Start preparing your Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) PR Visa File with Aspire Square

After a lengthy postponement Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) release new Eligible Occupation List for Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). Many questions are rising to eligible migrant for Canada that what to do now, from where to start, what are basic requirements and many others….

No Need to Panic, Aspire Square Career Consultants, Ahmedabad has the most creditable proficiency in immigration visa processing. Aspire Square providing the visa assistance in Ahmedabad with high degree of Success & Satisfaction having experience of more than 5 years. Aspire Square guarantee you that you won’t choose any other for your Migration needs.

After getting sufficient pass mark level that is 67, there are mainly two requirements that need to provide by you.

Firstly you need to have your Educational Credential Assessments to get eligible for Federal Skilled Worker Program. If you have Canadian Educational Credentials then you don’t needs to get Educational Credential for that only. If you have other than Canadian Educational Credentials then you need to get ECA to support your application for FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program) for Canada. Educational Credential Assessment Report will give an overview to applicant about their education compatibility compare to Canadian Educational Credentials. Currently CIC Citizenship and Immigration Canada) gave authority to four organizations for which ECA report will consider valid. CIC will add more organization in future.

Secondly you need to have minimum English requirement set by Citizenship and Canada Immigration (CIC) to be precise, you need to have score of 6 Bands in each module (Listing, Reading, Writing & Speaking) of IELTS exam.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced overall 5,000 new applications for all eligible migrants for 24 Eligible Occupation List, together with a sub limit of 300 requests for each eligible occupation. Never late to accomplish your dreams to migrate to Canada, start preparing your Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) with Aspire Square.

Maulik Raval

Founder and director of Aspire Square began the journey solo in 2008. Today he has over 50+ teammates and holds offices across Gujarat. A graduate with Political Science and Law, He has been known for his Integrity, Ethics and Accessible nature. In his decade of the journey, he led the team of qualified MARA agents and he himself holds QEAC (Qualified Education Agent Counselor) certificate. Being Precise; Showing up Honesty in every case and making it successful with re-search and embassy guidelines is the only approach

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