Significant Changes Declared By Canada in Study Visa and Post Study Work Permits

Oct 06,2020

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Canadian Education

Canada is one of the prominent education and Immigration oriented countries. Whereas, it is also the favorite destination among Indian students. There are certain reasons why Canada is the most popular country.

  • First of all, Canada is a hub of top-class higher education.
  • Second, Canada has the most affordable tuition fee which is one more favorable reason for Indians.
  • Third, the range of recognized Designated Learning Institutes (Universities and Colleges).
  • Highest number of post-graduation courses with 1 year to 3 years long post-study work visa.
  • The Canadian study is one of the fastest ways of achieving Canadian PR.

While COVID – 19 is spreading plenty of negativities around the world, Canada does also not remain untouched with it. Immigration and Overseas Study Visa are the premium growth engines for the Canadian economy. Due to the pandemic, the segment is affected badly. On the other hand, several international students who already applied for the Student Visa but their file stuck in between. To accelerate the economy and release the thousands of visa files Canada Immigration has come up with an innovative initiative.

Changes in Canada Study Visa

Canadian immigration has launch 3 new measures program. It helps those individuals who would like to pursue their studies in Canada and looking for work opportunities.

In the previous month Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has released these new changes on the official website. The 3 new measures are in regards to Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) eligibility. It is for those international students who are attending their education programs online.

First Measure –

Those international students who are currently taking their education online from overseas can now study until 30th April 2021. Additionally, the duration of their PSW Permit remains the same, until they have finished their 50% of studies in Canada.

Second Measure –

This is one of the most significant steps. Students who enrolled for 8 to 12 months programs can complete entire studies from overseas or their home countries. And the most delightful thing is that they will be still eligible for their Post-Graduation Work Permits. But their education has to be started in between May to September 2020.

Third Measure –

Another major change is that for those international students who have enrolled their study programs between May and September 2020. They will be studying online until 30th April 2021. Moreover, students also got benefited who graduate from more than one eligible program. Now they may combine the length of their programs while applying for PSWP. However, at least 50% of the studies should be completed in Canada.

Pathway to Canada PR

Usually, most of the candidates who would like to study in Canada have a specific goal. Somewhere deep into their hearts they also want to be a Permanent Resident of the Country. As a result, the Post Study Work Permits has seen as the first step toward the Canadian Residency. Additionally, the work permit allows these young students to enhance their Canadian work experience and skills under the Canadian employer.

Canadian work experience plays a vital role to obtain Canadian PR at earliest. There are several pathway programs under which the candidates can gain their Permanent Residency. For instance, Express Entry‘s Canadian Experience Class program. The Canadian degree and Canadian experience help to increase the overall Comprehensive Ranking Score and gravitate toward the Permanent residency.

Because of the pandemic and Canada’s current travel restrictions, many international students are not able to enter Canada at the moment. This has been problematic for a number of reasons. One such reason is that prior to the pandemic, distance learning could not count towards PGWP eligibility.

Why Canada Upgrade their Rules?

Before the pandemic distance learning was never a part of Canadian education especially for International students. It was also not in the eligibility criteria of the PSW Permits but after the pandemic, the scenario gets changed. The impact of the coronavirus has affected mostly on international traveling. To control the infection the governments have to impose the travel bans. As a result, many international students are unable to enter Canada.

After analyzing the situation the IRCC swung into action and made a series of announcements for Canadian education aspirants. For instance, considering online learning into PSWP’s eligibility and so on. In the conclusion, IRCC also indicates that the travel restriction will be eased. The progress made in Canada and abroad in containing the coronavirus’ spread. At Aspire Square we are closely monitoring the situation and updates of Canada Immigration. Get the accurate and latest news on the current scenario through our news-listing page.

How to be eligible for Post-Graduation or Post Study Work Permits?

PGWP is one of the most convincing aspects among international students who would like to study in Canada. Finishing study form Canada gives chance to obtain a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 3 years PGWP. However, the length of the PGWP depends on the length of time the international student studied at a Canadian DLI.

As mentioned above the online learning will be considerable until 30th April 2021. To apply for PGWPs but there are certain criteria for when to apply for study permits. First of all, students need to submit their study permits before starting a program of study in the spring/summer/fall 2020 semester or January 2021 intake. Secondly, the study permits must have been approved by the department

Over the years Aspire Square is one of the best Canada PR Consultants in Gujarat. We also had the experience of working with registered IRCC agents. Aspire Square is holding extensive experience in analyzing the profiles. We are helping the aspirants to make their visa file strong enough. Also, support them to settle them in Canada. Selecting the right pathway for permanent residency is usually time-consuming and sometimes it’s quite expensive as well. At Aspire Square you will get the privilege of Free Counselling for PR and Free Eligibility Check of your profile which gravitates you to fulfill your dream to settle in Canada.

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