ appointments and hospital treatments, free of charge.

    6. Miscellaneous

    Leisure activities such as nights out, shopping, and social meetup with friends can cost upto £150 per month, depending upon your personal preferences. Textbooks can cost between £200 to £500 per year, while clothing can cost between £50 to £100 per month. Besides, students must consider the council, tax, insurance, or any other emergency expenses that may imbalance their budget.  

    Summary of Study and Living Cost for Indian Students in UK:

    Here is a summary of major expenses an international student spends in the UK when studying at UK universities.

    ExpensesCots per Month
    Student visa application Fees+ monthly fund £363 + £1023 or £1334 per month to show in your bank account
    Accomodation £350-£550
    Travel cost£100- £200 per month
    Food£100- £250 per month 
    Utilities£ 150
    Miscellaneous £150

    End Note

    The cost of studying in the UK for international students is significantly higher compared to other countries. All the students Planning to study in UK or currently living in the UK on a study visa for higher education get nervous when it comes to managing their finances. Although living in the UK is becoming expensive as time passes, careful planning and prior research let you set a budget to manage the expenses. We hope this guide on the Cost of study and Living in the UK helps you make your financial decisions wisely.

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