Last Updated Mar 03,2023

UK Issued the Highest Number of Visas to India than any Other Country: British High Commissioner

Student Visa


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Over the last few years, the relations between the two countries India and Britain have become more strong. One of the reasons for the relationship is the upcoming Free Trade Agreement negotiations. And secondly, the enrichment of India’s growth rate not only influences Britain but also to other countries as well.

India as a Solution

  • Apart from this, Brexit has raised a huge vacuum in the British economy and the vacancies in the British job market as well.
  • To recover from this situation the UK sees India as a solution.
  • They started allowing the maximum number of Indians to come to apply for a UK Study Visa and then apply for a further work permit.
  • Recently, the British government official reveal the data, as per the latest tweet from the British High Commissioner, Mr Alex Ellis, the British Government issued almost 28,36,490 visas last year.
  • Out of those 25% of visas went to India. The numbers are more than in any other country.
  • As compared to the year 2021 in 2022 the UK study visa ratio is been increased by 73%.
  • Moreover, most work visa has also been raised for Indian graduates by 130%.

Young Professional Visa Stream

The rise of the study visa seems to go beyond the limit and that is why some UK government officials have not only shown their concerns but also encourage the government to close the immigration gateway for upcoming Indians. However, the UK government is not at the stage to take the hash decision.

  • UK immigration invited a huge number of Indian students. However, the government require skilled migrants who come to the UK and start contributing to the economy straightway.
  • As part of the strategy UK immigration recently launched a program for Indian professionals named Young Professionals Visa Scheme.
  • Recently between 28th February at 2:30 pm to 2nd March at 2:30 pm UK Immigration has opened a special ballot for the Young Professionals Visa Scheme Ballot.
  • As per the ballot, the UK is calling 2400 young Indian professionals who can come to the UK for 2 years on open work permits.
  • However, the Young Professional Visa scheme has some specific criteria (read more) and if candidates can fulfil them then only they may get the nomination letter from the UK immigration department.
  • Each year the UK is targeting 3000 Young Indian Professionals, in the recent ballot 2400 candidates will get the nomination. Whereas, the remaining 600 aspirants will allow to apply in the next round. The next round is expected to be held in this year July month.


The UK faced extreme political instability in recent past months. However, the new Prime Minister of the UK Mr Rishi Sunak seems so strong and committed to bringing the UK out of the uncertainties. On the other end, India is emerging as one of the strong strategic partners for the UK. This reciprocal relationship is expected to become more strong once the FTA will be signed. As a result, Indians may get the greatest immigration benefits in the upcoming time.

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