Strategies for Effective Paraphrasing in IELTS

May 17,2024

Paraphrase IELTS

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is one of the important aspects of IELTS writing and speaking modules. While there can be many general definitions of paraphrasing, at its core it involves understanding a prompt or question and then re-framing it in their own words without hampering the core meaning of the context. 

Why it is Important?

In any language exam, paraphrasing is considered one of the key factors to show language proficiency skills; Effective paraphrasing demonstrates a strong language command, which not only helps for clarity in communication but also helps to boost your score as per IELTS writing and speaking band descriptor.

One of the Important Skills for Paraphrasing in IELTS Writing and Speaking  

There can be many ways to paraphrase a question but one core and basic skill that you should have is a profound understanding of the question. When you thoroughly grasp the question it becomes simple for you to convey that similar meaning in your own words. 

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Different Methods for Effective Paraphrasing in IELTS

1. Using Synonyms

Synonyms are different words having similar meanings. For example, instead of the word Interesting; students can use “Fascinating”“Intriguing”, and “Amusing”. One important thing you should take care of is the word you select should be appropriately used according to context as all synonyms are similar words that may vary according to the tone and content of the sentence. 


Many people think that cars should not be allowed in the city centres. 

Think: Believe   

Cars: Motor vehicle

Not be allowed: Banned 

City-centre: Urban areas

Paraphrased statement: Many people believe that motor vehicles should be banned in urban areas.

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2. Sentence Restructuring 

Sentence re-structuring can be used for Effective paraphrasing techniques in IELTS writing and IELTS Speaking. Students can use this by changing the sentence from active to passive or vice versa, or by changing the order of the clause. 

To achieve this students must have the skills to apply a new sentence format based on the objective of writing without changing the core meaning of the sentence.

For Example

Original: The tsunami destroyed the city. 

Re-structured: The city was destroyed by the tsunami.

Original: The museum was developed by the city council 

Restructure: The city council developed the museum.

3. Nominalization 

Nominalization is the grammatical term used for changing one form of the word into another form such as changing a Noun into a Verb; a Verb into a Noun or an adjective into a Noun.

For example:

Interesting (Interest), Fascinating (fascinates), Childish (Child), Consume (Consumption).

Original: Many people find watching cricket interesting.

                 Many people have an interest in watching cricket.

OriginalConsuming junk is bad for health.

               Consumption of junk food is bad for health

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Which Method to Use?

All methods are effective to use according to the level of understanding of students. It is suggested to incorporate at least synonym substitution and sentence restructuring but it should be implemented appropriately as if it is used in a wrong manner it will hamper IELTS writing score. 

The crux of this is to use the method in which students are most comfortable enabling them to generate error-free sentences preserving the original meaning of the statement.

How to Practice? 

There can be multiple ways to practice paraphrasing in IELTS writing, but let’s focus on the two most effective methods to practice IELTS writing. 

  • Start with selecting any writing question and try to apply each method separately; once you are comfortable try to combine different methods and see what works for you. Get it reviewed by the third person to see how well they understand the question.
  • Also, the student can use the IELTS reading passage to practice their paraphrasing; select any random paragraph from the reading passage then read it thoroughly and summarize that paragraph in your own words. 

Above mentioned are some methods that student can apply in your practice, definitely you will need guidance from an experienced IELTS trainer so seek help without hesitation. 

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How it will affect the IELTS writing and speaking band score?

Band descriptor mentions the importance of paraphrasing in IELTS writing and IELTS Speaking. Paraphrasing will mostly affect the “Lexical resources” score in your IELTS writing and Speaking. 

IELTS Writing

Band 5: The resource is limited but minimally adequate for the task

Band 6: The resource is generally adequate and appropriate for the task

Band 7: The resource is sufficient to allow some flexibility and precision

Band 8: A wide resource is fluently and flexibly used to convey precise meanings.

IELTS Speaking

Band 5: Attempts to paraphrase but not always success 

Band 6: Generally able to paraphrase successfully 

Band 7: Effective use of paraphrase as required.

Band 8: Effective use of paraphrase as required.

IELTS Speaking Resources:

IELTS Writing Resources:

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Overall, as mentioned above paraphrasing is crucial for IELTS writing and IELTS speaking. Although at the initial level, it may appear a challenging task, dedicated practice and expert guidance one help to master this skill. Aspire Square is renowned for top-notch IELTS guidance. Also, free doubt-solving sessions are conducted at Aspire Square every Saturday. If you need help at any point in your journey of IELTS preparation, feel free to reach out to us.

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