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    Important Tips to Score Well in Speaking Section – PTE

    Jul 04,2019

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    Read aloud paragraphs comes under the integrated weight age system of PTE. These questions in PTE aims at testing your reading and speaking skills and that’s why it is considered as an important segment which can significantly contribute to your overall reading and speaking scores. If you attempt these questions well, you can possibly earn 22 marks in full which shall be reflected in your reading and speaking scores.

    Below are some points which you can really work on to acquire a good score in this segment.

    • Pay more attention to quality rather than speed while reading the paragraph aloud. Reading fast doesn’t always reflect the quality in read aloud. Be utmost clear, sharp, fluent and try to read exact words, with not even a single variation with the text.
    • Be very careful while pronouncing the words correctly. Remember that, in real PTE Test, there is no human to examine your performance, so you need to think from the perspective of a computer which can just understand the algorithm it is used to about.
    • Don’t babble and baffle while reading aloud- Before you start with the read aloud questions in real PTE test, you will be given around 30- 40 seconds to take an overview of the given paragraph. You can use this crucial time to scan the whole paragraph well, especially, the difficult words which you think can create trouble for you in reading. Therefore, you should try to utilize that crucial time for spelling or pronouncing the words which you really feel can hamper your fluency while reading.
    • Do not miss any existing word in the paragraph – Generally, when you read any text given in newspapers, academic correspondences or at work while delivering any presentation or reading any report, you might have skipped some words number of times, but in real PTE test, this practice can cost you heavily as you may lose significant marks for any gap you leave while reading the paragraph aloud. So, if you really want to score high in this segment, make sure that you read the paragraph very carefully with each and every word clear and loud.
    • Don’t add any additional word while reading aloud the passage – This is also a very common mistake that most of the candidates do while attempting the read aloud a portion of PTE. Therefore, you need to be very careful while reading the passage and should only read the text provided in the passage without inserting vague words in between as this may cost you to lose significant points in PTE speaking test.

    Never stop while reading – If you find any difficulty in speaking or pronouncing any word while attempting these questions in the test, or if you baffle by chance or if you realize that you uttered  a certain word or phrase wrongly or if you stammer while attempting the question, JUST DON’T STOP OR  RECORRECT YOURSELF because this may again cause a deduction in  your score, as such act of correcting yourself can register an error in your performance.

    In such scenarios, you need to be more confident and fluent while reading the remaining part of your read aloud passage. Being consistent and in flow of reading without looking back can help you to gain the required score in this segment. Also, try to speak the words you are not sure about with utmost confidence and fluency because such practice will help to be fluent and will eliminate your chance to baffle. Precisely, this will help you gain the credit at least oral fluency at least, if not for content and pronunciation.

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