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    Study in UK Without IELTS – Universities, Eligibility Criteria

    Jun 10,2021

    Study in UK Without IELTS - Aspire Square

    Demonstration of language proficiency is one of the key requirements for international students to pursue education in an English-inclined country. IELTS is an eminent and widely accepted test in this respect. The results are appreciated and accepted by a large number of organizations across the world. 

    Frequently, students wants to know well it’s possible to study in UK without IELTS exam.

    Or Can I receive a UK Student Visa without IELTS Exam.

    You can Save your money and valuable time while study in UK without IELTS.

    Many students who want to study in UK universities believe that IELTS is required. Yet it isn’t.

    Multiple UK Universities would accept admission without IELTS.

    Here you can check list of opportunities and Universities which permits International Students without IELTS.

    Know the Available Options to Study in UK

    What is IELTS?

    IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is a standardized language proficiency test undergone by the candidates to evidence their English language skills while seeking to accomplish overseas migration or Study Abroad purposes. 

    The test consists of four sections namely

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Speaking
    • Listening

    Each module is tested and scored individually and the average of the four sections is considered as your overall IELTS Score.

    Attaining a good score in the IELTS Exam is a tough core and cannot be achieved without proper guidance and extensive preparation. 

    An obvious question that arises in the minds of students in such a scenario is – can’t I study overseas without facing the IELTS exam?

    Fortunately, you can. UK is a country that welcomes you to pursue higher studies even if you don’t complete the IELTS exam to gain admission to a UK university. 

    UK is one of the most demanding study abroad destinations among international students to pursue higher studies. Choosing UK as their study abroad destination is advantageous for international students in many ways. A prominent benefit that attracts aspirants from all over the world to study in UK is – it is not necessary for the students to undergo the IELTS exam to secure enrolment in a UK University and study in UK.

    Check Your Eligibility for Free

    List of UK Universities – Study in UK without IELTS

    There are many UK universities that permit you to study in UK even if you don’t hold the IELTS scorecard. These include

    UK Universities
    Sheffield Hallam University
    University of Warwick
    University of Basel
    Birmingham City University
    University of Bristol
    Audencia Nantes School of Management
    Riga Technical University
    University of Geneva
    London Southbank University
    Northumbria University
    Robert Gordon University
    The University of Bolton
    University of Northampton
    University of Plymouth
    Portsmouth University
    Swansea University
    University of Greenwich
    University of Central Lancashire
    Aston University, Birmingham

    These universities do not evaluate your language proficiency via the standard language tests but use different assessment methods. This way the universities help you to save both your time and money you spend for planning and performing the IELTS Exam.

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    Study in UK without IELTS – Eligibility Conditions

    The determinants that decide your English language Eligibility while you endeavor to study in UK without IELTS include

    Your medium of instruction during your education

    Many UK Universities judge your English language skills on the basis of your school results if you have completed your schooling in English medium. If you hold sound academic scores during your schooling, you can present that as valid proof of English language skills to study in UK without IELTS.

    The English subject marks you secured during senior years of your academics 

    Some universities in UK also consider your 10th and 12th class English subject marks to assess your language proficiency. Hence, If you score more than 60% marks in the English subject in your higher academic classes (10th and 12th), the possibilities of the approval of your application to study in UK raise significantly.

    Online interview

    Some UK universities can conduct an online interview to check your skills and abilities before offering enrolment to you. If your conduct of English is good enough to please the interviewer during the interview, the university can bestow you with the enrolment offer without asking for the IELTS Result.

    Attainment of a language proficiency course

    If you had been attending the English language proficiency course from a reputed institute for a couple of years and your grades have been consistently higher, the universities may not ask you to show the IELTS decision before giving you admission. 

    Completion of alternative language proficiency tests

    There are universities in UK that do not ask specifically for IELTS Scorecards but accept alternative tests (such as PTE) to assess your language skills.

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    Study in UK without IELTS – Steps to Seek a Swift Admission 

    Check your eligibility

    As mentioned, the possibility to study in UK without IELTS depends on various factors. Hence, reviewing the factors and understanding your eligibility is a crucial initial step. Make sure your medium of instruction during your academics is English and you hold at least 60% English marks in your 10th and 12th before you process to the next steps. 

    Organize the required documents

    You may need to submit a long list of documents such as 10th and 12th certificates, bachelor’s mark sheets (if you want to pursue post-graduation), letter of recommendation etc. while seeking admission in a UK university. Arrange and keep all the documents ready in digital format.

    Contact our knowledgeable team

    Connect with our UK Education Consultants for rapid further guidance. You can either submit the inquiry form on our website or call us on +91 88 66 88 0707 to get a fast response. 

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    English Language Proficiency for Obtaining a UK Student Visa

    Sound English language proficiency is one of the key conditions to secure a UK student visa and realize your dream of study in UK. Hence, if you are enrolled in a university that has accepted your application without the presence of IELTS or other language proficiency test scorecard, you will need a confirmation document from the university to prove your eligibility to the authorities to acquire a UK Student Visa.


    Dear friends, studying in UK is a great decision to assure an admiring tomorrow. UK’s high-end education system and unmatched teaching styles are respected everywhere across the world. If you study in UK, you are opening the doors for brilliant work opportunities for yourself guaranteeing unstoppable career growth. However, getting a UK student visa is a prerequisite to study in UK with or without IELTS and fulfill your study abroad purposes in which our team of UK Education Consultants can assist you better than anyone else. 

    Good luck!

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