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Aug 22,2019

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Here is my Background Story:

Being a trainer for seven years, I realized how important is it to use English in your routine when you live in a non-English country like India. It is a plight when you have everyone around you to use vernacular language, but English. Coming from a Gujarati background, it was very challenging for me to Practice English Correctly without anyone to correct me if ever I made a mistake. So, I thought of inspiring you by this blog.

Although I have done my schooling from English Medium, I was always scared of Speaking English, and I hated Wren and Martin (grammar book). When I realized the importance of English, I was seventeen especially when I found new friends to use English only. I was embarrassed, yet they were kind to be patient with me. But as they say, “better late than never. “It was the time to let bygone be bygone and pick up a good reading book along with Oxford pocket dictionary for the first time in my life. Since a decade, I have kept continued a few things in my routine. Life changed, and change was good. I became more confident with English.

Listening English songs:

Well, I ditched Hindi songs and searched English songs in cybercafé as having internet connection at home was not much trending. English songs have remained a part of my routine. I love listening and singing English songs. I start my day with English songs. I screen the lyrics and sing along. It is a great stress-buster and you learn correct English pronunciation as well as new English words. Avoid rap songs when you start with this activity.

Top 10 Listening Tips for Improving Your English

Watch English Series and Movies:

Universe had conspired to teach me English in all possible ways. Yes, I do believe in Law of Attraction. As I wanted to learn English by all possible means, I started coming across people who kept suggesting me names of English series like Sherlock Holmes( how to speak English Fluently like Benedict Cumbersome), Friends (I learnt how to use Metaphors), Big bang theory (How to crack jokes in English) and so on whereas, movies like Pursuit of happiness, Social network, Shawshank Redemption, etc.

The list kept increasing with passing time. I surrounded myself with English language. From then onwards, I started thinking in English without even realizing it. When I realized it, I said, “Wow!” My confidence was boosted!

Make New Friends who speak good English:

We come across many people who are better at communication than us. Somehow, while talking to them, we tend to feel inferiority complex and we resist ourselves to make them friends; however, if you want to learn English then you must get out of the comfort zone and surround yourself with people who speak good English. You can pick up the phrases and new words that they use and try to mimic them in front of mirror, or the best tip is when you are commuting.

Memorize new words:

We hear new English words while communicating with someone, while reading something and while watching English Series. All you need to do is maintain three lists in your wallet, lists of three kinds of words; Know, Not sure, Don’t know. Another technique is to use flash cards. And there are many more. Click on the link below:

How to remember new words quickly: Quick Tips are Here

Start forming a conversational routine:

Initially when you start speaking English, you will fall short of words particularly verbs and adjectives. In that case, instead of using ummm, uhhh…, start using better gap-fillers like tell me something, Oh don’t tell me, Certainly, by the way, to be honest, well, you see, you know, exactly, oh no way, interesting and there are many more, but make sure you don’t just end up using one filler, say, “you know”. This happens with many. Such fillers will give you a chance to think on new sentences and active speech production.

Important tips to score well in speaking

Use hand movements:

It is scientifically proven that use of hand movements produce active voice faster. Keep doing small movements with your hands as that would make you look confident and alive. The listeners would enjoy talking to you. But hey, do not overdo it!

I hope these tips motivate you to start working on English without wasting anymore time. If you want a perfect English environment in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, then visit No. 1 IELTS (International English Language Testing System) coaching center, Aspire Square Career Consultants. Visit us today or Contact us on 8866880707

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