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    Australia Student Visa Guide – Requirements, Fees, Documents, Process Time

    Jan 01,2022

    In Depth Guide to Secure an Australian Student Visa

    Are you planning to migrate to Australia for better education and a bright future?

    Great Decision! You are going to enjoy the benefits like – leveraging an extraordinary climate, living a high-class lifestyle, getting a highly-valued degree, acquiring good quality education, and whatnot.

    By the way, you must be seeking out ways to get the Australia Student Visa swiftly.

    If yes then you are landed on the right page.

    This blog will give you exhaustive details to obtain an Australia Student Visa effortlessly and in no time.

    Student Visa (Subclass 500)

    Student visa (subclass 500) is the most suitable type of visa you should apply to continue your studies in the beautiful land of Australia and lead towards a better future.

    The visa enables you to reside and Study in Australia for a time duration that is equivalent to the time duration of the course you are enrolled in (which is generally 5 years).

    The visa is a perfect fit despite the course or degree you want to undergo in Australia.

    Span of Australia Student Subclass 500 Visa

    • The visa allows you to undergo any course you wish to pursue in Australia paradise.
    • You can take your family members along with you.
    • You can apply from any location across the world with the help of an online portal.
    • You can travel to your country anytime.

    Upcoming Intakes in Australia

    Australian universities have two main intakes for international students

    Semester 1 (February intake)October-November
    Semester 2 (July intake)April-May
    Semester / Trimester 3September – November

    Top Courses in Australia

    UG CoursesPG Courses
    Mechanical EngineeringEngineering & Technology
    Business AdministrationAccounting and Finance
    Information TechnologyManagement
    Civil EngineeringEducation
    AviationComputer Science & Information Technology

    Apply for an Australia Student Visa

    ImmiAccount is an application that enables you to easily Apply for your Australia Student Visa online.

    All you need to do is creating an account with the application. After establishing an account successfully, you are free to submit your student visa application.

    The application also enables you to track the status of your application once you have submitted it.

    However, there are a few prerequisites you should be prepared with before you head towards applying for your visa. We will have a look at them in the next section.

    Get Started Now

    Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Australia Student Visa

    • You must have proof of enrollment in your selected academic course.
    • Your age should be either equal to or more than 6 years.
    • You must have proof of welfare arrangement (specifically for the candidates below 18 years of age).
    • You must not have any criminal record in the past or present.

    Required Document for Study in Australia

    1. You must have a valid passport.
    2. You must have proof of your financial ability.
    3. You must have all your academic and work experience documents.
    4. You must have proof (such as an IELTS scorecard) showing your English language proficiency skills.
    5. You must have the particulars of your health insurance policy.
    6. You must have a GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) statement.
    7. You must have recent passport size photographs (4 numbers).
    8. You must have a character certificate showing your clean criminal record.
    9. You must have proof of the payment made for the visa process.

    Note: To know more about the Australia student visa process, you can connect with our Australia Student Visa Agent.

    Check Your Eligibility Now

    Australia Student Visa Fees

    The general Student visa fees for subclass 500 begins from AU$620. However, this cost can vary based on your visa subclass and the additional costs involved in the application process.

    Let us categorize and understand it in detail:

    Subclass Base Application Cost Additional Cost (For the candidates above 18 years of age) Additional Costs (For the candidates below 18 years of age Other Expected Charges
    Student visa (Subclass 500) AUD620 AUD460 AUD150 AUD700
    Student visa (subclass 500) (subsequent entrant) AUD620 AUD460 AUD150 AUD700
    Student visa (subclass 500) – Foreign Affairs or Defence sector Nil Nil Nil Nil
    Student visa (subclass 500) – Postgraduate research sector AUD620 Nil Nil Nil

    English Language Proficiency – A Necessity to Apply for Australia Student Visa

    To accomplish your Australia Student Visa Process, you must have proof of your English language proficiency as a precondition.

    You can undergo an English language proficiency test and collect the scorecard to fulfill the purpose.

    The most popular and widely accepted test conducted in this respect is the IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

    The IELTS results are appreciated by an extensive number of organizations including educational institutes, employers, government bodies, etc. across 140 countries.

    However, cracking an IELTS exam with a remarkable score is not as easy as you might be thinking. It requires a significant planning and advance preparation to reward your IELTS scorecard with an appreciable score.

    Also, there is one more test option known as PTE Exam you can undergo to showcase your English language skills.

    You can contact an Australia Immigration Consultant to ease your job. These consultants also provide IELTS coaching as well as PTE Coaching in addition to easing your overall visa process.

    Academic Requirements to Apply for Australia Student Visa

    The academic requirements to Apply for an Australia student visa may vary based on the course you want to pursue. Hence, you are required to read and understand the course information thoroughly to know more about this.

    However, the general academic/entry requirements you can expect to enroll in any course or degree are given as under

    1. Good command of the English language.
    2. A good academic performance.
    3. You must have a proven degree at the undergraduate level if you wish to continue with a post-graduation course.
    Check the Admission Process

    How to Ensure the Validity of Your Australia Student Visa

    You completed your visa process, landed in Australia land, and it is done. Right?

    No. You are required to follow a few practices to make sure your visa remains valid.

    Let me tell you what are these

    1. You must maintain the progress and attendance in the course you are enrolled in.
    2. You should have the adequate financial stability to manage your expenses while residing in Australia.
    3. You should have an Australia address to provide to the underlying university.
    4. You must not violate any living condition mentioned in your visa.

    So friends, this was all from my side. I hope the information was helpful.

    Still confused? Contact our Australia Student Visa Agent for better guidance. Good Luck!!

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