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    SkillSelect Invitations to apply for migrate to Australia – Round 06 May 2013 Results – Aspire Square

    May 06,2013

    06 May 2013 Results – Invitation process and cut offs

    The automated Invitation round data for Skill Select programme successfully completed on 06 May 2013. With the below information you can understand the nature of selection against the point test criteria set by Immigration Department of Australia.

    Aspire Square is always ahead to give you the detail description of the Invitation round of Skill Select.
    The table show the total number of Invitation issued on 06 May for Visa subclass 189 & 489 are as below:

      Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) Skilled – Regional Provisional (subclass 489) Total
    Number of Invitations 925 75 1000
    Point Score of Cut Offs 60 60
    Visa date of Effect 30/04/20134.29 pm 26/04/201311.01 pm

    The highest ranked clients by points score are invited to apply for the relevant visa. For clients who have equal points scores, the time at which they reached their points score for that subclass referred to as the visa date of effect) determines their order of invitation. Expressions of Interest with earlier dates of effect are invited before later dates.

    If you wish to compare your Expression of Interest (EOI) against the outcomes of the invitation round, you can check your points score and visa date of effect at any time for all visa subclasses covered by your EOI on the home page of your SkillSelect EOI.

    During 2012-13 the following numbers of invitations have been issued:


    Skilled –Independent (subclass 189)

    Skilled – Regional Provisional (subclass 489)


    Aug 90 10 100
    Sep 900 100 1,000
    Oct 1,800 200 2,000
    Nov 2,800 200 3,000
    Dec 2,800 200 3,000
    Jan 2,470 197 2,667
    Feb 1,938 110 2,048
    Mar 1,745 100 1,845
    Apr 1,875 125 2,000
    May 925 75 1,000
    Total 17,343 1,317 18,660

    The above automated invitation rounds do not include invitations issued under the state and territory government nominated subclasses. State and territory governments nominate throughout the month for state and territory nominated points tested skilled migration and business innovation and investment visas.Separate results for these visa subclasses are provided monthly.

    Nominations by State and Territory Governments – April 2013

    The number of intending migrants who received nominations from State and TerritoryGovernments during April 2013 is shown in the following charts:

    Nominations by State and Territory Governments – 2012/13 total activity

    The number of intending migrants who received nominations from State and Territory Governments from July 2012 to the end of April 2013 is shown in thefollowing table:

    Visa Subclass Skilled – Independent (subclass 190) Skilled – Regional Provisional (subclass 489) Total
    ACT 499 0 499
    NSW 1114 169 1,283
    NT 61 86 147
    QLD 80 7 87
    SA 1,148 256 1,404
    TAS 20 32 52
    VIC 872 5 877
    WA 2,393 312 2,705
    Total 6,187 867 7,054

    From the given data in above table & graph you can understand the Invitation round policy. We at Aspire Square always believe to give the right Immigration advice & best services for your Migration needs. Australia is always the first choice destination for our people. With best economy & life style you can explore your ability with comfort. With the excellence services Aspire Square also committed to give you the lowest service charge in these industries for your Immigration process of Australia.

    If you are looking forward for your Immigration Process for Australia then you need to get the Invitations from the department. Now the Invitation is the mandatory requirement for lodgement of Application to DIAC. For receiving the Invitation from the department you need to satisfy the threshold criteria set by the department & apply your data on EOI which is an online system. EOI is not an application but from this you need to express your interest with your eligibility & point score. Aspire Square with Immigration office in Ahmedabad; having the depth knowledge of Australian Immigration process can guide you for your Migration needs towards Australia.

    Email your resume on info@localhost or Call us on +91 88668 80707 for more detail.

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