Why is my English not improving?

Aspire Square being a Best IELTS coaching institute has many students across Gujarat who come to study IELTS and IELTS and get their requirement fulfilled. Being in the field for more than 12 years, we are very well-versed with the training methods to overcome the difficulties which students face to improve their English Language proficiency. With extensive experience in IELTS/PTE Coaching, we believe that the information given below would help the students who are aspiring to Study Abroad or would like to migrate to Canada or Australia on PR visa.

When we first began to learn English language, we learnt more! Eventually, we reached an advance level of English, and then we reached a plateau. That was the time when we felt frustrated of not improving our English. Let us check the reasons and what could be done to overcome it.

  • I don’t get time:

You don’t learn if you don’t spend enough time on it. Invest at least 15 minutes every single day on English. Set smaller goals, not the bigger goals like ‘’I want to improve English’’. Smaller goals should be like “I want to improve my pronunciation”, “I want to learn collocations today.” Use time in your favor. Remember, consistency is the key to success!

  • Speaking Hinglish:

I have come across many students who use English in a way they use their first language. They mix Hindi and English and create their own Indian English. Know more…

Any language is not just about the words or grammar rules; it is about the history and the culture and we must respect that. You must avoid translating as it hinders your fluency of English language.

  • Focusing too much on mistakes:

I have learnt speaking good English by recording my voice and my English speeches for a quality check. Hearing our own recording is indeed painful as we tend to find our mistakes from that. It is important to learn from the mistakes rather than feeling depressed or unconfident or insecure. Stop worrying about what can go wrong.

  • Speaking too fast:

Good speakers speak slowly so that their message is delivered rightly to the target audience. Speaking too fast does not mean to be fluent but speaking the language effortlessly. Try to use signposting words (in addition, furthermore, comparatively, firstly, lastly, for instance, etc.); this will not only give the direction to your speech, but also will give you some time to phrase new sentence structure. Now, that would make you sound polished!

  • You have stopped producing new sentence structures and vocabulary:

It is the time to activate the passive knowledge. Pick up a magazine, a good book, or an English newspaper to read and analyze the language flow, variety of sentence structures and field/industry related jargons which are fewer common words used in routine. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and into the learning zone. Do not resist to use more difficult grammatical sentence structures, vocabulary and expressions.

So, use all the tips I have shared with you to improve your English communication skills. Don’t forget to click the bell icon to get the notifications of English lessons on our YOUTUBE Channel.

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-Kirati Shah

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